Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lay People in the Body of Christ.

Tom's Journal.

I sincerely hope that most of you good people have digested my last blog post:  "STANDING IN THE WAY." I thought that post was powerful and even startling, to say the least, and I will adjust my own life accordingly.  That would mean, of course NOT investing my hard earned money is certain 'Gov't Financial Products...'  Remember, gentle folks that I used to be licensed in Securities, Investments, Mutual Funds, etc, and all the brains didn't leak out of my ear while I was sleeping last night.... LOL. 

Today, the subject of "Lay People, in the body of Christ" will shred the old time myth [read:  LIE] that only a priest or minister can effectively understand and teach the Bible.  Don't  you just love being lied to by someone you have 'trusted' for many years-- according to you 'church traditions.'  And I am NOT in the business of slamming other people's beliefs or Faith.  But the Bible is our ONLY real source of Truth and Divine enlightenment, friends.  Read it and weep.

I will be off-line for a couple of days, with my dear, beautiful wife, Terri, having her Right foot surgery very soon, and I doubt that she will be in a good mood.  But I will do my level best to take care of my wife -- and I love her to pieces!   I have tried to 'ram rod' force feed her all that I can about survival, finances, how to fire pistols, etc., in case something happens to me, and she is well provided for now with my Chrysler Health Insurance, and CHAMPVA, which I will try to explain latter [about helping pay medical bills - if the spouse --like Tom Schuckman-- is a combat Veteran, and with a disability....  Confidential, please. 

I think I ought to call some of you guys on the phone today and touch base, perhaps straighten a few facts/ things out to promote good understanding and total friendship, no matter what comes down the pike.  But isn't it a great feeling that we will all be Saved and protected no matter what country is left standing.   It's what God wants and commands ---  not our own human idea of what we would LIKE to occur and happen.  This should be basic 101 ABC's FOR ALL OF US..... no offense intended.

Tommy S

I wear many hats, have many skills, talents, hobbies, and trades, but being a serious student of the Bible trumps them all.  The rest [according to the apostle Paul] are just a dung heap.  See:  Philippians 3:8 for total proof of what I say... or just read the whole book !

"Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord:  for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ."  ~Philippians 3:8
    Hey-- there you be -- that wasn't so hard to go that extra mile and type out the scripture I was referring to...

Take care, dear Friends.

So... how many of you folks like it when I post pictures with my text in the posts???   One guy said he didn't think it proper...  Hummmm

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