Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Constitution Reader Online.

Tom's Journal.

A good Army friend who served in the same fine, well known, respected combat Aviation [Helicopter Company], the 240th AHC @ BearCat, RVN, sent me this wonderful educational, Constitutional Reader.  THANK YOU, Jim !!  I love to get cool, interesting, email like this that I can use and share!  I believe that Bro. Jim is also a Bible scholar with plenty of wisdom to share, and correct me with, in a kind, respectful way, of course.  Thank you, again.

And this morning, my dear, pretty wife, Terri surprised me with a gift....  a stainless, silver colored Cross with some Gold pounded into part or it, to hang around my size large, power lifter's neck.  Thank YOU, Honey!!  How sweet and tender you are to me, even when I act the jerk...  
     I promised to carve her fav. Scripture into wood today:  '--- let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath...'  ~James 1:19.  And the next verse, 20, says, "For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God."  That's cool, and meaningful.   Hoo -Rah! 

Well, my back is shot and my Left wrist is sprained, but I will manage, because today/ this evening is a special time at church, with a great speaker/ Evangelist, Brother Coffee, and his wife, visiting our small country church with big time encouragement!  I promised that I would be there on his last day of visiting us for a week.  He is a nice, pleasant, no non-sense guy, who has many experiences to share with all of us.  He had some wild, woolly times in his younger days -- but finally woke up to be Saved and Serve the Lord, and his fellow man.  Big blessings to them both in their future!! 

Not too far North of us--Marquette, MI got some snow the other day, so we know we are already in that season when we start using the furnace to keep warm -- when needed, and wear heavier clothes U.P. here.   We were happy to shop down near Milwaukee, WI., to get Terri some nice clothes to wear up here, and I bought a bow and arrow!  The deer U.P. here are eating Terri's hard work of planted trees, bushes and flowers all Summer long!  I just happen to be a butcher, trained on the farm by my Dad, when I was a teen ager, and the immersed myself in books to learn more.   I DID NOT want to be a 'Jack of all Trades'  -- but wanted to be a "MASTER OF ONE TRADE'  -- and so I went to college twice to become a professional welder.   But now I find out that the cheap companies WANT a man who is multi- skilled to do 3 or more professions all rolled into one!!!   So they can save money without hiring the proper, correct workers and pay the money and health care insurances.  What cheap, selfish people!  So, instead of hiring ONE welder who reads blue prints, etc....   they want a welder, mill wright, pipe fitter, and electrician, all rolled into ONE!   Well... heck, do I have to clean the toilets and wash dishes too...LOL ?  I am a good, trained, experienced welder, light carpenter, wood carver, etc... and sorry I am NOT a plumber, electrician, mechanic and every thing else some women WANT me to be...Ha!   Actually, I freely admit that my WIFE is more skilled and talented than I will EVER be!!  She is so savvy and knowledgeable from working hard at Home Depot, and also has a degree in Accounting, and is ten times the carpenter I will ever be, no matter what.  She is a great boon and prize to me, and I love her to pieces.   PTL!

Sorry, folks,  I have the bad habit of 'wandering' and getting lost when I write my Blog, on a different subject.  I love to write and have been published in various news papers in the past. I love to witness and share the Bible, and Tracts with people I meet almost every day, albeit, my mind wanders sometimes and drifts to other topics of interest.  I vividly remember my welding and blue prints instructors in college wandering off too -- but teaching us valuable lessons in life that will always stick in our brains... at least the older Veterans in school, who DID NOT fall asleep in class all the time, because they were too hung over from parties last night, or what ever.   Older, mature students are notorious for being good, serious students who WANT and NEED to learn trades, etc., to better themselves [kind of like Republicans and Conservatives]... [smile].  

