Monday, November 28, 2011

The Wind Cometh.

Tom's Journal.

 If ya did any time in Saigon, this 'show' may bring back some memories! There is a 'speed control' to the right, for the 267 photos!

The truth of the matter is that most of us humans take the "path of least resistance" in this world, me included, and I have to BEAT myself into going to the YMCA Gym to work out...and also eat the right foods..  lol.   But I find that even if my mind and heart tell me that I will only have a small work out on a given day, I still benefit from going there and the fine warm, wholesome, friendly facilities and camaraderie make me feel good inside and out.   I pushed myself again today and got a hard workout in and that old nostalgic feeling of years ago is starting to come back to my body and mind, one of STRENGTH AND POWER !!  It's almost like a drug....Ha!  It's addictive, IMHO!  And because I wear my "Colors" and certain military insignias-- other combat Vets come up to me to chat, shake hands and chew the fat, and that feels good too, as I make new friends, etc.  If I could only come there every other day I could really make some progress, but this is a start, at least, in the right direction.  And you know, a strong body, IMHO, helps fight off germs, infections, colds and flu-- it's been my personal experience, and it's also good for the MIND [ Better circulation of the blood flow helps things work right in the old brain]. 
    I then stopped at my good friend's house, Dan T's to get some info and help installing my new Garmin 'direction finder/ locator' that I recently bought, and he got me interested in his big, beautiful Victory- American Made motorcycle!!  We were always crazy about bikes most of our lives, so now that I am healing better, I've been just thinking about the possibility of getting another "Big Boy".  We shall see, and Dan's price is right.  Dan is the kind of a man who never forgets a past favor or kindness shown to him-- and I have a good handful of prior military men, and also Chrysler buddies who are MORE than just good friends, and I believe they would die for me-- and I would do the same for them.   What is life anyway than a mere vapor in the sun, like green grass, it also withers in the heat and vanishes--  like dust in the wind [ as the Bible also says], and I have the right to live, or spend, or sacrifice my life for what I believe.  If crazy, Islamic terrorists can blow themselves up for what they THINK they believe-- I can give MY life for what I know and understand to be true-- according to the Bible, the highest source of enlightenment in the universe.  After all, I may be a sinner man, but Jesus told us that we shall live forever in Paradise with Him, if we confess His name and follow Him while on this wicked old earth--doing His will [1st John 5].  Don't let any doggie- doo politician or false 'Messiah' tell you any different!!  If you need scriptural proof, just ask me and I will be only too happy to provide... and I have lots of friends, brothers and sisters all over the world who can and will do the same-- Millions, in fact.  That is one of the reasons I write this humble blog!

I saw an ugly truck/ car  accident soon after it happened today on a Wisconsin road that took a man's life, just a few miles from where I live about 10:30 am today.  He was prob going too fast in a dangerous, hard to see area where many others have died through the years and 'submarine- d' under a big semi truck that prob took his head and the top of his car off.  Do you think he was SAVED and gone to heaven???  After the fact-- it's just too darn late now, isn't it??  It is for THIS very reason that Jesus made the Gospel sharing work so important, and in the form of a command for ALL REAL CHRISTIANS, in the last chapter of the book of Matthew...chapter 28, verses 18-20.  Go ahead, read it-- it's so simple and there is NO private "interpretation"-- just black and white straight talk, logical English, 5th grade level. Period.  I was trying to calmly tell a so-called "Christian RN woman" this at lunch today, but she just shut me down-- and so I stopped talking about biblical stuff.    Unfortunately, many times all that higher education has a negative effect on our humility that pushes the truth of the Bible away as not being sophisticated enough anymore... lol, and she said that she is also studying the Koran-- and that didn't surprise me much either [but I certainly wish her no evil].  But if I give my reason why-- some will surely say that I am a racist-- which I am NOT, [but we are seeing a new, disturbing trend in the USA....with some of the 'minorities'.. sorry.... and that I may address-- in a different post, please].  And mark my word!  The goofy, lazy, lying people who try to work their way around the facts-- never, ever, made the move to even read this portion of scripture, or prob. any other parts either!!   
that's just the way it always is-- in ignorance and stupidity.   As I've said so many times before [and ALL real Christian around the world KNOW] it's the Holy Spirit that helps us understand what the Bible says, and most people in the world just don't want it-- although IT'S free.  They chose for what ever selfish reason NOT to go down that 'cramped and narrow path leading to ever lasting life' -- but instead chose to follow Satan and this dying world of his down the wide and spacious path to the "alternative" place that rhymes with the word, "smell." 

Well, I bought lunch today after seeing that traffic accident for a certain RN, and could have won a pot full of money for the way it ended because I am that good at 'reading people'-- but that's OK, from much experience just from listening to a person's words -- what kind of snobby, arrogant, condescending  person she would be but I treated her well, was cordial, with good manners, and we parted with knowing we would never meet again. No problem-- been there, done that.  But I think I just may have some other hot prospects coming up in the near future.  And if not, I guess I will keep on living, and try to pay down/ pay off my bills before the economy gets much worse-- and I am willing to make a large wager that they will.... so sorry.  I think that friend, Dan, is thinking the same way, so I don't yet know if I can afford his cool bike... that might get me killed anyway... lol.  But it's a slick  American 'star cruiser' for sure with the same amount of power as my old Goldwing... except with a V-twin engine... so fine.

I just heard on the TV news at 4PM that the so-called middle class will soon be the next "working poor" and I am going to have to make some soon coming changes too that will affect my standard of living, perhaps....Ha!  But just think about all those people out there who are having such terrible problems now making ends meet-- who don't have the truth of real Salvation from God??  They will surely 'water their knees' as the scriptures predict and faint from extreme stress and duress.   'Good ole  Army boys' like me know how to survive, but knowing the sure promises of God helps us even more.  Now is the time to pray -- NOT party!  I am praying for an old  Christian friend named Debbie, from Kenosha, who is looking for better employment opportunities to come her way soon.  Please pray too that she will find what she needs.  Thank you! 

Tomorrow should bring some very strong winds in S.E. Wisconsin, above 35 MPH near the Lake, so that ought to be interesting.  Take care, friends.

Tommy Schuckman

If ya did any time in Saigon, this 'show' may bring back some memories! There is a 'speed control' to the right, for the 267 photos!

Posted: 28 Nov 2011 12:00 PM PST
By Aaron Klein Klein Online Multiple eyewitnesses reported seeing Israeli military trucks in recent days transport and station large missiles at the periphery of Jerusalem and in locations inside the West Bank. The descriptions of the projectiles are consistent with the Jewish state’s mid-to-long range Jericho ballistic missiles. The missile movement, if confirmed, would be considered