Monday, November 5, 2012

Please Be Sure to Vote.

Tom's Journal.

Usually,  Good triumphs Evil, only when Good is very strong and powerful.  Eventually, The Almighty GOOD [GOD] Will triumph completely, and forever, but not for a while, yet.....   sorry.  So powerful was Satan that he dragged ONE THIRD of all the angels in heaven after himself!!  He was a 'beautiful angel who forsook his normal, rightful place of  high rank,  seeking to steal something that only belonged to Jehovah God!   Worship !   Jesus is also part of that 'God-Head' since every knee shall bow to Him, as Scripture says. 

The reason I am speaking of this 'Good vs: Evil' is because of our American election tomorrow, and neither fellow is a real Christian, but one seems to possess more real Christian values, so it seems, and that is why I support Mitt Romney.  But I have made mistakes before in my judgment of candidates for that high office, and as I look back now--- I believe that I voted for the WRONG man years ago...  as I was duped and ignorant.   Now I think with a better mind, well educated and also Christian.  I am not perfect -- but I know a lot more than I did 20 and 40 years ago.   Again, let us understand that no matter who gets elected, God will have His way, and all human rulers will be  brought down to nothing -- being completely replaced by the one and true King, Jesus Christ, who will rule the world, from Jerusalem.   In the mean time, it would be "Nice" to have a competent man or woman govern our country with a firm hand and mind, abiding by our U.S. Constitution.   Someone who respects our Military, rules, laws and proper Christian values of LIFE in all stages -- from the unborn to aged and disabled!  Someone who actually had and worked a job and built things to grow and made / created more JOBS!  So...  shoot me if I voted for the so-called, 'lessor or two evils' -- but at least he was born in the USA !   

And yes, I am nervous about this election being bought, swayed, stole away by mischief and nasty Liberals, or something much worse that I shall not put into print.   

I believe that the God of the Bible will SHAKE the world to see what 'good things' fall out of the tree [as if tney were fruits]-- namely people who are yet sitting on the fence, who have not taken a stand for the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  I confess that I really voted twice...  Once for Christ, and 2nd for Gov. Romney, and who knows that Gov. Romney might see the light yet and bow to Jesus??   

And can you believe that a small earth quake happened today in New Jersey, plus another storm could hit that State again after tomorrow!  Wow!    It seems like just too many things are breaking around my house too, as soon as the warranty runs out....Ha!  Sorry..  because I am trying to 'laugh it off' so I won't get too depressed.   And I firmly believe that IF more products were MADE IN THE USA, they wouldn't break as much and would last much longer!  That is why I think that we are far due for another different president tomorrow!  Sorry if I sound a bit irratated, but I want some real transparency and honesty in big Gov't for a change, not more stinking LIES!!

If the wrong man wins tomorrow, I will be very disappointed indeed!!   But then I will also be happy, because I will think that God is taking faster, longer steps to rid this world of the ungodly, and the Rapture might happen sooner!  What ever happens, let us pray for Jerusalem and Peace for that city and country.  Please, be sure to vote.

Tom Schuckman   

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Posted: 05 Nov 2012 07:44 AM PST
By Bob Maginnis The Sept. 11, 2012 Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack left four Americans dead including our ambassador, destroyed our consulate, compromised sensitive information, and made America look weak. This story lingers because it is a barometer on President Barack Obama’s competence.The Benghazi attack exposed Obama’s foreign policy record as hollow and his government