Monday, January 23, 2012

Still Waklking on Sunshine.

Tom's Journal.

I thought that since I am doing some extra special things right now that I cannot get into the specifics[ fully, that it seems the right time to write the Blog now, because I may not get another chance for a short while-- and am considering getting a newer, better PC for my emailing and journalism/ blogging, etc.  I feel so good lately, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, like my ship FINALLY came in and I am so happy that I am actually afraid that it's a DREAM!!  Ha!  God only knows what the future will bring, as we [ALL Believers] truly understand that our future, lives, Salvation is in the Father's mighty hands-- [because we belong to the Christ, and we ARE Saved]. Actually, the odds of me falling upon such rich, powerful, unspeakable blessings right now seem like a  million to one-- and a few people, some women, feel bitter and angry because I was just too needy, lonely and hungry for real, genuine, exclusive Christian [Agape] Love about 2 weeks ago, and made a bold move--instead of continuing their silly games or playing 'cat and mouse' for their crude entertainment..Ha!  Sorry ladies, this is not a game with me-- and I play for keeps-- and it's a Hunt, and not a game. Be warned-- Be advised:  'Men don't like to play games' -- and they are usually more honest than the females.. sorry ladies.    A beautiful servant of the Lord, named Terri, found me and we bonded instantly, with  such UNCANNY, weird, 100% matched, in tune, personalities, culture, things in common, that continues to freak us both out-- because what are the odds that we are both so COMPATIBLE??!!  We both were looking for the same, exact qualities in each other so that we compliment each other to the letter, and I still think it's too good to be true-- and waiting for the "other shoe to drop!"  BUT.. we are still taking it very slowly and not jumping into anything.
    It also seems like all our past suffering, loneliness, abuse, HORRIBLE LOSSES OR LOVED ONES,  hurt and sorrow, was a testing and purification for what we have now.  I just have a morbid fear that something is going to take away the supreme blessing that we have in each other now... and I would survive, but it would tear me up, big time, and Terri said it would devastate her too.  Still, the Rapture will come, and not one second before the Father in Heaven says so.  We pray and study the Bible together every day, and are on the same page, and are both so happy to share what ever time together we have left on earth, and refuse to let ANYONE try to break us up with any negative remarks or statements.  I would have settled for a 'more average', older looking woman , but she is, in fact very beautiful, kind, smart, educated, precious, and financially secure lady.  How blessed can one old disabled, combat Veteran get, and she teats me like a king, with love and respect!
     I had much pause in even writing a blog like this, taking another chance, having been burned too many times in the past, having it blow up in my face again... but we can also look at it another way;  Much of the rough edges on me have been rounded off, planed and sanded, varnished and polished, so that Terri has a better quality gentleman now... so we both bring some very good, high quality things to the table, and don't we really deserve a little happiness at our age, after we've both worked so hard all our lives, although she still works, and very hard at her job.
  So maybe in a couple of months I might put my old house on the block for sale, and we will just take one day at a time-- and 'make it a master piece.'  Or..."Damn the torpedoes, and full speed ahead."  --John Paul Jones [?].  Or.. 'To the stars thru bolts and bars.'  
     And isn't it funny how all the other 'dog piles' in our lives, the stupid TV, politics, and others' concerns, thoughts and scare tactics, interference, and silly jealousies, mean absolutely nothing to us right now.  They OUGHT TO BE HAPPY FOR US-- instead of Pontificating,  playing 'Chicken Little' and talking negative all the time!!!  Don't they have a life of their own, or do that just have so much free time so as to make/ stir up trouble for us...LOL?  Nobody's gonna break my stride... and we're going to make our own kind of music.  What gets me is that other people already have someone in their lives-- yet they expect me to live alone with out a soul mate and someone to care for, to have and to hold, to love, someone special to talk to and hug.  "Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it." Let those self righteous, holier than thou type of people walk in my shoes and carry MY load for a few months up hill, with hurtful knees and back, and then see how they talk and act.  But I am NOT bitter, or scolding, or negative today-- just happy and so glad-- having my little place in the sun [but right now a place in the high winds, snow, ice, and cold..., lol].
  I took Terri out for a romantic, great German cuisine restaurant this evening, called:  House of Gerhard,in Kenosha, WI., after we looked at and bought some gold trinkets in Brookfield, WI today, and had a super fine time, just being with each other.
   Maybe I will get another chance to post a gentle, peaceful, positive update down the road, and I wish everyone of my friends and readers well, a safe,warm and cozy Winter, in the mean time.  Take life easy, one day at a time-- and make it a master piece!  Be safe!
    Are you really for the RAPTURE??
    Your continued prayers are very welcome and appreciated.  Thank you !   I am cutting back, cutting off/ exiting all my dating web sites, and never enjoyed the "dating game" anyway, with so many "players," selfish, greedy, users, gold diggers, liars, 'gamers', etc.  They all can just jump into Lake Michigan, and cool off... lol.  Many of them wanted a younger,more thin/ trim, more handsome, more rich, man; or they just wanted a free supper, ignoring the simple fact that my profile specifically said that I was looking for a LTR- Long Term Relationship with a Christian woman.  They loved playing 'hard to catch/ get' and it was never more than a game to them, playing with men's feelings-- so they missed their chance,and what goes around comes around.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman