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Obama's Ploy to Disarm Veterans.

Tom's Journal.

Hey Guys and Gals,  Friends,

This subject is just a no-brainer to everyone with an American IQ over 70... that you DON'T MESS ON OUR COMBAT VETERANS...  PERIOD!!  You don't have to be a en-headed college professor to understand that we harmless, red-blooded Veterans just want our little place in the sun, to be respected, work hard all our lives and afforded the same Constitutional Freedoms and Rights that all others enjoy!

The real picture is that obama and his Liberals have a 'grand plan' to destroy America, by messing up the family unit, brain wash our kids in school, and disarm US ALL!  Then there will be no one left to protect the few remaining Freedoms we have left.  Yes, the 2nd Amendment is the final 'lynch pin' that has to come off before obama and his ilk bring on the 'ONE WORLD GOV'T' -- which is even mentioned in the Bible !  When you hunt animals for  food, you do the research on his habits.  When you protect your home and family from break-ins and intruders, hell bent of all sorts of evil, you find out what weaknesses in your structure and capabilities your have-- and then FIX THEM!  If all the world had was swords, we would be wanting the finest 'Cold Steel' -- but now days, guns are far superior to swords, and most intelligent people prefer a good, well made, serious fire arm.  Go figure.

Veterans will not stand for any more abuse from 'Big Brother!'  But we need YOUR help to come together and protect each other, please.
Thank you, friends, for your help and co-operation.

PS:  I do have a bow and arrows-- but I just can't re-load too fast anymore, guys... LOL. --Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

Tommy Schuckman
Exposed: Obama's Ploy to Disarm Veterans
Obama's Deputized Doctors to Label Veterans
Mentally Unfit to Own a Gun
Dear Fellow Americans: veterans put it all on the line to protect our Constitution – but if President Obama and his gun-grabbing allies get their way, they will be among the first to see their Constitutional rights limited.
It sounds too insulting and ridiculous to be true. But the danger is very real.
In fact, thanks to executive actions that are already in effect, more than 150,000 veterans have had their names added to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (or NICS, as it's commonly called).
Did these veterans brandish a weapon at someone? Did they commit a gun-related crime? Were they seen in some public forum swearing violent intent?
No, these are patriots who, for some reason or another, had to have their finances handled by someone else as they sought help after serving our nation. The Veteran's Administration – and the higher-ups who determine Administrative rules – decided that this was enough to strip veterans of their God-given rights to self protection.
Trusted to DEFEND our Country and our Liberty abroad
DENIED the Right to DEFEND their Home

Sign the EMERGENCY PETITION to Protect Veteran's Gun Rights
Now, the President is ushering in a new era of information sharing between federal agencies and directing Eric Holder to re-evaluate who he determines to be "mentally defective" and what information needs to be shared with NICS to block those people.
This opens the door to – and virtually guarantees – a wider definition of who is unfit to own a gun as declared by Barack Obama and his cronies.
It's a little-known fact that about 30% of returning soldiers are diagnosed with PTSD. These brave men and women, mentally scarred from their service to our country, deserve nothing less than our unwavering support.
Instead, they are now in the crosshairs of the gun control lobby. With the VA's existing massive information sharing with NICS, we already have a precedent for large-scale revocation of veteran's rights. All it takes is for one of Eric Holder's decrees to include PTSD, and suddenly one of the most passionate, patriotic segments of Americans will be labeled a danger to society.
Ask yourself: Do you really think that Obama crony-in-chief Eric Holder cares more about protecting the rights of our veterans than he does the Democrats' ideological efforts?
Neither do we.
Trusted to DEFEND our Country and our Liberty abroad
DENIED the Right to DEFEND their Home

Sign the EMERGENCY PETITION to Protect Veteran's Gun Rights
Since the people in the U.S. government who are supposed to support our brave men and women at arms are clearly apathetic, it's up to the rest of the American people to stand up for them instead.
Our veterans have risked life and limb for existing and future generations of Americans. The last thing they need is an environment of fear and distrust back at home.
If the gun control liberals get their way, how many veterans do you think will avoid treatment for their PTSD instead of potentially having their rights taken away?

