Monday, August 27, 2012

Obama's Martial Law?

Tom's Journal.

OH No!  I have fore warned many people in the recent past about this outrageous illegal conduct of our dearly beloved President, Obama, even though many would put me in the same slot as "Chicken Little" -- and the Sky is Falling thing.  I also know that I must sound a lot like Glenn Beck, with all his documented whistle blower stuff and proof of what DID actually come to be, later.  And I thought that he had put together some very sound, logical, common sense for all of us, and I like him -- although some of his mindset and religious beliefs went too far, IMHO.  But I STILL RESPECTED THE MAN! 

     Now all this horrible stuff is coming true right before our eyes.  Doesn't it seem like the Congress might be out of work pretty soon -- IF they allow obama to continue signing his own 'Martial Law' and dictatorship papers?  I am not the sort of man who drags into the punch in clock at the last possible minute before the assembly line at Chrysler starts at 0600!   I always wanted to be there at least 15 minutes early, to get things set up properly, have a bite to eat, and some 'Cold Caffiene' to jolt me awake before the birds start singing.   And I resented what others on the outside said about folks like me being "LUCKY" to have a gravy job, with so many cool benefits, and a good retirement package -- when I personally witness too many of my co-workers being carried out on a wooden pallet with a fork lift truck, and many died before they could retire, etc.!!  It was a dangerous place to work, and we EARNED every penny we got, and SAVED/ Invested our money wisely, when others just partied down, and stayed drunk all the time, or did drugs!  I believed in hard work, and smart work... so please loose the term, "LUCKY" because it's offensive.

BATR [Back at the Ranch], some of us knew about this new development of obama thinking that Romney might get too much favor by the voters, by telling the truth, and setting things straight, and the polls reflecting the common sense of the people....  so obama set this 'fail safe' mechanism into being, and who knows what will happen this year?  If things look bleak, the 'King Makers' who have obama on a string will give him an ultimatum, to go for broke and seize the Power of the People ILLEGALLY!  God help US! 

I am not too worried, but I expect utter chaos in the USA, if obama takes over all the power, ILLEGALLY, when foreign troops are here to strip us of our Rights, Guns, food, and Freedoms.  The Lord God in Heaven will always protect His servants here on earth, and even 'DEATH is a way out', instead of bowing to a pagan ruler!!  But are we going to wait until the 'Doors of the Proverbial Ark' close ??  

Yes, God will do the real fighting for Israel and the Christian Church, [ and don't forget the Rapture] but we need to be alert and attentive all the same and do OUR part, of warning the world of UN-Believers, until we are told by God to stop!  Friends, Just prepare for this eventuality, please, and warn a few others.  Thank You.

Warm Regards,
Tommy S

Stop Obama's MARTIAL LAW Executive Order!
Barack Hussein Obama has just signed a Presidential Executive Order, which would give him thepowers of a DICTATOR -- whenever HE thinks it's "necessary" to institute MARTIAL LAW! He has given himself the powers to declare martial law -- especially in the event of a war with Iran. It is a sweeping power grab that should worry every American -- TAKE ACTION NOW!

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