Wednesday, May 9, 2012

President Obama agrees with Gay Marriage in USA.

Tom's Journal.

This material bears repeating as many times as it takes!  With the Church being carved up and fragmented, bombarded by the Evangelicals and New Age rs, etc.,  we constantly need to be strengthened by the Bible truth-- not man's "truth." 
   I can only bring the 'food' to the table.   I cannot force feed the people, and just look at my competition- including all the devil's glitter and politics. Can you even imagine a sitting president OK'ing Homosexual marriage nation wide??   He certainly would not have done this thing if he didn't think he could swing the votes... and that's EVERYTHING to Mr, Obama.   30 years ago when I read that the 'Last Days' being compared to Sodom and her sister cities in the OT, I thought that was kind of over the hill-- but now I have seen it with my own eyes.  But this only strengthens my faith a little more as I see all "civilization" collapse, even in America -- and can we really expect God to 'Bless our Nation' after this, along with the growing abortion, and corruption?? 
    Which brings me to another powerful point that I have been thinking about lately...'Should real Bible Christians really TRY to correct and save our sinking country??  Not unless we totally understand that we only have a very short time in which to preach and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and bring more honest people into the 'fold' of true SALVATION -- and are actively working to that end!!   
   If we are just trying to perpetuate this stinking, rotting, diseased old system on planet earth to enjoy more of it's ilk-- we are pressing on to sin, greed and selfishness, IMHO.  So, we have to ask ourselves what our own motive is for getting involved in politics and 'save the planet' type kinds of endeavors.  The old earth and heavens will be burned up anyway to make room for the New Heavens and New Earth -- so what's the point?  Whom are we living for:  God, or Satan?
    I have to put myself thru the same questions to to examine my own heart-- and pray all the more.

Warm Regards,

Pre Or Post Doesn’t Bother Me

Q. I’ve been watching a pastor on TV who is obviously post-trib and goes so far to claim we have been in the Tribulation for several years. I have no quarrel with his teaching since I feel he is on target with his basic tenets of OSAS and it doesn’t bother me about “pre” or “post”. However, I note in John 6:37-40 that Christ says He will raise us up on the last day. Doesn’t that sound like “post-trib” to you?
A. I think you should be uncomfortable listening to a post trib teacher because he’s demonstrating an incomplete understanding of the difference between Israel and the Church and he doesn’t fully comprehend the doctrine of grace. For example the Biblical term for the so-called seven year Tribulation is Daniel’s 70th Week. It requires Israel to be back in covenant with God with a rebuilt Temple. It also means the Battle of Ezekiel 38 would be over and the anti-Christ would be on the scene overseeing a seven year treaty he negotiates with Israel at the end of that battle (Daniel 9:27). If the world has been in the “Tribulation” for several years these things would already have happened.
John 6:37-40 doesn’t say Jesus will raise all believers up on the last day. It says He’ll raise them up at the last day, which means at the time of the end times judgments. But it also refers to the resurrection. Jesus never directly mentioned the rapture in any of His teaching. It was first introduced by Paul about 20 years after the crucifixion. Both he (Romans 11:25) and James (Acts 15:13-18) say the Church will be gone before Daniel’s 70th Week begins.
Finally, you should care whether the rapture is pre or post trib because Jesus called it the worst time of judgment the world ever has or ever will see (Matt. 24:21). About 1/2 the world’s population won’t survive it. If you understood its magnitude you would be desperate to know for certain whether the Bible says you’ll have to suffer through it.

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