Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Great Sunday.

Tom's Journal.

4-1-12     ...  TOM'S JOURNAL.    April 1st,  2012.  Goal for this  week:  Join the Iron Mountain, MI  YMCA !!

That weather teaser we all had a few weeks ago really messed us up into thinking that an Early Spring had sprung, from bottom up!   Much to do, and surely thought that marriage and engagements were in the air too.    

I tried the 2nd church today and met the Pastor for a short talk -- and not to brag, but the congregation was praying for some individual who was recently unemployed and needed some resources --catch my ear, and so I reached deep into my pocket and pulled out some cash-- a 'C-Note' and tucked into the Pastor's palm along with my business card, even though I already wrote out a [Tithe] check for $40, with my phone number and email address, and info.   I think that my fiance would like to drop anchor there and become members in about 2-3 months.  After the main service, I was invited down stairs to a good supper and shook hands and got to know a few people, and that's how it's done.   That's how long time friends are made in the 'brotherhood' / Congregation/ church..  The term, "Church" is not a building, stone, concrete, wood and  roof with a piano and organ inside.   It's the 'body of people/  human beings with God's Holy Spirit, being present in each and every one up stairs and down stairs!!   --And the world wide congregations

It is a bit stressful the first time, getting to know all the different kinds of people inside the 'building'  -- the real blood and guts people, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, fathers, and pastor who guilds them on...  ounce we know each other and that real bond of trust  to hold each others' hands and pray hard, when things get tough.  Being there at one's death bed reassuring the dying, and preparing them for the next journey into heaven.   But also knowing become  that our temporary bag of bones, flesh and blood bodies that will be left behind in exchanged for everlasting forms unknown, and what a happy, godly adventure that will be, with Jesus Christ, our Savior.  

So, on with the show here on earth, spreading the real Truth of the Gospel of Salvation, and now [perhaps] finding a "home church" not too far away from us, from where I rest my weary head has the most importance in our steam/ flow of time/ life, and learn / know how God is going to 'develope things in this finale.' And how it will affect us in the frozen Tundra.    Got to again write down my responsibilities, priorities, most important things, profiles of fish studies in the Northern woods and surrounding woods.  Recording things in my Blogs/ Journals/ emails, so that can we may  measure we might realize time.

Again,  our most important J.O.B. ON EARTH IS TO MAGNIFY AND BRING GLORY TOP GOD`!  2nd job on earth is to work hard, save, invest, and bring joy and happiness to our spouses and happiness to ourselves, families.  

I want to bring safe harbour, less stress, more money into our up coming union/ marriage, less stress, more action, maybe bike and horse riding.  I might want to do a private talk with the intelligent pastor soon to get his view points on Combat PTSD, etc., hunting, fishing, for the disabled soon, while the fish are biting.   Also want to sit down and build, write down or main priorities on paper with my girl friend, and we ARE engaged now.   We need to buy Terri a few more dresses for church, and going out, and I need 2 more white dress shirts.   Join the YMCA in I. M. --MI...and get further tucked in with Medical Insurance for Terri, so that will be one more thing she has to worry about.

Did I miss anything??   Time for me to wash up, clean up, put some  groceries away, hide the cake I bought...  and relax by watching the runny 'News' that will be flying by me today.

Sorry folks, I was falling asleep at the key board again, before, and I must not be getting the right kind of quality beauty sleep up here with this new CPAP machine that helps my nose repair/ heal.  It's give -- and take...  but my nose is finally healing with out the intense pressure it had on it before. 

My friend from Kansas, Mark Eisenhower advised me to talk more  about funeral preparation, getting things down legally on paper BEFORE you die, or get killed.  I went thru pure hell when my dear wife, Sharon, passed away last April 9th, 2011, and again with my dear son, Andy, who was killed the very next month, May 10th, 2011, while I was also going thru another total knee replacement--  and catching a horrible VERSA infection at Kenosha, WI., Memorial hospital.  And that is when I fired on doctor who was so verbally abusive to me, and put another turkey "doctor" in his place too.   I will NOT be abused!!  And I try hard never to be aggressive toward any hospital staff either....  but I am not some bum, or illegal alien who just walked in off the street.  I worked very hard all my live-- Chrysler:  30.5 years, and put in 2 hard years in Vietnam too, serving my country, combat helicpter aviation....  so I insist on being treated like a normal, honorable human being.  Period.    I have already told my fiance that I want, insist on having a simple, inexpensive Christian, and Military funeral, and already have a plot of ground out side of Kenosha, WI.,  or I can be buried for free at the Union Grove Veterans' Cemetary, where my father is also buried,  as he was U.S. Navy [Seabees in WW-2, Saipan, Pacific theator.].  I will leave her with plenty to live on, just as my Dad left a lot to my Mom, after he passed away.
But the wealth of knowledge I am teaching her NOW is worth more than what I have already given her, already. 

Thank you, Mark, for all your help and advice to me one year ago, when I needed somebody to heal and teach me about funerals, etc.  I feel that I now know enough to save others mucho pesos when death knocks at their home.  Just email me.

Warm Regards, and now I must bandage my finger tips.


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