Saturday, December 29, 2012

WMD - Syria.

Tom's Journal.

We don't yet know if the total destruction [disappearance] of the oldest inhabited city in the world, Damascus, will happen before or after the Rapture [which itself could come ANY TIME NOW], but the Bible clearly tells us that it WILL happen!   And now with the surety of WMD - Chemical Weapons in Damascus evident, and the truth that much of it came from Saddam Husein of Iraq,  it's easy to see WHY that city might have to be eliminated, for it's threat to Israel, God's favored nation, according to Genesis 12:3.    Hey, I'm just trying to connect the dots for you fine people... LOL. 

Last night I took my wife, her son and fiance out to the finest dinner place in town-- Iron Mtn, MI  49801, and I ordered grilled salmon, for about $25, and they gave me two skimpy pieces of fish and not much more!  I drank alot of water, because a beer, drink or wine would have made me very sweaty in the crowded room.  I know that they serve good spaghetti, but I will never order the Salmon again....  waste of money.  I would like to get SOME VALUE FOR MY HARD EARNED MONEY!  But this is just a 'precursor' to warm us  up for the future major money collapse and the next DEPRESSION in the USA.  How do I know??  Guess.

The old gods that we Christians USED to worship before we got Saved were many.... such as Money, food, autos and motorcycles, material things for sure, Hollywood actors, glamour girls,  illicit sex, strong drink....and all works of the flesh, all had to be weeded out as we cast off the 'Old Man', the old personality, to become a child of Christ -- the "New Man."  We will NEVER be perfect in this earthly system, but if we call ourselves Christians, we want and must try to clean up our act and follow our Master, Jesus Christ.  For some of us, it's hard... and others it's not so hard.  Sorry folks, but I have come a long way from that wild, crazy man who got out of the Army at age 21, lean and mean, looking to settle down and grow my own family.  God loves me and the Holy Spirit helps me -- but it's still an never ending struggle to walk the narrow, straight path to everlasting life.   But then, have we all not worked hard in pursuit of something we thought was necessary and special in life ??  Or have some of us planned to lay around the house watching that stupid TV--baloney box just to vegetate our puny minds, with no skills to be a real asset in Society? 

I found out long ago, that if a person aims high to get an "A" -- he/ she might end up getting a B +..... and is that so bad?   For instance, my skills of typing learned in high school, and languages gave me a great boost in the Army and other places, and being a combat Veteran helped to get me hired at AMC/ Chrysler where I retired with full Bennie's after 30.5 years !!  That is a GREAT asset in the eyes of most women  $$$... LOL, because they love "Security."  But the real Security, Wisdom and Power are found not in the bank account -- but in the KJV BIBLE !  And I was just listening to part of the 'Audio Bible' with the new CD player Terri got me for Christmas, before her kids came over to visit.  Her son, Matt, has found a beautiful girl [a scientist] and they will get married next Summer, God willing and the river don't rise!  I am happy for both of them, and they also treat me well, with respect and kindness.  PTL.

Well, today is Saturday, with a special meeting tonight for me at church.  But I am trying to find out where I can best get a new truck battery to buy and have installed in our one horse town, cute and charming as it is here in Iron Mountain, MI  49801, pop. about 5K, with Kingsford too.  Some tell me to go to WAL-MART...hummmm.

My advice to my dear friends and readers is:  please stock up on water, canned goods and staples [rice, beans, flour, etc], BEFORE we see a spike in prices.  And hug the ones you love.  And just check out the Tea Party Patriots, please.   They are just middle class loyal Americans who love the flag and Constitution, Liberty and FREEDOM.  You would certainly want them as your neighbor when things get rough, and they also love and respect the Bible and their Lord Jesus Christ, in most cases.

Warm Regards,

Reports: Israel Operating in Syria, US Preparing to Join (Plus 1 More)

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Posted: 28 Dec 2012 10:52 AM PST
By Ryan Jones Israel Today Various Western, Arab and Israeli media reports have been claiming for over a month now that Israeli special forces are on the ground in Syria in an effort to keep tabs on its chemical weapons stockpile.Those reports mesh well with news that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited neighboring Jordan this week to discuss with King Abdullah a possible air strike
Posted: 28 Dec 2012 08:46 AM PST
By Dr. Steve Spurlin Cornerstone Bible Church It has been quite a while since I last posted. I hope none of you have been breathlessly waiting for me...well I guess those who were waiting breathlessly won’t be around to read anything anymore. Moment of silence please...I want to make this post brief. So here I go."But the Spirit explicitly says that in the later times some will fall away