Friday, May 4, 2012

The Trial is Over.

Tom's Journal.

Well Folks,
Here we have it... the subject that I have been hiding as so instructed by the Racine County DA's office, in WI., for fear that I might write something that could jeopardize the case/ trial of one of the perps/ crimminals  who  murdered  my only, beloved son, Andy Schuckman, age 37.  In the end, the skilled assistant DA, Mr. Schneider, pointed out that the perp., Larry Dunn, [the first one of the two people who are being tried separately] beat up my son, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and killed him --- found guilty by a jury of his peers, very alert, smart folks from Wisconsin.  I've got a News Paper clipping, but had challenges downloading it onto my humble Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL. 
     The whole, long, 5 day trial was heavy on my family's hearts and brains, something I was dreading, for many personal reasons, but Terri, my fiance, came with me to support me thru it all, as I wore the proper attire, showing respect for the court-- a suit and tie, and was there most of the time.   But Terri and I had to do a lot of walking on concrete at the court house in Racine, WI., and having a hard time looking for a place to park.    I am just glad that this much is over now, and we can expect "Mr" Dunn to face a long time in the crowbar hotel, maybe even 30 years.  But the ultimate grand Judge will soon take care of all perpetrators in the past, present and  future-- as some will go to heaven, and some will go to hell.   I am bound by the same Book I read and study often, to also forgive those who have hurt me, as then they may  have realized what a heavy blow and great stupidity they did on earth and hurt so many other people, like my dear son, Andy, who was a young, handsome, skilled, smart, kind, active man, although very imperfect like his Daddy...  No one can say I didn't try extra hard to teach my son the truth of the Bible, and many skills to see him thru life,  and I  also confess my own imperfections, but also the grand Salvation of Christ's redeeming blood on the cross for ALL THOSE WHO SEEK FORGIVENESS, COMFORT, PEACE AND A PLACE IN HEAVEN!!  IMHO, the 'Defense' tried to discolor, lie, and bring much shame on the character of my son, Andy, and he was not perfect, but he didn't deserved to be beat to death and left for dead, and then his personal  property  stole  and destroyed either!  So we finally see some closure and peace now as  this first sad chapter is over with. 
     To be sure, there are some very bruised and tender feelings right now in my own family, and it will take time to heal.  God will correct all things, and most Christians I know believer sooner than later.  I found out that my own sibling had "more important things to do" than come and support my family during this important trial...  and they are like the beasts of the field-- with no understanding of the deeper, more spiritual things, just they own comfort zone and play time....sorry.  They will have to live with their blunders and selfish tendencies, just as I will have to live with mine.   It took me many years to trust in the Holy Spirit, so that I could honestly say that mh own heart could forgive those to wronged me in life -- but as the trial grew close, I had trouble again, as some anger came to the fore, and I only wanted JUSTICE and the animal put away for a long time!!  And his many lies all thru the trial  didn't endear any one to him either -- especially me.   
   So, friends, we got some other things done while back South near my old house, and good info on some other things that I've been looking into, and Terri bought 3 more fine dresses and comfortable shoes, etc.
   Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.

Tom Schuckman

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