Sunday, January 15, 2012

Israel Hoodwinking the Bird.

Tom's Journal.

And the beat goes on.. but many of my friends say that I shouldn't stop living and planning my future just because the Middle East is about to explode and precipitate something so big that it will rock the world [see the fine article down below, please], including the USA.  Sorry, but the politics in our country and the race for President, just makes me annoyed, bored, and skeptical... although I will vote for the candidate who most represents our U.S. Constitution and good laws of the land-- and Conservative values, or course.  When 50% of the people here have to work hard-- to carry the other 50% in the USA on their backs-- who WON'T work for all the entitlements-- I just have to draw the line because this just cannot go on much farther  before we collapse under the national debt, and strain heaped on the backs for the working men, and women!!  Really, it's  very simple math and economics, friends! 
    I am in a very happy mood lately, and those very close to me know the reason-- and I just hope it works this time around... so I guess that there are still a few, good, warm hearted people in the world who still know what honesty, love and honor mean, and live by a code that I do--you might call it "Old School."   I have learned to takes things slowly and one step at a time.  Someone is helping me to ponder and work thru the hard times, losses and challenges I have, especially last year, 2011.   So someone with a high intellect with a big heart of gold has come to like me a lot and wants to be a part of my life, so we will see what happens down the road.  All I am saying that it is so nice to have special friends, and I am not pushing too hard, and keeping a lid on things for a while.  I continue to seek God's blessings upon me, and also pray for other peoples' challenges too, as we all have our own cross to bear, sooner of later.  My Mom is chocking and coughing all the time, so I told her to drink more water with a twist of  fresh lemon in it-- but I know she never listens to me, her being age 85 and set in her ways.  I suppose I will have to buy some real lemons for her and maybe some mineral water... and I don't mind doing that, if it helps her, but we all know that older people get to be a little stubborn in their old age, even if I have seriously studied healing herbs for the past 40 years...Ha!    Some people in the family lost tons of money with their 'investments' too, even though they knew I was a Registered Rep with a large Financial giant a few years back and have done very well for myself... oh well.  Maybe they needed to be humbled a bit...  I usually don't ask or tell a person twice about some advantage or good thing.  I just let them learn the hard way, and  a little humility is good for those who are so pridefull and arragant.  Sorry to say, I had to learn the hard way too when I was younger, and now have all this hard won knowledge and wisdom-- but few people want to listen..  and it's the same way with the Gospel, and the Bible.  I read and study until my eye balls fall out... lol, but few see the advantage in learning about God's pure love for all mankind, and He takes no delight in seeing one rebeleous -- for He knows that hell is a terrible place, that Jesus talked more about hell than he did about heaven!!  And even though the Packers and the Broncos both lost-- many people now know what one special quarter back meant by wearing football face paint:  John 3:16  !!  Wow!  I like and respect both quarter backs, and if the recieves couldn't catch the ball or turned it over to the other team so many times-- who's fault was that?  That was a sore loss I had to watch today-- but one team was just better than the other this afternoon...  and the beat goes on.
Warm Regards,
Tommy   -- picture of Tom handling the M-60 in Vietnam in a Huey helicopter, with royal Thai troops 'along for the ride.'  We were young -- we were soldiers, back from 69-70, from BearCat, RVN.

Posted: 15 Jan 2012 01:14 PM PST
By Joseph Farah WND A U.S. intelligence source tells G2Bulletin that the Israelis, who know the overflight schedule of U.S. surveillance satellites monitoring their war preparations, wait until the “bird” passes and then resume what appears to be increased mobilization activities. Sources say the Israelis are making war preparations, but subtly, in an effort to lessen the world’s notice