Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting "Tucked In."

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Just another day in Paradise and not too cold for the frozen tundra.  It's funny how I am usually fighting my way up hill thru every imaginable Brier and trap-- but lately, I just go at things with a good plan and a prayer, and things fall right into place and HAPPEN for me!!  I must add that having a good, close, SMART, soul mate, helps A LOT to make things happen, instead of 'ADDING TO THE PROBLEM' ..LOL!  There is an old Proverb:  "For mere oppression will cause a wise man to act crazy."  In the past-- that might have been me... but now days, things run pretty darn smooth, for a change, and that amazes me every time, PTL.  [PTL, means: Praise the Lord].  Seems like my every waking, or sleeping wish is granted, but I know [and fear] that if I ever act too prideful, the Lord will take me to the wood shed again to "readjust my thinking" -- so if I remember the scriptures, I should be in good shape.  But again, if a man had a Christian soul mate who can gently, respectfully remind/ encourage him to 'stay on the right path' -- severe pitfalls can and will be avoided. Wow!  This makes me want to go out and buy a CAKE!  And there goes the diet again...

I just called the Iron Mt., MI. VAMC to make sure that I am in the system-- "tucked in" and found out that they also have a place for physical therapy, to work out my  Milwaukee VA- messed up knees --during 'their idea' of knee replacement surgery... LOL.  The 2nd knee replacement surgery by a REAL surgeon [civilian] surgery at Kenosha Memorial Hospital, down by Lake Michigan, is healing much better than the older, Dec. 6th, 2010, VA botched up surgery!!  Yet, I am thankful for what mobility I do have, although having to walk with a cane forever, and praising God for all that I have, including a very beautiful, intelligent, fiance,  Terri !

I have so much to do yet,  today.  I write a list every day so I can get more accomplished.  I am already "tucked in" and registered into the new Iron Mountain VAMC and hope that things will continue to go so smooth up here.   I am informing many of my new mailing address, but my email address will prob stay the same.  I hope to get some pictures posted soon.

 I hope this Blog post finds all my friends and readers in good shape and the best of spirits... and I wish more of you would email, and comment, please.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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