Trusted to DEFEND our Country and our Liberty abroad
DENIED the Right to DEFEND their Home

Sign the EMERGENCY PETITION to Protect Veteran's Gun Rights
If you look at actual gun crime statistics and the proposals by the Administration – not to mention how the NICS system currently blocks out millions of people who show no danger of committing violent crime, it seems like they care less about blocking violent criminals and more about widespread disarmament.
Every time they add some new criteria or decide that they need to "share more information" with NICS, hundreds of thousands more Americans get lumped in. This sneaky tactic has no place when it comes to our Constitutional rights. And, when it means they're effectively shadow-banning (I had never heard this term before- suggest "prohibiting" or "restricting" our veterans from purchasing guns, it's downright shameful.
We're not going to take this potential threat lying down. We've set up a petition to tell the Administration that using PTSD as a qualifier to label our veterans "mentally defective" is obscene, and completely unacceptable.
Will you join us today? We need to make sure that they get our message loud and clear, and your signature on this petition is an easy way for you to help us do that.
Trusted to DEFEND our Country and our Liberty abroad
DENIED the Right to DEFEND their Home

Sign the EMERGENCY PETITION to Protect Veteran's Gun Rights
If we don't unyieldingly support our veterans, then we don't deserve the freedom they protect. Please, take just a few seconds to make a statement for those who have sacrificed so much.
Dick Brauer, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)
Co-founder, Special Operations Speaks
P.S. Pushing back against the combined forces of the Obama White House, radical gun grabbers like Feinstein and their accomplices in the left wing media isn't easy or free. Our resources have been pushed to the limit to stop them and defend the rights of veterans and all Americans.

Please lend your support with any amount you can afford. You support is vital to the fight.

If you prefer to donate by check:
Special Operations Speaks PAC
209 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Suite 2109
Washington, DC 20003



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We felt like this was the perfect time to share this IMPORTANT story with you. Recently, our good friend Michael (a local realtor) shared his experience with 'Leisha' and I about an "Obama supporter" he encountered while showing homes to a low income, working family in Pontiac, MI.. We asked him to please write it down so we could share it with you. YOU SHOULD BE SITTING DOWN WHILE READING THIS:

As a Realtor for the past 28 years I thought I’d seen or heard it all… Until now.
I was showing homes in Pontiac, MI. one afternoon recently and showed up at a home at the 4:00 pm time my appointment was scheduled for. After I woke up the homeowner, she let us in and then proceeded to tell my buyers and I that she has already entered into a contract to sell the home on a short-sale. (A short-sale is a sale where the banks accepts less money than is owed on the home). After some chit-chat, she proceeded to tell us that she and her sister (who also lived in the area) were buying each other’s homes via the short-sale process. I mentioned to her that I thought relatives could not be involved in those transactions. She smiled and said "We have two different last names so no one knows the difference".
She went on to tell us that each of them owed over 100K on their homes and were in the process of buying each other’s homes for about 10-15K cash. To top it off, they were each receiving $3,000.00 in government provided relocation assistance at the closing.

My buyers and I were amazed that she was outright admitting to fraud and yet, she continued. She began to tell us that the best part of her scheme was that because they currently were not working that they (both) are now receiving Section 8 Vouchers. I said I thought those were for renters and she said “That’s the best part; me and my sister are going to be renting each other’s homes so we don’t even have to move, and Obama is going to give us each $800.00 a month to pay the rent!” She then picked up a picture she had framed of Obama and did a little happy dance around her living room and while she kissed the picture she was singing "Thank you Obama.... thank you Obama."

So here is the bottom line… Both of these scammers got at least $80,000.00 in debt forgiven, $3,000.00 in cash for relocation (when in fact they did not relocate) and to boot, you and I will now be paying (through our taxes) $1,600.00 in rent for each them each and every month.... perhaps forever!

Is it any wonder why so many people have decided that all they have to do is VOTE for the Democrats and they will be taken care of for life at the expense of the taxpayers? I would not be at all surprised if they are receiving food stamps and whatever other programs are available for anyone who is willing to lie to get assistance.

These women went from working and paying about $900.00 each in mortgage payments to staying home and getting paid $800.00 each per month to live in the same home they had been living in and all they had to do was lie on a few papers. This craziness has to stop! I’m sure this kind of fraud is going on each and every day all across the country and no one wants to touch the subject of entitlements because they might OFFEND someone or lose a vote or two.

By the way... she had an almost new SUV in the driveway, three flat screen TV's and a very nice computer set up in her living room which was furnished entirely with nice leather furniture.


For all of the "do-gooder's" who voted for Obama to help the "less fortunate"....CHEERS..... they are now the "most fortunate!" How're things working out for you??

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