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Two Groups of 'Trib. Believers.'

Tom's Journal.

I already know what many people will say after they read this short piece about the TWO groups of Tribulation Believers.... !   They will say, "See, Tom, we still have plenty of time left to party hardy, smoke, drink hard, chase around and carry on !!"  I, personally, rather doubt it, although "Time is a relative Thing or commodity."  The Bible says that 'One Thousand  of our earthly Years to Jehovah {the proper name of Father God in Heaven as we understand it now days..} -- is but a day to Him.'  Why?  Because He has lived forever -- and the Bible tries to teach us in ways that we simple humans can understand such weighty things.  Of course we will learn so much more in heaven, forever, and NEVER get bored!  My mind is super thirsty, and I can't wait to "plug into all the far, advanced science, languages and other treats.  One person suggested that "sound" might also have many different dimensions, like colors, etc., wave lengths. 

     And from the little science and logic that I have studied, our human brains are said to only use about 5% or less when we die at an old ripe age, even if we studied and learned so much in our lives at age 95 or so!  As with the case of Adam and Eve, their [and our] brains were made to last FOREVER !!  And also remember that most of our recent knowledge and advanced sciences/ inventions/ progress has been made in the last HUNDRED YEARS OF OUR HUMAN HISTORY !! 
And yet the KJV Bible remains TIMELESS and always good for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, etc., that the man of God be fully equipped, perfect, for every good work.   In fact, I try to read and study the Bible daily, yet I "learn new things" all the time!!   We human do need a lot of repetition and inculcation [sounding things down, into your heart and mind, repeatedly].  On the other hand, young people in grade and high school today like to replay Satanic records over and over again, resulting in terrible, nasty actions, even killing their parents, etc. !  See: Dr. David Benoit, a Christian preacher on that one, for more info., and proof.     
I learned a lot from David Beniot, for many years, about things I was doing, but didn't know how 'dangerous' it was to my Christian life !!  "You cannot eat from the table of God, and the table of demons at the same time.  You must choose ONE MASTER!    I don't "HATE" people, but some of the things they do-- bother me so much, that I just have to walk away from their willful ignorance-- after they reject my Bible advice.  And yes, we do have to be sharply aware of 'What is Scripture -- and What is only our personal opinion, or preference.  I have locked horns with a FEW pastors concerning what the Bible  'ACTUALLY SAYS' vs. what their personal  view is, or "understanding is...[the way that they were erroneously raised as  a child..  in ignorance].  Some folks were RAISED to believe that ALL  drinking is wrong and SINFUL!  But the Bible says that DRUNKENNESS is wrong and forbidden for Christians !!  Also, it was the ancient custom for Israelites to MIX in lots of water WITH the wine -- perhaps a scale of One to Six %, before drinking it.   Or maybe one pint of wine into one gallon of water.  It helped to PURIFY the water of that day, etc.   Remember that, please!    One goofy 'preacher' from a JW- cult said that 'driving a motorcycle was wrong'....LOL!  He was also wrong about many other things too.  The JW's are right, and correct about many things -- but dead wrong on all the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS ! ! Sorry if the truth hurts --and I found out the hard way too, guys, and it took guts to quit that bloody cult.  Ha!  Now I will surely get a lot of death threats... but there is a lot of physical pain in my life, every day that I get out of bed, and at least my wife will be OK, with the Chrysler pension, etc., and God will look after her.  I just got my 1863 Navy Cutlass in the mail today from  !! Good to cut down small trees and weeds !  But I plan to do some welding on it to make it 'safer' if we are 'boarded by pirates...'

I am still struggling with the [perhaps lame] idea of buying a new motorcycle, but wondering if I ought to wait until I lose another 99 pounds of weight...first,  Hummmm.   If I can't do that, I might turn into a Troglodyte ! !

Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte - YouTube
4 min - Jun 19, 2009 - Uploaded by bushtales
R.I.P. Jimmy Castor (June 23, 1947 - January 16, 2012) 1973, The monsterjam Troglodyte

 On the other hand, let me humble, Oh Lord, because Tommy 'smells a big, huge, nasty economic melt down around the corner, and then my friends... we will be lucky and smart to raise some rabbits on the side and learn to bake our own BREAD !!   My wife's daughter is now raising some laying hens [chickens] on some old farm property, and we even got a few fresh eggs!  I want to tell her that she is very smart for thinking of that that, and I might want a piece of the action by investing, perhaps!   But just now my wife said that she could never even help me raise rabbits because she get so attached to animals... Ha!   But I just took Terri out for Chinese food at lunch time and we both ate some chicken and pork, with rice and noodles, etc....   How can folks be so hypocritical by saying one thing, but still eating and enjoying a good steak or hamburger ???  And next week, Monday, I intend to grill some good meat on our grill in the back yard, for Kevin, Sandy, Jeremy and Naomi, etc.   Who knows -- that may be our 'Last Supper.'

Please pray for Terri's poor heel that is split and very sore/ tender, from dry skin, etc., as we hope it heals quick before she has to go back to work.  Thanks !

The sloppy, but comfortable T-shirt sure doesn't do Terri justice...LOL, as I know that my honey has a great figure!  She treats me kind and loves me dearly...  PTL.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Disabled Combat Vet: 1968-70, and Retired AMC/ Chrysler worker/ welder, 30.5 years.

Two Groups Of Tribulation Believers

Q.  In Revelation 7:13-15 there is a Group of Believers who “came out of the Great Tribulation” who  SERVE God.  In Revelation 20:4-6 there are those who are beheaded for Christ, therefore, they reign with Christ.  What is the difference between the 2 Groups of Believers?
Could it be that the 1st Group are the Christians who missed the Rapture by “living in sin” at the time of the Rapture?   and that the 2nd Group are new converts who were faithful to Christ?

A.  To one degree or another, all of us are living in sin.  Due to our sin nature, it’s impossible for us to be living otherwise.  But all of our sins were forgiven at the cross (Colossians 2:13-14) and by that once for all time sacrifice we’ve been made perfect forever in God’s sight (Hebrews 10:12-14).  Therefore no born again believer can miss the rapture due to sinfulness.
The group who arrives in heaven in Rev. 7:13-15 consists of believers  who will come to faith after the rapture.  They will die during the seal judgments before the Great Tribulation begins. We know they are not part of the Church because while their destiny is to serve God in His Temple, they are not called priests.
The group that is resurrected in Rev. 20:4-6 consists of post-Church believers who will be beheaded during the Great Tribulation for refusing to take the Mark of the Beast.  We know they are not part of the Church because their resurrection takes place at the time of the 2nd Coming, and because while they will reign with Christ they are never called kings.
Only the Church is described as being kings and priests.  I believe these two groups will assist in the administration of the Millennial kingdom in a way that’s somehow subordinate to the Church.
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