Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hectic Day in Iron Mountain, MI.

Tom's Journal.

Below is the Link to a fine company that makes Patriotic patches, pins, hats, caps... with the "DON'T TREAD ON ME" statement, with the coiled rattle snake, one of our first flags during the Revolution against England.  I just ordered a few patches to promote the Tea Party Patriots.

I suppose that I am on the 'horns of a delema' -- and hope ya'll don't think I am two-faced, and forked-tongued... lol.  I know for sure what the Bible says about the Rapture and heaven, and I know that I am saved.  But I also wanted to at least TRY and do something to help Patriotic Americans hold on to as many liberties and freedoms as we can in the coming onslaught from the dirty Left Wing-nut, Socialists and their 'gun grabbing stupid mentality'  -- really!  With all the  taxes that we pay no days, I expect a little TRUTH from our 'Gov't' and jack ass 'Media.'  You may call me a 'dreamer' --LOL! 

Well, I had 'one of those days where no matter how hard I tried, I just ran into so much stinking bureaucratic red tape, and got nothing done!  I went to get my MI truck plates and new MI drivers license, and just took a ton of legal documents to the "Sec. of State" [read: driver examiner up here].  And the goof ball named Tom P. @ at the office lolly gagged around, jerking me around for 2 long hours and my back and legs were so painful and killing me-- but he made me go back home to dig for MORE documents.  Then I figured I would go to the local VA Hospital to get another document to show that I am 100% service-connected disabled to get the right truck plates, and still got jerked around more....  one VA dude sends me to another guy, then another guy, and another female who still could not help me !!  Wow! Just think to your selves...'obama-care' IS COMING and people will really get a rude surprise, not unlike we Vets have to crawl thru... and get abused..Ha!  I hope you liberal goofs are happy with what you re-elected!  I can't wait...Ha!

Well, then, pretty Terri came home to sooth the savage beast, poor, old Tommy boy, with a great kiss and a hug, and  pretty near took most of the frustration out of my system.  God bless you, honey!  You are so sweet to me and brighten my day.  Thank you.  Now we will see if we can accomplish something more tomorrow.  I just wonder how much more I should tear thru my files to find more documents that I need.

I tried my hand at small business years ago and wanted to be "legal" so I registered my small home welding repair business with the State of Wisconsin, and then they lied to me and said that "I must be making tons of money that I didn't report" and tried to fine me!  So I just turned the 'business' back into a hobby, and they couldn't touch or bother me ever again, and no revenue either!  And the Gov't wonders why many companies move to other States and Countries...duh.   If they want to play games -- good, let's play the game!  I am growing weary of supporting the "OTHER HALF OF AMERICA" just lay around and have dozens of kids without getting married so they can collect welfare and food stamps while hard working, Christian folks bear the brunt of heavy taxes and stupid, poor, mindless new laws to reward the lazy, immoral, people, and illegal aliens too.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a country cannot last long doing this goofy crap.  I read the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, etc.

I got a feeling that we shall see a snowy, long, cold Winter this year, and I need to buy a new battery for my Ram truck soon, before we go down below zero U.P. here.



Where Are The Spirits Of The Newtown Children?

Q. What’s the proper response to people who when talking about the children who died in Newtown say in reverent tones, “They are all little angels in Heaven”? Do all children under a certain age automatically go to Heaven? We also talked about aborted babies and babies in the Rapture. I didn’t have sufficient answer and was hoping you would help me with this.

A. In Romans 7:9 Paul wrote, “Once I was alive apart from law; but when the commandment came, sin sprang to life and I died.”
Since Paul was physically alive at the time, many scholars (myself included) believe he was speaking of the spiritual death that only unbelievers will experience. That means all children are born with eternal life. In His mercy God does not count their sins against them until they are able to intellectually understand the idea of sin and its consequences. If they die before that time it’s as if they never sinned.
When Paul said, “But when the commandment came, sin sprang to life and I died,” he was speaking of reaching the age where he could understand this. At that time he became accountable for his sins and was destined for spiritual death. In Jewish culture this is thought to happen at age 13 for boys and 12 for girls, but no specific age has ever been established in the Bible. By becoming born again Paul escaped this destiny and regained the eternal life with which he was born.
What we can say about the victims of the Newtown tragedy is if they hadn’t achieved sufficient intellectual maturity to understand the consequences of their sin, they belong to God and though their bodies have died, their spirits are with Him. They’ll receive new bodies at the rapture/resurrection.
The same is true for all aborted babies and other children who never reach the required intellectual maturity, whether due to accident, illness, or birth defects.
At the rapture of the Church children who have died will receive new bodies, while those who are still alive will be transformed from mortal to immortal like their adult counterparts.
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