Friday, December 21, 2012

Meet the Clintons.

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Clinton Insider Links 2008 Murder of Arkansas DNC Chair Bill Guatney to Obama <---this also="also" clinton="clinton" daughter="daughter" h1="h1" life="life" one="one" s="s" say="say" that="that" they="they" threatened="threatened">
doc motoSeptember 20, 2012
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So why did she take the position that she has now? Blackmail or second best position or the one not chosen to serve the 'real-government' puppet masters?

In this video, aside from the startling allegation that Hollywood producer and Clinton insider Bettina Viviano makes that Bill and Hillary Clinton were the first Obama "birthers," one of the almost unbelievable claims she makes is that the Obama campaign was behind the murder of Arkansas DNC Chair Bill Guatney. But it gets stranger from there with a JFK/Oswald type of angle: Guatney's killer fled the scene and led the police on a high speed chase. Then, coming to a stop, he allegedly tried to open up a rifle case, whereby the police emptied enough rounds into him to kill an elephant. It was all caught on a police dash cam (included in this video), but the odd thing is that you cannot see the suspect, Timothy Dale Johnson, go for his rifle or being shot by the police. Additionally, it was never determined why Johnson targeted Guatney. We also include video of police and local news teams on the scene shortly after Guatney was shot and a written statement by Obama the day Guatney was murdered, issued from none other than Markos Moulitsas' liberal blog Daily Kos that was the only website given exclusive access to the release of Obama's short-form birth certificate on June 12, 2008. Produced by Obama Files. Opinions and statements expressed in the video do not necessarily reflect those of Obama Files.

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  • zbackuSep. 21
    True (Watch the Video and comment!)
    This reminds me of all the dead that were in Bill Clinton's past.
  • doc motozbackuSep. 21
    http://www.westernjournalism.... and the story is still the same and this time they drag our troops into it, big time!
  • doc motoSep. 20
    True (Watch the Video and comment!)
    The Chelsea Clinton threat of murder story currently seems to be dead in the MSM, but as of the posting of this video, it is literally seething on the Internet, and, as usual, the liberal media in trying to quash the story, has rather thrown gasoline on the flames.

    They are trying to make it go away again! Stopping Fox News with what? Oh yes and to get rid of certain news and people that speak out against BHO!