Saturday, January 7, 2012

Most Important Choices.

Tom's Journal.

"You got to know when to hold 'em-- know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run..."  And, "never say never."  It was good to take a short sabbatical, but I just found something so important that I didn't totally understand until this evening-- so I thought it was important enough to share it with as many others as I could-- and my post stands up to that muster, and FB too.  
   I want to also commend, salute and thank the closer, 'inner-circle' of friends I have who gave me the right, correct, most true advice these past few months and weeks concerning me --feeling so all alone this year...Hey!  You guys and gals were RIGHT!  I always try to give credit where credit is due, and you already know and remember who you are, but if I try to name you all-- I will forget a few, and hurt some feelings, but I will remember them all later--AFTER my post...LOL.  Hey, I'm old as dirt...Ha!  So, the facts are,  and God/ Scriptures say that, roughly speaking, paraphrased:   IF WE FORGET OUR OWN DESIRES AND WANTS, THE GOOD LORD WILL PROVIDE THEM FOR US, IF THEY ARE IN OUR BEST INTERESTS, if we put God first in our lives!  That is part of the 'quantum leap' equation for tonight... as the fine article brings to light, but there are so many other important details that can be learned tonight by investing the time to read and study.  I will study, write down, research and remember this article too, some more, because I feel that it's THAT important.  

My past selfish, erroneous thinking was that I would have to sacrifice everything I love and hold dear to serve God the right way-- that He wants, but I was wrong, and that was holding up my spiritual progress and development, and possibly my relationships. Now, I believe that I can go full throttle forward using my spiritual "gifts" and still be a very happy, fulfilled  man... instead of just worrying about my own fleshly desires, or crying in my beer, and the Spirit will continue to help me store up more treasures in heaven, and accomplish more on earth.  

And, the scholar who wrote the article uses the same slang that I do..."CHINO" -- 'Christian in name only', and I had the chance to reflect upon my own inner thoughts that just may have been motivated for some of the wrong reasons in the past, although I have always felt very good about helping others in so many ways.  Some stuff I knew, and others beliefs were reinforced, and others a somewhat newer concept... but now I've GOT IT!   It's one of those moments where... if I thought I was pretty knowledgeable in bible truths, and I learned something important and new-- perhaps many of my friends and readers would appreciate reading/ learning  these things too!

On the other hand, this "new knowledge" might rub some folks the wrong way, because the most true definitions are now laid out for every one to see and comprehend!  Oh well... my sword has two edges.  
And the final note:  "It's NEVER too late to learn, or start implementing this great, scriptural information!!  Woo Woo!  

There are some new people I have been talking with lately, but a certain friend  in the great state of KY that I like and care for, but I don't really know what the future will be, [been burned and disappointed too many times to know what will, or will not], and so God will work it all out, one way or another, so I am not going to worry about those things anymore.   I ask for all your prayers so that everything turns out, works out right, and that everyone is blessed, one way or another.  Also my youngest daughter and grand kids in CO, and other friends there, in KS, and else where too, I think about often.  My dear old mom is not feeling well lately either, and is age 85, and somewhat disabled.   This great info/ post will surely bless them too.  PTL.

Christian Hugs,
Tom   .. Tom, in 'Nam, at age 19. Now I am a soldier of Christ.

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