Monday, December 5, 2011

Feeding the Dog.

Tom's Journal.

I only had one apple all day long and then became very hungry, and attacked a small piece of Thuringer [German worst, of course...]  sausage with some rye bread as Deuce, the Rotty watched a few feet away, hoping that I would share with him.... but not this evening.  I am drinking more water lately rather than soda pop but just have to discipline myself better, and then things will work better for me.  

'Say it ain't so'... that it takes more energy and trouble to take care of yourselves when we get over 60... lol.  As things go wrong, or we don't walk the straight and narrow, our once strong and powerful bodies[and mind] break down, and wise old king Solomon was so right when he wrote Ecclesiastes about this old age subject!  Having been to Europe and Asia at the age of 19, I have seen real poverty that the majority of fat, spoiled, greedy, lazy, Americans will never see!!  Most combat Vets know how to survive and live on the cheap-- but it is much easier for a poor man to beget riches-- than the other way around-- and those in deep debt will become mere slaves for the rest of their lives, IMHO, no matter WHO gets in office next!!  And who do you think will have more incentive to work harder and get ahead?  Where do YOU set YOUR goals in life, and why??  

I wanted, and planned to go/ get a lot farther in my life, but suffered several great mishaps [like divorce- and so losing my behind because of greedy, selfish women who love to hurt others-- but now they are poor.. lol,  and without  Faith in Christ, and really NEVER were real Christians from the get- go] that would have killed MOST men, but I am not a quitter, unless I believe that I SHOULD "cut my loses" and try another route or way, instead of bleeding to death.  And then... having found the true Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in the Winter of 1994-95, changed so much in my life and endeavors, and I have also learned to be content-- but it also took me a long time to clean up my own act.  And when my dear wife, Sharon, died this past April, 2011, I totally lost interest in a bunch of things, not giving a flying hoot, one way or another, and I have a whole different prospective of life on earth now.  I was going to leave a lot to my son, Andy, but he is gone now too.   i just lost interest in so many things, and I rarely cook anymore and don't eat right, etc.   I will take care of my loved ones-- and those who love me, but I am not too concerned, and my Will is made out properly. 

And now, the reason why I say things about philosophy and opinions is because my mindset is usually shaped by the Bible, which is perfect, but most folks on earth do not/ will not/ cannot understand it-- and that is mostly THEIR fault, especially if they have read my humble Blog!  In fact, everybody I come in contact with, gets a healthy dose of scripture, and how to gain Bible knowledge and salvation thru Christ!  I believe that is the ONLY reason why God is keeping me alive on this earth now.  I am nothing special or holy-- I am just a very skilled communicator / teacher, and know the Bible very well after studying it for so many years intently, [with the help of the Holy Spirit] and God's great blessings [Thank you, Lord!] upon me, PTL ["Praise the Lord].  

To that end, I know that I could die at any time now, even while I seek to eat, diet, exercise, and be moderate in habit...[as too many combat Veterans my age and younger are dropping like flies from Agent Orange, and an assortment of other related, stressful conditions]  if I don't obey the Lord and His Word, the Bible, I can expect to "go home early" minus my full reward.  I am having more panic and anxiety attacks lately, and I am only looking for a normal, kind, friendly, happy, joyful relationship with some Christian woman, but I realize that the Rapture could come any time now, so I need to stay clean, and close to God.  It would be the greatest tragedy to lose the 'crown of life' NOW!!  Yet, we ALL sin every day that we breathe in polluted air on a run away planet slip-sliding away, almost ready to 'crash and burn.'  That last phrase I just used has a particular meaning to all aviators--especially helicopter crew members in combat.  Because if the ship crashes hard enough, there is a good chance that the JP-4 [fuel] will explode and render the crew and cargo- "Crispy Critters" --which is another aviation term for those who burn to death after the crash.  Tell me that  very few aviators don't have religion...Ha!  And to think that if I would have suffered that fate in RVN [Vietnam] I would have gone to hell, for sure, because I didn't have the Lord back then!!  So, as many Christians tell me:  "God must have loved ME a lot!" 

And I am just bone tired of the 'dating scene' with all the drama,  stress, dishonest females out there, lies, games,and players-- and the women I date tell me some horror stories too... about the dirty old men and their lewd pix.. lol.  There are so many perverts out there to contend with... and that is why many ladies find my truthful manner quite refreshing!  Still, finding the right soul mate who is really loyal, is daunting and difficult, to say the least... but we must take that chance, if we are to find a good mate and true love again.   It's like fishing and hunting... if you don't go out and try-- you won't come home with anything to eat!  And it's always nice to have a little meat with your everyday beans, potatoes and carrots, and I mean that in a wholesome, positive,clean way, friends.   Now days, almost everything is perverted and defiled into something unclean.  Shame.  I can tell great jokes without getting dirty and shameful.  

Now, go read the rest that I picked out for YOU!  
Warm Regards,

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