Friday, November 2, 2012

OSAS and Mature Believers.

Tom's Journal.

It has been said by many soldiers, that 'who ever says that he is never afraid of anything... is either a liar or a fool.'   Many of us have fears and phobias that we keep secret/ concealed, including me.  One place and subject that sometimes sends panic attacks to me is VA hospitals, and the fact that a person can enter that building very healthy -- but get sick and die later, especially after 'some procedure.'  Look, I owe my life to Jesus and also some great ER doctors who saved my Bacon, in the past!  On the other hand, some of my close friends [and me too] got a terrible infection after surgery, as someone did not go about their business with clean hands or tools !!  URSA is what that bug is called, I believe and it lurks in all hospitals. 

Anyway, NEVER, but NEVER complain about having some "chest discomfort" in a hospital-- if you are not ready to get rushed into some ER for an EKG and other procedures!  I had to re-schedule a chemical Stress Test to today, and it just happened to turn out well and good, with NO blockages at all, and all other readings and tests showing me good to go, and so we can put my heart on the back burner for a while!  Yes!  Thank you, Lord.  Terri sacrificed her whole day for me.  But the VA hospitals never bring out the good in me-- although I try to be on my best behavior and friendly... lol.  Let's just say that most of the VA staff try to be nice, and professional, but still there are those staff who are just there for the pay check, and also somewhat incompetent!  I had such a slow 'nurse' like that this morning who just could not stick my vein for the IV... so I 'fired her' after her 3rd time sticking me!  Then came a better, smarter nurse who found the vein in a heart beat with no problems.  Go figure!  I am NOT their "practice or training dummy" for bayonet drills !!
    Well, anyway, we got all the tests and stuff done and the good Dr. Ann Johnson called to get me the good news that EVERYTHING was OK and not to worry about the heart anymore.  PTL.

I am not angry or disappointed at the good news, and that's just one more thing I don't have to worry about now. 

Reading the fine article below:  OSAS and Mature Believers, made me feel good about my future and I just wanted to share it with my friends.  Especially Romans 8: 38, 39, where 'nothing can tear us away from the love of God' after we are Saved!   That's a lot better than feeling our way in the darkness of some heathen religions like Islam, etc.  And I could never figure out that part about having 70 virgins in Islam -- but what do the virgins get ...duh??  So much for 'equal rights' and Womens' Lib with that false religion.  Yet many Liberal churches like to delve into such trash or try to ecumenical-ize  things or merge beliefs. 

FOUR MORE DAYS, and what big surprises await the USA !!  So much is riding on this election--- like a speedy way to going broke nation wide, on purpose, with obama...   And if I was not Saved and protected by my Lord Jesus, I would be so scared and worried...   but God IS in control, and we shall be safe, one way or another.  Heaven  might come sooner if obummer gets back in the WH.... and we lose our valuable FREEDOMS, sorry to say, on earth.  Instead of just the East Coast being in the dark -- the whole country might be in similar circumstances.  But then,  I could stand to lose another 100 pounds, after the food runs out,  and that would make me lighter on my feet, knees and back.   So look on the bright side...  and 'Keep your sunny side UP !!'

Warm Regards,
Tom  and Terri   >>>

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