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But this is but a little nip of the full throated ramifications, IMHO... compared to the powerful Video I floated eariler today. 

Friends,  Not that I for one minute believe that we have succeeded in any real victory --- because our battle has just begun, with fearsome GIANTS in the Hills and Hallways of D.C. that must be held to account !!  Now we will find out just WHO has the real manhood, where with all, guts to see this through -- IF it can be done by man, in the first place.  As mentioned before, there are powerful entities in play for POWER right now-- with groups/ divisions polarizing, many with greedy and bloody hands!

Do you know that one big reason that most of us are piss poor right now??  Our Gov't and greedy Banking systems, and the Fed., are all in collusion to cheat and STEAL from us, hard working citizens!!    And who ever heard of HALF of the population just sitting on their ass, collecting money, doing NOTHING, while the other 50% of the nation working, straining to support those lazy apes ???   Grrrrrrrr!   Sorry, Guys,  I just can't afford that trash!   I've got plenty if serious bills and taxes to pay, all by myself!!    I am sick to death of others telling me how 'lucky' I was to have a sweat shop job most of my life --- while being  taxed to death and only allowed to keep HALF!

Wake  Up, you sleepy, cheated Americans!!  Time to choose sides, and fight for  your Freedom, if you still can.

Tom Schuckman

15-19 April 2013: The events which played themselves out this week beginning with the massacre of innocent American runners and spectators at the Boston Marathon actually began three years ago, in 2010, when Tamerlan (Ta-mer-lan) Tsarnaev traveled to Chechnya (Chechen Republic of Ichkeria) for 6 months of intensive terrorist training in urban combat operations.

This is military combat training that the Chechen branch of Al Qaeda has been very adept at since they stopped the vaunted Russian Army dead in its tracks and forced them to retreat back out of the country between 1994 and 1996. The Chechen rebels had been highly trained Russian soldiers themselves prior to the collapse and breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. This is how the so-called Chechen irregular forces out fought and defeated the new and combat untested Russian Army conscripts in that First Chechen War. It was in that war where Islamic Jihad was first waged against a world power, and prevailed.

Perhaps this knowledge will make sense to you on how the outrageous urban combat operations of the past two nights in Boston's suburbs not only came to pass, but were inevitable. And don't let your guard down just yet, the events of this week have served to inspire hundreds if not thousands of like-minded jihadists who seek America's death and destruction in the cause of the false god allah. This is why Palestinians in Gaza and Islamists all over the planet have been celebrating and treating each other to sweets - the unprecedented spectacle of full-blown islamic jihad of Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq. Libya and Syria has arrived on the streets and bedroom neighborhoods of America.

What is also unprecedented is that our own government, and I mean the chain-of-command to include President Obama, and the Department of Justice (DoJ) Attorney General Eric Holder, the Deputy Attorney General, the Director of the FBI and the DoJ National Security Division (NSD) have all of the blood spilt this week on their hands because they chose to ignore the specific foreign intelligence warning of what Tamerlan Tsarnaev was doing for those six months in Al Qaeda's Chechen training camp. Given what we know about Operation Fast and Furious and its anti-American objectives, should any of us be surprised at what has occurred over just the past three years with these radical leftists in complete control of our White House and our Government? Our government leadership has the blood spilled in Boston on its hands as well, and they must go to trial and be judged by their employers with the verdict to be handed down at the next national election if not sooner through impeachment proceedings.

It is well past time to take our Constitutional Republic back. So help us God.

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