Tuesday, August 7, 2012

FEMA Camps for Christians.

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I am relaxing more into marriage now, finally, with a dream girl, so full of love, and yes, she does already know me well enough to correct me when I get out of line....LOL!  However, we talk about the most likely brevity of our longevity on earth, given the 'Last Days' scenario and the Rapture, but we are not too disturbed.  We combat that feeling by being busy in the Lord's work -- sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and handing out bibles and bible tracts, and making new friends at church, etc.  People up here in the U.P. [Upper Peninsula of Michigan] like us a lot, for some reason. 

Right now my pretty wife is suffering too much pain after foot surgery 2 weeks ago, and the nonchalant  'doctor' in Green Bay, WI, could care less about my wife, Terri's intense pain. [Think obama-care...lol].  I will take care of my wife one way or another, as is my duty and love.  But don't think for one minute that the world, and OUR American economy, or moral conduct/ ethics will be getting much better, folks.  Yet, "His Grace [God's] should be sufficient for us to over come anything!"  No matter what comes our way-- that time will be short in comparison with what ungodly UN-Believers will have to face in the short run - and in the long run.  TRUST is the key word -- for today, and the more we read the "Book" the more faith we ought to have -- although few really want the truth of the bible...  sorry.  Ha!  They [most folks on earth] are busy one way or another to take the time-- sacrifice the time from TV, etc., to read/ study the BOOK.

One of my Kansas cousins posted a baby picture of me on FB, and surprised me, but that was OK.   I was just thinking back to the year 1949 when I was born in Milwaukee, WI on a cold Feb. day, and how much living and learning I had ahead of me.  Wow!  Old farts like me become philosophical at our age and look back at how we might have done somethings different... or if we could even change things somehow.  Remember that God KNEW US BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN, before we were even born !  But God still provided us with a free mind -- as free moral agents.   But that is another deep subject.

I am not so worried about anything right now, except that I would like to pay down/ pay off as much plastic debt as I can without depriving us of all the goodies.  Let us be balanced, and also thankful for what we have right now.  Gas is going back up in price again.  The politics are and will get much dirtier/ worse in the next 90 days.
     The way I see things -- If you are thinking that you cannot  handle things now in THIS poor economy -- and don't have time for Christ -- what will you do in the near future ???  And for all the super ignorant and misinformed people who seem to trust in their personal political 'favorite' candidate  [even as I hope that the more Conservative guy, Mr. Romney, will be better for us all in the short run in America, that we have left...].  Please don't be so foolish to put your trust in any earthling man/ human being !!  No one human or party or nation has the power to change what is already in prophetic motion!  It's out of our hands  -- it's out of mankind's hand to control destiny, because it's GOD'S PLAN, and His plans always come true.   So if it takes learning a 'new language' -- learn the Bible, now.

Tell me what you think about the following short subject of FEMA camps.

Best Regards,
Tommy S  

FEMA Camps For Christians?

Q. Jesus said in Matthew 24:38-39 that when He returns it will be like days of Noe in that people were getting married and eating and drinking then the flood came. Do you think that the rapture has to happen before all the FEMA Camps and stuff like that comes down on us? Or do you think the FEMA Camp Dictatorship thing might happen and it will be a difficult time for us Christians but that the rapture would then happen at least before the revealing of antichrist? Maybe the eating and drinking as days of Noe is referencing Israel and middle east area but not a worldwide (or at least American) ‘business as usual’ condition?

A. No one knows when the FEMA camps will be utilized or for what specific purpose they’re intended. All we know is these camps appear to be in some stage of preparation. But the last sentence of Matt. 24:39 says, “That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” From this we know that Matt. 24:38-39 describe the time just before the 2nd Coming, long after the rapture of the Church has taken place.
I don’t think the Lord was describing a “business as usual” situation here. I think He meant that unbelievers, not realizing the End of the Age is upon them, will be doing their best to live a normal life, thinking that sooner or later things will get better again and life will go on as before.
This is why He said all the nations (people) of the Earth will mourn (lit. beat their breast for grief) when they see the sign of the Son of Man in the sky (Matt. 24: 30). They’ll finally realize that things are never going to get better, that the truth they’ve been avoiding has come to pass, and it’s too late for them to escape it.