Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weather in the U.P.

Tom's Journal.

May 30th, 2012, and all is [almost] well...

Weather in the U.P. -Iron Mountain, MI., area is chilly and has been rainy these past few days, after some near record breaking heat and humidity-- but I am not complaining.  I have been doing some finishing sanding work on a custom built out side lawn chair made for me that I love, and then I will paint it.  Terri works like a mad woman as soon as she gets home in the Summer time, drinking in all the sun while it hangs around up here in the 'tundra.'  I just need to learn how to dress more warmly.   After getting a great sun burn half a week ago, several times... and then it turns cold - for a 'flat lander.' I got a short workout at the Gym today but ran out of steam and then ate some Chinese food in town... kind of spicy and that made me sweat more than the work out.    And dear Terri, THANK YOU, for getting me out of that panicky 'tax--paper work' situation... and a touch of PTSD.  Bless your pea-pickin' heart, darling. 

Friends,  most of my life, I prayed for 'balance' and wisdom/ learning.   In some ways I felt like I never got to reach my full potential-- being anchored by a few greedy, myopic "ladies" who were just out to see how much they could milk a husband.   But as we get older, the true words of the Bible ring true [of course] in that evil doers never seem to reap the plunder they imagine, and justice is thus served in the end.   The people/ real Christians are rewarded in the end too, if they remain faithful... and 'God cannot lie.'  What ever befalls a man in his life-- just deal with it-- the best Christian way you can-- and there will be happiness in Paradise later on... after the Rapture, or death of a Faithful one. 

I am a bit anxious, for reasons that are personal, something that we all hope will happen in about 2 weeks, and being in love with that someone is GOOD, but understanding the 'BIG PICTURE' -- of God's perfect Word, is better in the end.  Because only Jesus can bring us thru the super hard times. 
     Now... it may SEEM a bit shallow and too simplistic for a Christian to keep mouthing the words:  "JESUS SAVES"  --all the time, and to just 'cast all your cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you.'   That kind of simplicity stubbles many into thinking that the world is in such a complicated, caotic mess, that all the smart, wise, scientists need to gather and work something out, and soon!!  But God reaches out to the simple [not stupid], humble, obedient people on earth -- and He protects them, one way or another.  I made some stupid blunders in the past by hooking up with a few CHINO's [Christians in name only], who were not totally rooted in the Word, and paid dearly for my decission, but my fiance assurses me that she is true and worthy.   I continue to explain that she is a very GOOD lady, a much BETTER human being than I will EVER be !!   But the 'jaw dropper' is:  Millions of "good people" are going to hell!   What is 'good in their human eyes is  like filthy rags to the Lord of Heaven, and the only way to find out exactly what God wants is to search out His Word -- the Bible!   Sorry.   Please don't put words in my mouth or accuse me of "judging my fellow man" because I know and profess to be a worthless sinner man, deserving of death and hell.   It's ONLY thru the death and ransom blood sacrifice of Lord Jesus that Saves me, and others!!  The Bible is very clear about that-- yet I stood ignorant for 22 years, being blinded by Satan, and certain errant organizations.   Now I am free.

I am busy as a squirel digging up old papers and documents so that everything will run smooth, without a hitch.  

Thank you, Amy Aldrich, and family, for working so hard for me, in cleaning and keeping my property in good order down in my green, beautiful Wisconsin, as I am trying hard to sell it, and eliminate the extra mortgage burdon.  God will bless you all too.  Maybe we will come down and visit a bunch of dear friends in short order, soon, and dine at House of Gerhardt - German dining, etc.   I think that Kenosha, WI., has some great places to eat-- even compared to Milwaukee.  But little to people know that too many of them will be 'lucky' to buy dog food in a few months, me thinks....   sorry.  

However, from now on, let us rejoice in our Christian minds AND HEARTS, now -- because we have been blessed with understanding that the Lord will take care of His own, while the world slips down into that hellish area called 'storm and chaos.'   Only a good combat soldier knows how to 'embrace death', and understand it just for what it is ---a door way to eternity, one place or another.'    I would rather err on the side of caution, than tripping  down the road of merrymaking and acting too foolish, dear friends.  We can still have lots of fun and laughter and live within our means-- but just stay sober with eyes wide open for the next few months, please!  Many, if not most of my valued combat Veteran friends/ brothers in arms feel the same why that I do, and that seems to keep us healthy.   Frankly, friends and readers, I am going to stock up on a few more gallons of pure drinking water, and champagne,  beans and rice, for the months ahead... LOL.  May the LORD bless, and be with you!
   And thank you, dear Wanda Jane Becker, for sending me those horrific pix of your local tornadoes around Hays, Kansas, etc.  Bless YOU, and your family too.
   I plan on visiting, and dinning with some of my elite warriors back in S.E. Wisconsin soon.  Take care.

Warm Regards,