Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday- Monday.

Tom's Journal.

I must report that this morning was a hectic one as I went to the Iron Mtn., MI 49801--VAMC [The local VA Hospital] to have my Left eye looked at by a doctor [civilian] who examined and told me that I have a 'FLOATER' in that eye, but it 'should go away in a month or so...'  PTL.  Not many folks in the world know much about those things, except that they "just happen" and not much can be done, I guess.  But it was the general lack of personal attention, care, slow, lazy people who are there just for the check/ money -- with no regard for the Disabled Combat Veterans!!! Sure, there are some good, kind, efficient staff and doctors there-- sometimes, but they are not the Norm-- they are the exception!   I contact,  make record and journal other Veterans who have been mistreated, had bad surgeries, by incompetent,. goofy "doctors" and the over whelming sum total doesn't look good for  the up coming "Obama-Care" coming down the pike... LOL!  And yes, we all can be laughing thru our tears, and SHAME ON US FOR SLEEPING IN CLASS AND IGNORING ALL THE WARNING FLAGS AND SIGNS, WHILE WE WERE ALL HIGH JACKED INTO A HORRIBLE SOCIALIST SOCIETY!!  The older Veterans know and remember what it was like before-- when they got some respect and proper care in the past....duh.    Where else but the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, can you find tons of mismanaged money that helps and cotels Illegal Immagrants-- but dumps on it's disabled Veterans???  Sorry.... we LET the Socialist, bleeding hearts steal our money and funnel it to those who never paid into the system!  Shame.
    A good combat Vietnam Vet who served with the Australian Army over there says much of th esame is happening in his country, as they lose more rights and freedoms over in the L'and down under.'  OK,  I am not going to harp on this much more -- but I felt compelled to make my point-- because if we don't take care of ourselves --- who will ??

I would sooner vote for Amos and Andy, or Betty Boop, rather than getting another 4 tortureous years with the baffoon in the WH we have now.   [Only the older crowd will understand that one...Ha!]  

I have not eaten anything since yesterday's breakfast and still feel fine-- but after the VA weighing me up again today I thought I just MIGHT go on a fast to shave off those new unwanted pounds.  I would be very happy to lose another 60 pounds...  but my human genetics work against me -- ME THINKS.  I my eyes, my soon to be wife, is drop dead beautiful and I would not care of she did put on more pounds...  nothing can tear away my love for her, an dnow we seem to have found a good bible teaching church in town that we support, etc... plus we study the bible often and LOVE IT!!    I am nudging her toward my fav. KJV Bible, but if she insisted on using one of my old NASB's I will not complain, and I told her that from the get -go.   I will NEVER try to force anything down her throat, ever.  On the other hand, she is so smart and talented that I let her usually to have her own way with many ideas and powerful, logical reasoning.  Hey!  Life is just too darn short to be arguing all the time -- and for what??  I learned that valuable leason one year ago after my past wife, Sharon, moved on to heaven, and left me with just an old, faithful dog to hug, named, Deuce, the Rottweiler.  He has a new girlfriend too, called Freda, the German-Shepard, but they are both neutered and pretty much a brother/ sister team-- but close companions, and I am happy for him too.  Just think what grand joys Our Father brings to both man and beast. 

Terri has shown precious few, but trustworthy friends, her new engagement ring-- and now we are talking a 'major investment...'  Some of her finest attributes are her cheery smile [almost all the time], her beautiful blue eyes and blondish hair, and her high intelligence level-- so I know for sure that I am communicating with my intellectual equal in King's English.    Not a day goes by that I don't pray and thank my Lord for leading me to Terri, way back in January.  Getting women was not the problem -- but finding an honest, real Bible Christian lady who wasn't just after my retirement package and goodies, was a illusive, trying adventure, and man, I could tell you all some real, nasty stories of gold diggers, users, abusers, game players, etc.  And I know that finding a good man is hard too, from what I've heard.  And I well know enough that a woman will eventually 'see through' any fascade, or lies, so I always put my cards on the table and tell the truth with plenty of documents and sources. 

So many GOOD, honest Christian women are frustrated because they can't find a man on their level, with their values and temperment.  Of course it's still a learning process with anyone you meet and settle down with, but having a common bond, a Book that has all the rules, regs, blueprints for living, is the best foundation, IMHO.  [in my humble opinion.]  I will endeavor to teach her everything I know and different ways to do things -- but in the final anaysis, if it doesn't get any better-- it's good enough!  I happen to be into self improvement -- so I ASK Terri to correct me in kindness/ in private, so I can work on my shortcomings and character flaws, and it seems to work.  I bought Terri an expensive gold braclet with 2 German words on it [secret] that can be said if ever I am making a fool out of myself or saying something wrong or too confidentail, or if we are in eminent DANGER!  We shall go shopping for a few fine dresses for Terri,  soon,  maybe next week, for "special occasions" and try to cover all the details now so we don't have to rush around and hurry at the last minute.  It's fun to plan things.

Lastly, we DON'T know the day or hour of the Rapture, but we DO know the season.  Why don't we all work together in concert-- in harmony, to incite love and fine works, especially to those close to us in the Faith.  We are temporary residents here on earth-- knowing full well that Heaven is our home-- all those who bend knee, and kiss the Son.  If God is FOR us... who can be against us?? 
    "Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins."  ~1st Peter 4:8.

Today was just another day in 'Paradise' U.P. in the frozen tundra, somewhat bitter-sweet, that just had to be aired-- but I promise that this won't be the main course of my future posts.  I figure that IF some travesty doesn't get addressed right away-- it will just continue to get swept under the rug.  Jesus is Lord. 
I welcome any constructive, serious comments, friends.

Warm Regards,

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