Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Without a Friend.

Tom's Journal.

I don't think any of my readers will totally understand how THIS fine post by Jan Markell:  "WITHOUT  A FRIEND" has soothed, and calmed my mind, heart and soul!!  

Yes, we didn't understand it all, but God has His Plan intact and working well.  He 'allowed' obama to come to power, against all conventional 'wisdom' and do the terrible things he is doing now, but most foul, down and dirty is forsaking the only real friend we have in the Middle East -- ISRAEL!  Like I printed so many times, Genesis 12:3 tells it all, and now we in America will reap a bitter harvest as probably never seen before -- because, for one thing, nobody here has enough spine bone to stand up and state the truth!!

I know that I am putting my simple head on the 'chopping block' and perhaps endangering my dearest wife too [but God please spare her, my only love on earth!]. 

I am afraid that my experience with death of loved ones and my military/ combat knowledge of how fragile life really is, has taught me some cold hard facts about the subject -- but wise old King Solomon had a lot of wise things to say that are better.. just read Eccl, and that might take most of you an hour to absorb -- IF you have the Holy Spirit helping you...   When a Christian is dying, when he/ she finally accepts the true Bible facts that death is MERELY/ JUST a door way to another REAL life -- either heaven or hell.  And for a biblically trained/ studied Christian, God's free GRACE is what gets him/ her to heaven and nothing but the Grace of Jesus!  Pure and simple.  And if you want the mail address of my pastor U.P. here, I will give it to you -- if you are serious.  [And now, I care for him so much after getting to know him better -- I feel that I must be his personal body guard and servant -- as best I can, being a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, and Chrysler retiree -- turned writer.].  

OK, I am out of here man.  Take care.

