Thursday, March 15, 2012

Going to be stiff tomorrow.

Tom's Journal.

I just found out today that my grandson, Tyger, in CO, was in a snowboarding accident yesterday and broke his tibia -- lower leg, when another snow boarder ran into him and his dad.  Prayers for him, please.  He is about 6 years old, but a tough little gentleman.  The transgressor just walked away and is at large. 

I am just finding out that I don't know my g/f as well as I thought [duh] but of course there are different ways of looking at things.  It takes time to get to know someone, and that can be fun and beautiful in itself.  But it also seems that I was put on this earth to TEACH everyone I meet --certain skills, talents, schools of thought, the Bible, and deeper things of  life, etc, that I have been blessed to share.  I suppose that this is the closest I will ever get to be inside a school house with kids -- but then I always thought I preferred adults or people in their late teens, and above, where hopefully, they already have some discipline built into them. 

I was out side in the WARM March weather looking to figure out a way to off-load the stuff out of my pick up truck, when Terri's dog, snuck out of the garage, unbeknownst to me, but I caught my dog, Deuce, and sent him back inside with a harsh word...  Later some nice lady knocks on the front door with our dog in tow, blessed are us!  Anyway, the next door neighbor man asked me if he could help me, and it turns out that he was about age 66, older than I, but we worked together and unloaded the whole bed of my truck, including a small chest freezer, just two old geezers, and I'm not a tease'n !  I feel just great about that venture that is sure a' please'n, but just got up to find my knees a seizin'... and wait 'till tomorrow.    BTW, I don't use the words, "LAUGH OUT LOUD" anymore [LOL] because someone found them offensive... lol. 

I also found out today, that, indeed, EVERYONE is somewhat different, but this one thing remains the same, and so important:  COMMUNICATION!!  As I have beaten my drum for years,  'wars have been started by mis-communications, yet young people in the inner cities just can get that into their heads, and continue to MUMBLE and grumble and talk crap.  Now... I didn't say "CPAP"-- that has to do with COPD, and sleep apnea, but, just as I predicted and pounded the VAMC up here in Iron Mtn. MI., it was  lack of Oxygen that was causing many of my current maladies and dysfunctions, and now my body is again losing weight again, with less pain, less fatigue and better spirits!  I even went to my g/f's place of work, and walked with her inside the place WITHOUT my cane!!  So, a word to my friends and all combat Veterans:  "Don't ever let the 'doctors' or staff at any VA facility BS you or give you a 2nd rate experience!  Stick to you guns, take a friend or relative with you--in the same room with the doctor and you, with pen and paper, as a "PATIENT ADVOCATE" and they CANNOT refuse you that!!  If you are cranky, tired, irritable, snappy, can't see so good, GO GET A CHECK UP AND FOLLOW THRU with all the VA tells you to do, but get the advice of a friend who has just as much, or more brains than you.  Please! 

Personally, me thinks that the VA [read: Gov't] likes to drag you through so much long paperwork and baloney, so that you will get upset, tired out and frustrated with "The System".. and then they won't have to deal with you or shell out money to the disabled Veterans who worked so hard to protect our runaway, bankrupt country, while the 'wrong' people who never worked, get all the benefits!  Hey... If I die tomorrow, let someone pass on my Blog posts and those on my FB page too, so that a few Veterans get the message, because they deserve it. 

Back at the ranch, the nice, old man, my neighbor, Arlan, had a nice talk with me after we unloaded my truck, and it got to the Bible and how I am looking for a new church in the area.   I asked him if he ever heard about the "Rapture".. and he said yes.  But then I asked him to tell me what it meant, he indicated that he really didn't know.  So I told him, and nice guy that he was, I found out that this old, retired school teacher didn't know hardly anything about the Bible-- but I am not putting him down!!  Well, far be it from me to jam something down another's throat-- but he needs to know about the grand promise of the Gospel and Salvation thru Jesus, and I will tell him that in due time --but not TOO LONG..  because IF he were to die too soon, where would he go, if he doesn't really KNOW and confess the Lord, Jesus Christ?  That's why we say that the path to hell is paved with "good intentions" - dear friends.   People are on the highway to hell because some of us lack the guts to speak to our neighbors and everyone else we meet.  How selfish and cowardly!!  So... just going to church every Sunday or calling yourself a "Christian" never impressed me too much...  And when some high and mighty folks just roll their eyes when you quote scripture or try to pick up a bible -- it's because they themselves are ashamed that they don't know the Book !!   I don't have a lot of money, poor Chrysler worker/ retiree that I am -- but I do consider myself well read and educated, and well traveled. PTL.    How long, you say?  Well... how would you like it if you had all the 'good intentions' in the world of what you 'WANTED TO DO' but just got so caught up in the rat race of just living in these hard times??   And really, friends, what has been your excuse all of your life that you just could not find the time to READ AND STUDY the bible to be able to share the Word of God???  Well,  After the Rapture, which  subject all scoffers [see 2nd Peter 3 and 3---'scoffers'] like to avoid, it will be just a little too late, won't it?  Ponder on this. Remember that I was an unbeliever at one time too, and God had such love and mercy that He allowed ME to hear and learn the truth about the Bible and the Gospel!!    I can never repay that, ever. But I can do what I can to promote and share the Word of God... which is pure and simple, and written on a 5th grade level.  What is YOUR excuse?

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