Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bad Flu Bug.

Tom's Journal.

Tom and Terri, in Iron Mt., MI
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The good news is:  'God cannot lie' ~Titus 1:2, and all He says comes true... ALL Prophecy!  Side point: We all have to eat crow sometimes, even great and lofty kings and princes.  I had a somewhat hectic day today, running late to see a pompous, INDEPENDENT contractor who was so full of himself, etc, and his goofy staff too, called Miller Mobility, in Waukesha, WI 53188.  Anyone from WI knows that it is so easy to get lost in that crazy, upper crust town with a river running thru it, so I called them up to get better directions and got a snotty, self righteous female named, Val, who only made fun of my plight, joked and jerked me around, when I was running out of gas, running against a strict appointment and JUST WANTED TO FIND THE PLACE!!  After the sawed off owner/manager turkey finally got there, he insisted that I apologize to the 2 women at the front office, without even getting my side of the story, and I was on my best behavior all morning, but I just prayed so hard not to lose my temper, but had to jump thru ropes for that independent, goof ball hot shot, and got my business done.  I had a similar problem with him before many years ago and just LOATHED going back there again, but was short on alternatives and had to deal with him to  find out why my power lift didn't work to let down my power scooter down out of my truck!!  I can promise that I will NEVER go back there again in my life time, and just want all to know what kind of loathsome, disrespectful treatment I got!  And on the phone, trying to just get some simple directions, Val, suggested that I "trust in God more in the future when I had a problem finding a place...."..duh.  Well, on the way back I trusted in my new smart phone with directional finder, voice activated, to get me home, and it worked just fine, and I am not ashamed of it-- as I do have a lot on my mind right now.         Well, their "service" and replacement product cost me over $200, and I sure as heck wasn't going back to get the part, but had it shipped to my house.  Their email address:   --Please wait for a few days before contacting them--so I can get my much needed part.  Thank you!
    So, I had my good friend, Glenn Sprague, real estate broker, plant a 'For Sale' sign in my front yard yesterday... and for the record, I was so tired of living in this one horse town with corrupt politics, and poor 'Eminent Domain' ethics, a few years ago when the village wanted to tear down many old, historic homes on Main Street, to make room for their hair brained 'enriching their pockets tax structure' that jacked up all our taxes anyway.  My friends said that I was  one of the very few  with a spine who publicly fought and stood up to the 'city machine' and was even published in the Racine Journal News Paper for a piece I wrote, that shut the city down on that illegal issue-- and then State after State started passing the right legislation to turn that illegal ball around too, so municipalities could not pervert the 'Eminent Domain' laws of the land.  That made me feel good inside-- to use my skills to do something right for the community, although I've been published before in Kenosha, WI too, on a 2nd Amendment issue, etc, etc.  Ha!!  I get my licks in-- but it's time to move on, and I was seriously thinking of moving away before at this time of my life-- but something BIG and wonderful finally bit me on the nose to change my tack in sailing in a different direction-- 'UP -- North.'  And I pray to God every day that this is not just a dream... lol.   And one big reason I often quote Proverbs 27:17, is that I have not had much "Iron" to sharpen myself with lately...down here.  But really, folks, it's not just here in my back yard-- it's the whole world under Satan's control that is spinning out of control.  And yes, I intend to vote for the person who best protects our sacred U.S. Constitution, but Bible Prophecy MUST and WILL be fulfilled!!  
     My thanks to Anita, who came over yesterday to help clean and organize my humble hovel, and to Patrick and Christine from my church who have helped me so many times when I was injured and disabled.  I don't forget my friends-- OR those who trespass against me-- although I must and do forgive them all... according to God's Law.  I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord will recompense all who wantonly take away LIFE, outside of legal combat and war,  even as my loss last year was so great, in my dear son, Andy, and I miss him so much.  I can only hope that he gleaned enough of my words to bend knee and kiss the Son-- so that he will be resurrected to Heaven, pray.  
      And what have all of us been doing with our collective lives while on earth, along with all our many joys, sorrows, defeats and victories??  If we never took note of the Gospel of Salvation, and stored up some treasures in heaven, our meager 60-80 years on earth perhaps was sort of empty, and hollow.  I have long acknowledged that I am a nasty, old sinner man, deserving of death and hell, but I have also publicly acknowledged that Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior, without whom I could not stand.  '
    I just heard on WVCY, or UP-NORTH Christian radio, that the Lord usually waits for us to sleep..'when our ACTIVE brain shuts down' to allow the Holy Spirit to work it's miracles in bring us to proper understanding and taking the right path!  But I only heard the tale end of that statement... and wish I could have caught more of it.        Well, folks, I believe that a nasty flu bug is going around right now where I live, and I caught a touch of it, but used some healing herbs to level it out and it helped me-- and every culture seems to have their own tricks and potions to get them thru the worst.  For me, Ginger, Garlic, Elderberry and cayenne seem to work, but I am not prescribing anything... only suggesting what works for ME.  Come to think of it, I was close enough to spread some of my germs at Miller Mobility, in Waukesha, WI., this morning, but not on  

Have a great foggy day, dear friends!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman