Thursday, October 11, 2012

You are definately NOT alone.

Tom's Journal.

Well Folks,
I can only say that I wish I could have made it to this assembly, but intend to get the DVD's ASAP, and enjoy at that time.  I bought some more arrows for my new past time -- Archery!  "TOM, the ARCHER !  ... but also very good with the tomahawk and knife throwing,  although I am a peace loving, well studied Bible man who loves the Lord, more than anything in this world.  That's what we [my camp] calls a "Given"  -- taken for granted mentality....  please.  Just like in college Welding Print Reading...  'this symbol shall always represent [what ever]... LOL.  I had some great instructors who loved and understood me -- and my 'back ground.'  PTL.

So... the time frame is definitely winding down before Jan. 1st, when things could realistically CHANGE for better or worse.  Please, friends,  WHAT EVER comes down the pike,  good or bad, our great Lord and Father in Heaven has completely in His control and "ALLOWS" things to come about --- using and directing circumstances to suit HIS Prophetic purposes and design!  He ALLOWS things to happen for a REASON!  Consider:  Things may be so close to the hour of time that Jehovah God, the Father, wants to unleash His holy angels to wake up the entire earth now!  We should/ ought to know by now that the RAPTURE could happen at ANY TIME!  Or there just might be a few thousand more people that He wants to get Saved/ Understand the Gospel, and be with Him forever in Heaven.  

 Since WE don't know exactly when things will explode, we need above all:  TRUST, LOVE, PATIENCE.  For those of us who worked hard all our lives, saved and invested SOME money, etc.,  we can wait.   But what about those poor Christian rotting in some filthy prison cell, with rats and vermin to entertain them instead of good books and TV --- they are more than ready to meet their MAKER!!    Perhaps the young and fit people who just got married and have what they want...  God could wait for a while, but only HE will come for US when he is ready, and in a "twinkling of an eye !"

Many thanks to the faithful men and ladies who continue to email and call me on the phone...  for I know that you are all super BUSY, doing the Lord's work, with your families and making a living-- even in this poor economy that humans are messing up on purpose, I believe, so that so that they can assume power, a "New World Order," with just the rich, and the poor....  NO Middle Class.  How evil and sinister!  I already voted for the lesser of two evils ---the natural born AMERICAN who has a pretty blond wife -- like mine  --- but even if one candidate was true and good, how in the world could he turn things around right now.  There will be pain either way, and I honestly don't see any real Christians in the crowd....  sorry.   



Even I have to get back on track one in a while, and the Brotherhood of bible loving Christians all over the world is there to reach out and touch someone, who NEEDS a hand up, help, encouragement and Love.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Here is a picture of my two lovely daughters [Sarah and Barbara]  who attended my 50th Birthday party...   a milestone for a Vietnam combat Veteran :  68-70... lol.  Sorry to say, that I have seen too many of my buddies die BEFORE THE AGE OF 50... from Agent  Orange, broken hearts, PTSD, etc., while the Gov't and American people just stood by,  refusing to lift a finger.   
There are still way too many combat Veterans living in a cardboard box/  Homeless!!  That is another one of my "causes" that It's so fine to hold my wife, Terri's hand, when we do sit down to rest and  'shut down the machine'-- the work day, or study God's Word together.. and that makes me very happy!!   Hey!  Don't go to Heaven alone ---  take someone with you !      PTL.

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By Jan Markell
October 11, 2012

On October 5-6 we held our 15th Understanding the Times conference in Minneapolis, MN. This isn't just a report on the weekend; it's a commentary that will let you know you are not alone.

Our speakers informed, edified and one even warranted a standing ovation. Nearly 100 attendees were transformed; that is, they entered the family of God as a result of Jonathan Cahn's closing call to repentance and salvation.

Over two days, the suburban mega-church we rent was filled with between five and six thousand unique attendees from 20 states and some foreign countries. A pastor journeyed all the way from India to enjoy like-minded fellowship.

Here's what I heard over and over again. I promise you that you will find yourself in one or more of the bullet points below. I hope this dispels the feeling that you are all alone. You are not!

* I attend because I can be with like-minded believers even if I don't know most of them personally.

* My church just will not talk about the issues you share at these conferences. People at my church want good news, not troubling news about world events.

* Bible prophecy never comes up in my church. We aren't privileged to be taught about the "blessed hope" because perhaps eschatology is considered too controversial. Thus, a lot of members walk around with little hope.

* I have such conflicting emotions as I see the frightening signs of the times yet believe the Lord's return is near. Thus, my emotions range from discouragement to expectancy.

* Just thinking about where America is now and where she may be headed gets me very down. I believe God is in control but I am sad that my country is sinking. I don't know what to do about this.

* I don't believe politics will change America and I don't know if I believe there is still time to turn America around. I am praying for mercy on America as we are a primary nation getting the gospel out to the ends of the earth.

* I never thought I would live to see the events happening as they are today in the world and the church. I thought I would be gone before these things began to happen.

* World events are happening at record speed. My head spins just keeping up with the changing face of global affairs.

* Your annual event is better than a family reunion because everyone feels the same about the issues here. My own family lacks interest and enthusiasm about the issues presented here.

* Dr. Erwin Lutzer's message on Heaven was some adrenaline for me in this bad news world.

The CDs and DVDs of this event will be available about November 10. They are not online yet. You can call anytime but allow us the rest of this week to get organized!

We offer 7 CDs and 4 DVDs of all presentations. These include two messages by Dr. Mark Hitchcock, two by Dr. Erwin Lutzer, one by White House correspondent Bill Koenig, and one by Jonathan Cahn. America was targeted heavily but not exclusively. Dr. Mark Hitchcock helped attendees understand why the Middle East is burning and what that means to you. He also gave a presentation on America in prophecy. Why aren't we there, or are we? Bill Koenig offered Washington insights and election commentary surrounding either candidate's victory or loss and where he sees America headed. Dr. Lutzer shared about the blessings of Heaven and the stark reality of Hell and the fate of nations who abandon God.

My thanks to Eric Barger for co-hosting with me.

One attendee writes, "This conference was the best I have ever attended anywhere. You presented the facts, which can be disheartening, but you also lifted us by presenting Jesus Christ and our blessed hope."

Another says, "Just wanted to thank you for the 2012 UTT Conference -- every speaker was outstanding. But thank you so much for doing 'due diligence' in checking out The Harbinger and having the courage to invite Jonathan Cahn. His stunning message is sorely needed today in this great nation. God bless you, Jan, and all the folks at OTM."

A Facebook reader writes, "We were there and can't stop praising God."

And we can't either.


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Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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