Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Full Plate.

Tom's Journal.

Just some very busy days ahead of me where I live... so much to do that it all seems so daunting!  I always make a short list-- or a long list the day before so I can get as much done as possible, because left to itself-- the mind gets blindsided, for sure..."Murphy's Law" kicks in,  and Confucius say that:  'Short pencil better than long memory.'  But I am sure that wise old King Solomon has something to say about this subject in the book of Eccl.  

The good, wise, highly trained girl, good looking red head, at the North Chicago VA Hospital, Meleyna,  that was my doctor's "gate keeper" was transferred to a different dept is the reason why that old area is so jammed up and frozen now-- because the 'new girl' just has not learned the ropes and has such a long way to go to fill the shoes of her predecessor.  It boils down to what is called a "Key Employee" that is darn near irreplaceable and highly valued-- and worth her weight in GOLD!!  And I heap high praises on those who deserve it.  You don't see many of them now days, especially in the Federal employees area. BTW, Please pray for  dear, old friend of mine, Debbie, from Kenosha, who is trying to get her old job back soon.  She is having a rough time of it, now days.  Thanks.   But you still have to bare with the slower people or they will get nasty and mess you up royal... so it's always been the case, and don't I know it.  What blows me away is when I use the best, finest English to explain what I want-- and they still look  at me like a German Shepard  dog  staring into a fan... and have not got a!!  And this is NOT belly-aching, this is only stating a fact.  
     I got my noble dog back from my brother Albert, and he brought me a piece of bar b q'd chicken which I ate although it was half raw-- so hungry, and d
early this morning it turned into diarrhea!  Thanks Albert!  He doesn't do computers or InterNet, anyway... But now I have to worry about going to the doctor today and not ruining/ soiling myself...Ha!  
   My very firm, space age bed/ mattress gave me such a good, restful sleep last night...Wow!  PTL --[Praise the Lord!]. But the back is still hurtful, and some of that could be the damp weather, although it's like Springtime today.
     I am very proud of my new relationship with Terri and announced it on FaceBook last night-- but I will still keep the 'cat in the sack' for a little while longer regarding SOME people who are not in the loop, because they won't understand-- and perhaps a bit myopic or what ever, and I don't need any more stress or negative vibes right now... which such a full plate in front of me.  I am very happy, and so is my soul mate, but on my end-- it still seems so daunting with 'giants' in front of me.  I am in constant prayer, and so is Terri.    
   I better carry an extra pair of pants with me and underwear.  
      I need a cold caffeinated soda now to keep me awake-- to keep my appointments, or I will be in deep doo-doo.  The winch on the back of my truck bed won't work so I can't use my own power scooter now, and that will cost me more money again.. but I need it.  
   Your collective prayers are so welcome and appreciated, friends and readers.  Thank you!  Just wait until I get a new batch of pictures developed!!  Woo Woo!  
    And remember:  The Navy gets the gravy, and the Army gets the beans.

Warm Regards,