I can't believe that it's 1PM already, and MY WIFE IS NOT HOME YET, from her 'chores!'  We don't have to dress up too much for the Wednesday night prayer meeting. but it's good to get into a right frame of mind and not over load ourselves today with too much other stuff.  We also need to both go to the Iron Mountain VAMC today to register our POA [Power of Attorney] in case something happens to me, Terri will have full control of everything, so she can continue and survive.  God wants us to live at least a semi-normal, good, healthy, and ORDERLY life style.  But let me please say that:  'Winners Win  -- and Losers Lose!"  And... according to the Psalms, God will never allow his true servants to 'beg for bread' or starve to death.  But, in America, at least, most of us are over weight anyway and could stand to skip a few meals  ... LOL, especially ME.  Hey, it's good to laugh at yourself sometimes.  I love to laugh and have a good time with my friends that I am constantly making U .P. here in the frozen tundra.  For the most part, these are humble, down to earth folks/ people with a high, rate of combat Veteran population, and that only gives me a hand up in having something special in common...  PTL.   Also, many I meet are un-ashammed, Bible loving Christians U .P. here!   The only problem/ challenge I see is scheduling... as many of them still work  -- but I am blessed enough to be totally retired [also unfortunately being DISABLED....grrrr]...  thanks to the Milwaukee VA hosp, staff and 'doctors' for messing up the surgery-- Right knee replacement, a year and a half ago...   so now I have one leg shorter than the other!!!!  which translates to also giving me twisted back and additional pain!!  ... And please know that I will NEVER, EVER let those butchers cut me again!!!  Their knife work is terrible, IMHO!   The 3rd shift VA nurses just happened to be 99% Black/ African-America and big time prejudice against white folks, and they abused me and let me lay in my on dirt for FIVE DAYS without once cleaning me or helping me relieve myself in the 3rd shift darkness--- but lied and fabricated false charges against me instead.... and please know that they did the same to other decorated Combat Warriors!  But I know that many other Vets were afraid to complain or lodge charges against the Black Nurses there for fear of reprisals, etc., and I can't blame them too much.
        They [the Milwaukee VAMC] GAVE ME BIG TIME NIGHTMARES, and got my combat PTSD re-called and working well, thank you very much, and sure spoiled the rest of my retirement, and freedom of mobility.  I just don't think that I have enough time to sue them before the Rapture comes-- first.   But nothing can suppress my power and ability of posting the absolute TRUTH of what happened of that terrible experience of that painful surgery two Summers ago, and my poor, loving wife, Sharon, was in the nursing and rehab place @ Kenosha, WI., at the time, fighting her own battles of a slow burn dying heart, etc... that she lost that battle and passed away months latter and left a big hole in my heart on April 9th.  My dear, only son, Andy [Andrew Thomas Schuckman] was killed on ONE month later, May 10th, 2011, to rip and rend more flesh in my heart-- a double whammy!    The hurt was so bad that I wanted to die too.
      The finest, kind, warmest lady, and good looking came along months later to love, honor, obey, and bring me back to the land of the living, Terri M. [Fox] Schuckman, my pretty, beloved wife, is something very special -- something I don't think I deserve-- but a present from the Lord.  Thank you, Lord!  I will do my best to keep her happy, respected, loved, and comfortable.    It's a wonderful thing to sleep with a warm human being, also Christian, instead of just an Army blanket to keep  you warm on a cold night...  and she loves to be held and told that someone LOVES her for whom and what she is, no matter what comes rolling down the mountain, 'till death do we part.'   It makes one feel good to face the future partnered up with another strong human being, well studied in the Bible, the Word of God.  And now I also have a trusty bow and arrow to defend hearth and castle, in case the enemy [ Big Brother-- Obummer, and the Dims] demand my shotgun or my soul...].  But whom ever God allows to take office in January, we know that the 'End has got to be near'  albeit we are not fair weather warriors -- but shall continue to stand and fight for our Rights and Beliefs.  Amen.

Terri will be in good hands, and in good shape, no matter what comes down the pike, and I just have that feeling, without posting more sensitive, personal information about our finances and investments.  Thank You, Lord, for giving me [us] the smarts and education to take care of ourselves -- but mostly the knowledge that 'being good stewards of our money and resources' is only part of the program.  Obeying YOU, Lord, is what really gives us a true sense of Security and Trust!

I am so happy that my wife mailed in person, down by the Post Office [the first time I ever did things like this...] MY absentee vote for President, early!!  Wow, this kind of voting was new to me, and I had to fill out more paper work, but I feel so good now!  Yes!  I voted for the gentleman who was legally BORN IN THE USA, for sure, who is a Conservative, who loves the U.S.Constitution and laws within it, who has the experience and education of running REAL companies and corporations...  Gov.  Mitt Romney!   So, just maybe, I won't need my bow and arrow... Ha!   PTL.

Time to go  --Terri just walked in the door.


Announcing Hillsdale College’s newest
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The Constitution Reader Online
The Constitution Reader is a free, interactive, searchable, and customizable website centered around The U.S. Constitution: A Reader. It contains the same material taught in the College’s core course on the Constitution.
In addition to containing a fully digitized and searchable version of the Reader, The Constitution Reader also contains:
  • An illustrated Timeline of American constitutional history.
  • The key Debates between the Founders, the Progressives, and others.
  • A database of Quotes drawn from the Reader.
  • The Topics that are most important to understanding American government.
Explore the meaning and history of the Constitution today!

The readings for Constitution 101 and Constitution 201are also fully integrated into The Constitution Reader Online. It’s never too late to catch up on your homework!

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