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Seek our own Salvation?

Tom's Journal.

I found a "keeper" short article today, and decided to expand on it a little bit.  At first glance it may SEEM to sound like Calvinism... but in a nice, easy, smooth way, everything comes out in the wash according to how the Bible really wants us to understand, correctly.  And I was looking for a good way to explain this subject for a long time, so here it is!  The Bible says that no man can "earn" or work for his Salvation and entry into heaven, because it's already A FREE GIFT FROM GOD!  All we have to do is to grab hold of it, confess our sins and desire [Honest Desire] to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, forever!  And then, real, Christians [defined by Webster: a follower or imitator of Christ] will want to 'be like Jesus, continue to learn, study the Bible [that means God is talking to us], progress, and be responsible --EVEN THOUGH WE ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE SINNERS ON THIS EARTH!  We will sin now more when we get to heaven-- as we will be PERFECT then. 

For an old war horse, bag of bones, pained/ suffering physically, and sometime emotionally, every day of my life already at the age of 64, with disabling arthritis, losing vision, body don't work right anymore, must use a cane and power scooter... LOL, I am ready for the Rapture any where, any time, please, LORD!!  Yet real Christians already live in a "spiritual Paradise" knowing that we CAN and will bear up to all challenges because we have the Holy Spirit inside of us, and we know for sure where we are going... once we understand the true meaning of Jesus words in the Bible only!  Hoo Rah!  When we get cut-- we bleed red, we get sick, we die, but we know for a fact that we are SAVED!   And what normal guy or gal doesn't want to share something good like the "Good News of the Kingdom-- the Gospel?"  After worshiping God, that is JOB 1 !  Job number One!  What supporting scriptures that I know and have memorized --fine, I can lay them on you. 

Do I have other interests?  YES!  I love to do veggie gardening, farming beef, welding, carpentry, wood carving, throwing knives and tomahawks, teaching other what I know, using power tools, etc.  I am a shooting, gun, knife enthusiast, love my wife to pieces-- pretty blond, well endowed, my dog, "Deuce" the Rottweiler, rescued from Katrina in N.O., love to talk, email, write, blog, grill steaks in the back yard, invite friends over for dinner, go to the Iron Mountain, MI., Family Baptist Church, where the good pastor Kevin Sullivan--906-774-8239.      -- gives such wise council and great teaching sermons every Sundays, etc., pray, and many more things.  PTL= "Praise the Lord." 

Please pray for my dear son-in-law, Grant J.,  who just had surgery on his knee and not fighting with his lame Health Insurance company who wants to back out of a firm commitment to help him....duh.  Pray for my pretty wife who has arthritis, RLS, and a bad shoulder [as she still works hard at HD U.P. here every day] and needs corrective surgery--rotor cuff.  Pray for my dear friend and fellow brother in Arms/ Vietnam Vet, Jerry, in NH who has Agent Orange, etc.  So sorry, that I don't pray for Amerika anymore, as she is being punished for electing greedy, power loving perverts who LOVE abortion and the Gay agenda, also enslaving the greater mass of hard working people into satanic Socialism, and kicking the one true God, Jehovah, out of the country, sorry!  However, many individuals still need to be Saved and soon-- before God makes his judgment and before the Rapture....  we have much work to do!  Share the Gospel and the Bible.  Pray to protect our 2nd Amendment, please.  And please pray for this old man, named Tom Schuckman, a sinner man, but still a lover of Jesus and all things good and holy. 

I had a 10 AM VA appointment this morning for a scheduled 'echo cardiagram' procedure by a nice red headed lady who treated me with kindness and respect, and thanked me for my service to this country -- as she could tell by looking at the small tattoo only on my Lift shoulder [that can be easily concealed], that says:  "Vietnam Veteran.  68-70. Picture of the flying American flag, and under that, "Jesus is Lord."  Now, I wish I would have left the flag OFF.  We ought to pray for ISRAEL, the only State/ Country that has a real blessing and contract/ promise with God!!  In fact, anyone who disses, injures, hurts, curses Israel, according to Genesis 12:3 will be under God's wrath and curse.... [Read: Obama, and the country who elected him.... duh].  Hey!  I don't make or write the rules or the Book,  Sorry, I just share them with others, OK, guys?  "I calls 'em like I sees 'em."
       Our day U.P. here is sunny, but the ice is horrible and death dealing--take care.

Comments Welcome !!  Don't be afraid...... ha!

Warm Regards,

How Are We Able To Seek Our Salvation?

Q. Man is in a depraved state and sin was passed down thru Adam to us. Because of our sinful nature, how are we able to make the decision to be saved without God helping us ? Are we that able to have something to do with our salvation ? Wouldn’t that mean salvation isn’t just up to God and that it’s our work and His grace combined?

A. Romans 8:29-30 explains the process and shows God’s involvement in our salvation. It begins before the creation with His foreknowledge of all who would choose to accept Him during the age of man. This shows how our name came to be written in the Lamb’s Book Of Life from the creation of Earth (Rev. 13:8).
With that foreknowledge He predestined us, which means He made sure it would happen. Then at the proper time in our life He calls us to do what He already knows we will do. He’s persistent and keeps after us until we respond, because He promised never to lose any of us (John 6:39). It’s like when you set your alarm but because you have an important appointment you also ask your spouse to make sure you wake up. You make the choice to get up, but your spouse will keep after you until it happens.
When we respond, as He knows we will, He justifies us by applying His blood to our sins, rendering us as though innocent. Finally, at the rapture/resurrection He will glorify us. No one falls through a crack, no one is forgotten, no one is left behind. We make the choice, but He knew we would and sees to it that we do.
Salvation is not just up to God because if it was everyone would be saved (1 Tim. 2:3-4, 2 Peter 3:9). But because He already knows we want to be saved, He will do everything necessary to make sure we are. That’s how He helps us.
But that’s not all. He’ll also make sure we stay saved. 2 Cor. 1:21-22 says it’s God who makes us stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, put His seal of ownership on us, and put His spirit in our hearts as a deposit guaranteeing what is to come.
Our salvation is not a combination of our work and His grace. In the Bible work is defined as something we do in an attempt to earn or keep our salvation. Choosing to be saved involves admitting we don’t deserve it and could never earn it. In Ephesians 2:98-9 Paul was very clear in saying our salvation is by grace through faith, and not by works.
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