Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Before it's News.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks, Friends,
As proof of Big Brother watching us -- I have trouble   posting certain things that the Gov't does not want us to see and know!   Like the web site:  BEFORE IT'S NEWS.   Truth be told, let us see if this can be read, other than the main Header Caption.

I have always prayed for a "Balanced Mind and Heart" most of my life, and want to be open minded, sensible, 'Normal' [if possible-- with PTSD, combat type].  My feelings on Life and Death are governed and shaped by my extensive knowledge of the Bible.  And as I have said many times before, other folks can and will give their lives for what THEY 'believe in' like suicide bombers of Islam, etc....   So, I can do as a fervent Christian to give or sacrifice my life for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I would rather be Raptured up soon -- but just like the young prophet Daniel and his 3 fellow Hebrew young friends -- I will serve and bow down to  only my God, Jehovah, and no other!   So... life on this earth, now, is not the most important thing to REAL, biblically trained Christians.   Jesus taught us that very effectively, and so many martyrs thru the ages. 

Brrrrrrr!  It is truly getting cold in my part of the woods, and I need to dress better when going out, lazy boy, Tom !  I went to the local VAMC in Iron Mountain, MI., because they dropped the ball AGAIN, being the 'holidays' and interrupted mail and delivery, but they lie half the time too to cover up their 'mess ups.'  And most Disabled Veterans will testify to that similar adventure and unreliability, and you wonder why we have a problem trusting out Gov't.....Ha!  JUST WAIT UNTIL OBAMA-CARE kicks in next year!!   You all will be sooooo unhappy, that you didn't have a spine in the year 2012-- when you elected that illegal alien impostor!   I mean Mr. Bush was a blessed Saint compared to 'dung heap' who pollutes the WH now!   When he is finally impeached and sent to prison -- it will prob be too late, as we will already be a 3rd world nation and totally bankrupt with the Chinese taking over our big cities as pay off for debt!  Sorry folks, but you know something evil like this could happen --when it comes time to 'pay the piper.'

Now, anything COULD HAPPEN in the near future before the RAPTURE, and we Christians in the USA COULD SEE SOME PERSECUTION, but most Christians THINK [and hope] that we will be gone/ off the scene BEFORE the real 'dirt hits the fan' here on earth.  AS for me, I am ready for the worst, but pray for some mercy, IF it be God's Will.   If I have to earn my spurs the hard way -- bring it on!   In the mean time -- our MOST IMPORTANT TASK AT HAND IS:  To continue to share/ spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while Salvation is still there to be had !!!  If anyone thinks they can proove me wrong, you know my number and addres:

Warm Regards, and I am turing up the heat,


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