Friday, July 13, 2012

Let your Yes, mean Yes.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
I was hoping to take a short 'vacation' down in my other house that is for sale, visit long lost buddies, friends, meet new people, and see old relatives, including my dear old mom who is legally blind, etc... when my good friend and realtor called me with a proposition of Rent, and I said, "Go for it!"  So, it is pre-mature right now how things will go, but I am willing to bend over backwards to stir up some activity -- and some $$$ money is better than NO $$$ money, IMHO [in my humble opinion].  Time will tell, and time reveals all. 

Let me tell/ explain a few things, and possibly get some feed back in the form of "Comments", please.  I understand that the way a parent raises a child has a lot to do with how that child develops and ends up in life.  If that kid is spoiled rotten-- he/ she could be ruined and hard to get along with.  If the child comes from an abusive, drunken household, his mind might be warped for a long time, maybe for life.  But if they find the Lord, and the Word [Bible] in time, all that negative stuff can be straightened out nicely -- even "made new" as the Bible says!  It's unbelievable what the Holy Spirit can do -- change things forever, for the better!!!  I am living proof, although I still have a long way to go -- in the way that God is  still sanding off the rough edges, or even still using His chisel and hammer..... lol!   I pray that I am not a control freak, like my Dad, but he had some good sayings.  Like:  The 2 worst sins in the world [according to his Navy training] is:  Lying and Stealing.  Both can cost a man his life, if  you really stop to think about it.  And so, on the farm in Wisconsin, lying was strictly forbidden, and the punishment would not be AS HARD if we told the truth, back home on the farm.   I raised my own 3 kids the same way, except that I fully incorporated the Bible into our training and studies, and loved them dearly -- even if they didn't know it.   And I can swear or bet a large amount of money, that when my daughter's beautiful children reach the 'wonderful' age of 13, she will come running back to me with tears, and tell me that "I was right about child rearing!!!"  Because that's the 'magic' age when even your most well trained kids can go the wrong way!  The proof is in the pudding...  but my guess is that it's a acedemic auguement -- because the Rapture will have been here already....  sorry.  Our kids  have such short memories when they forget all the heart break and mischief they got into when they were kids/ teenagers, etc.   When the time came for them to leave the house for good, after they grew up -- I told them that they could do as they liked -- but they could always remember my rules, and many Bible studies, even if I was in a quasi- false religion of the Jehovah's Witnesses -- '1000 years ago.'. lol .. or so.  Actually, I would much rather forget those wasted 22 years, when I could have been doing more constructive things to build my life and talents.... sorry.  I always wished that I could have that luxury of going back to school, studying more German, and Hebrew, Greek, and Bible College, and then writing a few good books and getting the royalties, etc. $$$...  But many times -- Our ways are not God's ways, and He certainly has a purpose for each and every one of us -- who loves Him... and bends knee to The Son.
   Moving on.... >>>

"When plain sense make good sense-- Seek no other sense."  --That's another wise saying/ rule.  "Some religions" have pressed on to tie up all 'loose ends' and there by MAKE UP strange interpretations -- when Holy Spirit should have taught them the right/ correct meanings of Scripture, and that is perhaps some of the ways these False Cults come into being-- being most deviate from the real TRUTH of the Bible!!  IF, the Bible is written on the 5th grade level and meant for all sincere, God loving Christians to understand and share -- what is all the commotion and hatred??   Most things in the Bible are plain, black and white to me, and I am just an average man of age 63, with some college and book learning, and Military training!  I have been MORE THAN PATIENT and generous in teaching/ sharing my time and effort, helping others learning how to read, and also learn the bible, and it gives me a great feeling inside to see some good 'results.'  But when people yawn, sleep, let their attention wander and drift and get antsy even for 30 minutes -- I lose patience, and feel disappointed, because I try to make the Bible come alive !!  Our GOD is a Happy God -- and we ought to be happy too! 

Remembering all the fine friends and even strangers/ nurses who came into my hospital room to cheer me up or clean me up [me-- feeling like a beached whale --after 2 knee replacement surgeries, etc., bolstering/ encouraging me to want to live, not die... make me feel wanted and important, loved.  And then, when and if you get married, you can HOPE that  your spouse will love and support you, EVEN GOING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE -- as they say now days.  And let me say again for all to hear:  My first knee replacement surgery on the Right knee, was so botched, further injured, butchered, by the Milwaukee VA system- Hospital, WI., -- that I still have much trouble/ and pain,  walking these days-- especially when I can compare the other better replaced Left knee done by CIVILIAN DOCTORS @ Kenosha Memorial Hosp. - WI., by the good Doctor James Shapiro !!  And without the use of blood, too!   I respect a good man who knows his KNIFE well !!  The reason I am sharing this is to warn others about their coming obam-care that is very much like the VA- care [Heaven help you!], that we Veterans have to put up with-- with very few options and mechanisms for redress and re-coup/ repair of their FREQUENT  mess ups and mistakes.  YOU PEOPLE VOTED FOR OBAMA -- not me!  Ha! Sorry about the truth.

Anyway,  let me just say that lying and NOT keeping promises are a serious thing to me, and as my Dad used to tell me:  'After a man lies to you -- you can never really believe him again -- if he is telling the truth, or not.'  Can you really trust a LIAR??  Same thing with a drunk....   'You can love a drunk, but you can never trust a drunk.'  Hey, put it on paper, and make it legal !  That's what I intend to do from now on.

Please pray for my dear young friend, Joshua Aldrich, in Waterford, WI., for possible sun strike.  Let the Army or a Veteran TEACH you a few good suggestions, please:  wear a comfortable baseball cap with a visor. drink lots of WATER, HYDRATE.  Wear somewhat looser clothing in the Summer time without getting caught in the machinery @ work.  Wet a large handkerchief in cool water and tie it about your neck in hot weather.  How do you all think we made it day after day in the hot, stinking auto factory all those years -- with NO A/C ever???  30.5 years on the assembly line, 17.3  years of it welding AMC/ Chrysler vehicles, etc.  And Vietnam was usually like Miami Beach, FL in July!!  Hot and sweaty !!   We never got paid for anything we didn't earn--  and we made money the hard way -- WE EARNED IT!  But I am proud to have earned a descent living to support my loved ones at home, and they never wanted for F.S.C. --food, shelter or clothing.  Eat watermellon too.  And celery has something in it that cools down the human body -- eat it!

Hugs, from an Old Lug,

>>>  that's me, Tom, on the left side with the dark brown hair, smoking a goofy ciggarette..  We were young -- We were Soldiers in - -- - Vietnam: 68-70.  It was HOT, HOT, HOT !

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Posted: 12 Jul 2012 12:11 PM PDT
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