Friday, June 22, 2012

The Hal Lindsey Report.

Tom's Journal.

Hello!  Friends, Readers, and Brothers of the Faith.

I am enjoying a good Summer U.P. North in Michigan -- the Iron Mountain area, recently married to my beautiful Christian lady, on June 11th, 2012, Terri M. Schuckman!  God has blessed us both, and we are eternally thankful for His kind and gentle mercies.   It's not about a 'party hardy' atmosphere here, but much love, kindness, consideration, getting along, giving in, and giving thanks for all our blessings-- while still preparing for the Rapture, that most folks on earth still make fun of, scorn, and laugh at arrogantly-- and ignorantly....  sorry, folks.  Compared to 3/4 of the global population, I would say that Terri and I are 'rich' in many things-- but most of all pure, sweet love and kindness, and realizing that God's 'Big Storm' could be unleashed any day!  The below portion of the Hal Lindsey Report helps to establish that fact, while building real strength and faith in our minds and hearts. 

Sadly, Terri had to return to work @ her un-air conditioned place of employment...  after our short vacation/ honey moon.  I can't go into detail about our secret plans to help her-- but things are going well -- according to Hoyle... lol, and maybe in one month we might make a decision to 'up grade' her life style to one of better rest-- you might say:  R+R.  And that's all I can say, right now.

I took Terri to an inside shooting range while down near my old house that is up for sale in Racine County, Wisconsin, and she just shot the heck out of the targets --FIRST TIME she ever shot a pistol !!  I let her use my cool .22 Sig-Sauer pistol, called a "Mosquito" and she loves it and hits the target exactly where she says she will.  At this point, I don't think she needs any more practice... Ha!  We don't have or need a lot of guns, but two or three for target shooting or rabbit hunting are nice. 

I just love to broaden Terri's scope,  with different activities, skills, and horizons, and make her happy. She is already ten times the carpenter I will ever be, building a fine deck in the back yard ALL BY HERSELF!  Wow!  I am now getting back into my wood carving again, and guitar playing soon-- because Terri motivated me, and I am open to any suggestions she has for me-- especially diet.  I just invested some more money in my 'Dremel tool' today, as I like to wood carve things, as a hobby, etc.    I am getting a lot of friendly sun on my skin, too -- as it helps my skin, and arthritis, IMHO.   I do plenty or reading and study while sunning myself on my newly built wood, reclining chair, on the deck, custom built for me, as the two big dogs play in the back yard, U.P. here, taking full advantage of the short Northern Summer where we live.  Clean, pure, woods and forests in the 'Upper Peninsula' of MI.
      My family and I were sorely disappointed in the lenient sentence handed down to the perp./ animal who took the life on my dear so, Andrew T. Schuckman, one year ago!!  I even sent a letter to the judge before the sentencing to "Mr. Dunn", who has had a violent history/ part, most of his life.  BUT, real Christians know and believe that the Lord will correctly "deal with" everyone in due time, so I am not lusting for vengence, just closure.  And I had to deal with this emotional on my honey moon, and just try to stuff it into the inner recesses of my brain-- tuck it away, and rely on the Lord.  The Holy Spirit is so powerful!  PTL.  And thank you all for your heart felt prayers and well wishes-- on FB too.
  We are considering becoming members at a local Baptist Church up here....a place of true  Bible  study, and worship, and good fellowship with other Christians of like Faith...  maybe.
Bless all my friends, and brothers in Christ !!

Warm Regards.
Tom Schuckman 

This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
Sometimes the failure of the Mainstream Media to report stories of consequence simply amazes me. I know that most of the media types now spend their days in a panic to find stories that support their liberal causes or make the conservative majority look nutty, but missing or deciding not to report this story is inexplicable.

Middle East news sources are now reporting about a deal between Saudi Arabia and China that has been in the works since January. In fact, a member of the Saudi royal family was brought out of retirement to negotiate it. Prince Bandar, the former longtime Saudi ambassador to the United States, has tentatively worked out an agreement with the Chinese.

The Saudis want to purchase off-the-shelf nuclear missiles from China. The Dong Feng 21 medium-range ballistic missiles will carry a single nuclear warhead payload. They will be installed at bases in Saudi Arabia that are inaccessible to Iran. In return, Saudi Arabia will guarantee an unlimited supply of oil to China through the year 2035. And the oil will continue to flow despite OPEC strictures or any other problems that may beset the desert kingdom in the future.

Where do I start? Wouldn't you think this is a bigger story than New York Mayor Bloomberg outlawing soft drinks and buttery popcorn or 15 nuns on a bus tour to protest Republican spending cuts? Apparently Big Media doesn't think so.

Why? Maybe because it validates what Israel has been saying for years. The Israelis have continually insisted that if the West allows Iran to produce nuclear weapons, it will cause a high stakes nuclear arms race in the Middle East. And the Saudis are the first of the Arabs to ante up.

But that should come as no surprise. The Saudis have made it clear for years that they are terrified of an ascendant Iran. But, apparently, no one in our government believed them.

Well, now the arms race is on. And the stakes are horrifically high, especially in a rough neighborhood like the Middle East.

But, for me, that's not even the biggest story. You don't have to be a foreign affairs expert to know that China is the most voracious user of energy in the world. With her masses, and the need to keep those masses happy by keeping them gainfully employed, China is on a constant hunt for new sources of fuel. In fact, it's China's (and India's) insatiable hunger for energy that made the Kyoto Treaty so laughable that the Democrat-controlled Senate, by a vote of 95-0, told President Bill Clinton not to even think about bringing it to the Senate for ratification. Why? Because it didn't bind China or India to compliance. Just the West.

So here you have the world's greatest consumer of fuel and energy -- who has expressed no intention of curbing that appetite -- making a deal for unlimited supplies of oil from the world's largest exporter of oil. And the deal's good for the next 23 years!

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