Without a Friend
By Jan Markell
September 5, 2012

America is inviting a disaster -- again. The headlines and stories I see are more than troubling. According to the Bible, God lowers the boom on those who curse His land and people (Gen. 12:3). Okay, so I really paraphrased it. And sadly, good people get caught in the crossfire. But America has said to Israel, "You folks are on your own!"
One headline screams, U.S. Disowns Israel Over Iran Strike: No Weapons or Military Backup (Debka). It states U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey's assertion Thursday, August 30, that the U.S. would not be "complicit" in an Israeli strike against Iran. With the drastic reduction in the scale of next month's joint U.S.-Israeli war game disclosed by Time magazine, the clear message from U.S. President Barack Obama to Israel is "You are on your own! See how you manage without special U.S. weapons and U.S. military backup, including a shield against missile counter-attack, if you decide to defy us and go through with a military operation against Iran."
Another headline reads, Slashed U.S. Military Input Shortens Israel's Notice of Iranian Missile Launch (Debka). Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are silent in the face of the avalanche of bad news coming in from official Washington. The Patriot anti-missile systems scheduled for what was to have been the biggest joint U.S.-Israel drill in October will remain packed in tarpaulin because they come without crews. And the number of U.S. servicemen sent over for the annual exercise is to be cut by more than two-thirds from 5,000 to 1,200.
The downgrade of U.S. participation in an annual exercise with Israel is more than striking. It adds up to the dismemberment, by the Obama administration, of the entire intricate strategy the U.S. and Israel have built over years for the deterrence -- and interception -- of any Iranian/Hezbollah/Syrian missile assault on Israel.
So missiles and troops are slashed, not just cut. The Obama administration has put Israel on harsh notice that an attack on Iran to disrupt or delay its nuclear armament will cause Israel to be refused U.S. missile back-up. The Netanyahu government will bear full and exclusive responsibility for the consequences of attacking Iran.
As Bill Koenig reports in his Koenig's Eye-View from the White House, "The Obama Administration's pressure on Israel to not strike Iran before the election, or shortly thereafter, is greatly endangering Israel. Every day wasted is another day that Iran has to bury its nuclear program deeper underground.
"International pressure on Iran won't work. It hasn't in the past, and it won't now or in the future. The refusal by the Pentagon and others in the Obama Administration to fully grasp Iran's apocalyptic commitment leads to flawed thinking and conclusions and further dangers Israel and U.S. interests in the Middle East."
In a fascinating article titled, "Why Israel Doesn't Trust Obama," the author, Ruth King, states, "No wonder the Israelis are upset -- at the U.S. Administration. It's one thing to hear from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he wants to wipe you off the map: At least it has the ring of honesty.
"It's quite another to hear from President Obama that he has your back, even as his Administration tries to sell to the public a make-believe world in which Iran's nuclear intentions are potentially peaceful, sanctions are working, and diplomacy hasn't failed after three and half years."
She concludes, "The irony for the Administration is that its head-in-the-sand performance is why many Israeli decision makers believe they had better strike sooner than later. Not only is there waning confidence that Mr. Obama is prepared to take military action on his own, but there's also a fear that a re-elected President Obama will take a much harsher line on an Israeli attack than he would before the first Tuesday in November."
Yet on November 6, 2012, many American Jews will vote to re-elect the man who speaks with a forked tongue to the Jewish state.
Why does Israel's aloneness matter? Jack Kinsella offers this explanation. "One of the recurring themes of the last days as foretold by the Hebrew prophets and confirmed by the Revelation of Jesus Christ, is the theme of Israel's international isolation. The Bible says that each time that Israel faces an existential threat (and there are several) in the very last days, Israel will find herself totally isolated and alone.
"The Bible reveals the two-fold purpose for the Tribulation Period as: 1) the judgment against the Christ-rejecting Gentile world; and 2) the national redemption of Israel.
"During the Church Age, we are saved by grace through faith. The Bible repeatedly says that Israel's national redemption comes about as a consequence of God's direct intervention in the time leading up to and then during Daniel's 70th week.
"The Church Age focuses on the salvation of the individual believer, but it is during the Tribulation period that the Lord turns His attention to keeping His promise to affect the national salvation of Israel.
"Now, step back with me and look at the Big Picture. Israel is the only truly free representative democracy in the Middle East, where she is surrounded by a sea of Arab dictatorships that are not only sworn to Israel's destruction but also very unfriendly to the United States.
"By any logical standard of international foreign policy, Israel should be among the most highly regarded and valuable ally among the Western democracies. Especially given her geographic position, without which, the West would essentially have no eyes or ears in the region."
Kinsella concludes, "But the Bible says that in the final hours of the countdown, Israel will stand alone against the whole world, with no one to turn to for provision and protection except the God of Israel."
Nonetheless, the conservative media should be screaming this fact to all the world: Israel just got dumped by America. This is more than an invitation to disaster; it is a slam dunk that we are on the road to a crisis. We have sold out our best friend. We have turned away our partner in the mad Middle East -- the only voice of reason and sanity amidst tens of thousands of sand and scorpion-infested miles. You can't turn on the Jewish nation just "a little bit." We're either with her or against her. America has decided. We're against her.
Watch out. Bad decisions have horrible consequences.

Read the fascinating article, "19 Signs that Israel and Iran are on the Verge of War" here.

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Heli gunner Tom said...

I have my stuff ready and won't be late! I as you look over this stuff and I think what are they thinking to openly mock God, but I also see that God will Not be mocked and He will take His Wrath out on those who are so ungodly. I hope soon so that we will see more folks come to their right minds and follow Jesus.

America is worse than a third world country, they have so much and waste it and allow folks to go without, I remember when a Christian from China said the US needs to be persecuted so they will return to their God and I think those days are coming and PTL because the end is near and I pray folks will stand up and return to the Bible and God!

How is your VA stuff doing, I spent all morning on the phone, myheathevet, email and computer trying to get my medications and appointments straighten out. I must have hit the right button because I did it, got several phone calls with oops we messed up but its taken care of now and my appointments all squared away all by noon. But they did mess up my travel pay and now I have to Waite another week or so which means I will be running on vapors for gas...... I'm not done with the clerk yet I will be talking to the supervisor tomorrow. You just have to love these guys who think they are so in charge over the Vets, I told one last time that she needs to remember that if it wasn't for us old Vet guys she wouldn't have a job and if she keeps treating us like dirt she won't have one anyway. She is always nice to me now.......

Hey got to go for now Bro, take care and see ya soon or sooner, Jerry
Infantry- Vietnam Vet.