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Devilish Home Made Devices made by Kids.

Tom's Journal.

Obama signed new law that he alone can dump and stop the InterNet !   Bad News!

Great Song, by:

Randy Travis - Jerusalem's Cry

OK,  I enjoyed that cool show years ago too --"Mc Iver."  [sp?], and all his natural Chemistry ploys to beat the bad guys.   But  the subject below is so dangerous and deadly, that I struggled with the notion of even posting it on-line in my humble Blog...

   I grew up/ was "born into" Catholicism ---4th generation German- American, and obviously had NOT CONTROL over my birth from a Kansas farm boy, US Navy SeaBee- WW-2 Saipan, and a sweet Milwaukee girl who fell in love at a dance.  My wife, Terri says that I wasn't on the family farm all that long but we did learn a lot, worked very hard, and those upper grade school and high school days were the fondest times in my memory !!    Through out most of my life, History, Geography, Languages, and Religion were my favorite subjects.   And just being able to type helped me get some good jobs, and later, 'college welding'  always kept me [and my children] from starving when I was laid off for 6 years, "on the street," --as we used to say.  

     Never an angel for sure, we kids got into minor trouble and mischief, but now days kids do things out of meanness, boredom, and hate!!   Can you imagine losing your fingers, and maybe eyes, skin, face, from the high explosive force of some punk's 'bomb making' tricks and serious caustic burns on body and face ? ? ?  Shame!   Women have enough trouble finding a good man with out being maimed, blown up, disfigured by some senseless act of vandalism, and perhaps murder this way by mixing the right chemicals in a dang plastic bottle !!   Or... who really cleans up the yard?   The man or lady of the house ??  Or some innocent kid ??

Please pass this warning on to those you know who do NOT have a PC [puter].  Thank you!

     As for weather in the Great Northern Woods of the U.P. - MI, where we live, last week it rained all the time, but today is a beautiful sunny day in the low 70's, and we'll TAKE IT !!  PTL.   The folks up here joked at the local barber shop, where I paid $12 today for a nice short, comfortable haircut -- that the air temps will prob be around 90 degrees F. in September, and then it will 'drop like a rock' into a full blown Winter UP here...  LOL.    Our Summers are just GREAT, but our Winters are too long in this neck of the Woods.  I love It up here, but too many of my old friends and loved ones live way down near Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin, where I worked and lived all my life.   I call and email, but it's not the same.   When we do get to go back down to the flat land of South Eastern WI, we hit the stores and stock up on special things not found UP HERE, plus go out for some very fine, rich food, such as Red Lobster, and some great German places in the Kenosha-- Racine area.  Terri just loves those nice spots down there, and says that I 'OWE her a good meal' for all the hard work she does for me.   And I agree with her !   My Mom tells me that people down that way are getting shot and killed all the time !   We hope to get a CC license in a few weeks, I hope, only for self defense, and I am disabled and cannot run at all, so I MUST stand and deliver -- and protect my beloved wife, or course.  My walking cane is made of a tough Hickory wood, and I know a few 'good moves.'

Isn't it a bite in the 'anatomy' when Soldiers and Marines come back home after war and combat, our great young Warriors, only to discover that the punk in the WH is actually "stirring the Race pot", hoping to get folks riled up and divided so that they kill each other... in the USA !! ??  Only so he, Barack Hussein Obama, can declare Martial Law, and then try to take all our guns away!??  Once that happens, he can and will do ANYTHING he wants, with no impunity or repercussions.   Some folks claim that he IS the Anti-Christ !   Personally, I don't think so, but obummer is certainly paving the way and setting things up for the Anti-Christ, who is very much alive and standing in the wings, ready to walk smoothly into power -- of the entire world.   We believe that he will be an eloquent, smooth operator, with a silver tongue, even able to make peace between Israel and her many enemies, but will break that truce at 'mid-point'  -- at the 3 and one half year POINT, into the Great Tribulation.  [but all real Christians will be in heaven BEFORE this happens!]  Why not just read the Book of Revelation so YOU can talk about what is to be, according to God's own Word, the KJV Bible.  I also just bought the 1599 Geneva Bible that the Pilgrims brought to the New World at Plymouth Rock, but have not have much time to dive into it yet.  IMHO, the KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE IS the most accurate Bible in the world, and I personally LOVE and TRUST IT to be the Only True Word of God!  Just because we don't understand all of it -- doesn't mean it's not truthful and accurate!  I am so sorry IF I ever claimed or suggested that the KJV had some small, insignificant 'ERRORS' in it.   Sorry.     I have  so much on my plate, with a few full days of study in front of me.   I always ask for your prayers, and comments are well received !!
      I HAD TO MAKE 100 mile drive this noon to get my power scooter LIFT fixed, AGAIN, in Escanaba, MI., but the mechanic showed me that if the electric battery powered [from my truck battery] "jib crane" should goof up again, that I should 'whack it hard' to make the gears jump back to where I can get the nasty critter to work -- to get my precious, mobile power scooter in and out of my Ram pick up truck with a cap on it to protect my scooter.  Now, tell me, please, is my LIFT really fixed ???   What a pain.  That's the kind of help and service we get from the VA...Ha!    Pretty soon WE Veterans will get NOTHING, except maybe a FEMA camp  because Obama is afraid of us Veterans.... all broken down and disabled....  He is VERY afraid of the Marines, after all the insults he hurled at them in his tenure... 5  years  now.  Personally, I get long very well with Marines and they seem to like and respect me too.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

 Kids are putting Drano, tin foil, and a little water in plastic drink
and capping it up - leaving it on lawns, in mail boxes, in gardens, on
 driveways etc. just waiting for you to pick it up intending to put it in
rubbish, but you'll never make it!!!
 If the bottle is picked up, and the bottle is shaken even just a little -
about 30 seconds or less it builds up enough gas which then explodes with enough force to remove some your extremities. The liquid that comes out is
boiling hot as well.

 Don't pick up any plastic bottles that may be lying in your yards or in
the gutter, etc.

 Pay attention to this. A plastic bottle with a cap. A little Drano. A little water. A small piece of foil.
 Disturb it by moving it; and BOOM!!

 No fingers left and other serious effects to your face, eyes, etc.

 Please ensure that everyone that may not have email access are also
 of this.

From a very close, smart friend,  Steve Brulport, from AL.  THANK YOU, STEVE !!!  : 

To make a bomb to blow up a mail box or some inanimate object can be blown off as "stupid kids" looking for excitement.  To leave it for someone to pick it up and to be injured is depraved indifference.  Those kids have to ethical or moral training to fall back on.  Parents are absent.  Schools teach immorality.  And it is going to get worse; a lot worse.  The moral compass of the US is spinning out of control.  Our illegal alien muslim president and his minions may be the last straw.  Scandal after scandal and no answers forth coming.  No one is arrested, no one is punished.  Murder four men in Benghazi and then lie to congress and now run for president in 2016!  Lie to the American people and get promoted.  Lie to Congress and don't worry about being arrested for perjury because our Attorney General is a criminal too!  Force people to sell guns to the Mexicans so that we can blame American gun dealers for arming the Mexican cartels.  Spy on Americans instead of terrorists!  Then on top of all this, my friend Tom says the King James Bible has errors.  There are no errors in the KJV.  Based on the Textus Receptus (the received text, the oringinal Greek texts ) the KJV is thee only reliable translation of God's Word.  God's inspired at least 40 holy men over 1500 years to write the scriptures.  These holy men were not perfect, but they were perfectly guided by the Holy Spirit. Read 2 Peter 1:21.  After having His words written down, God preserved His words, read Psalm 12:6-7.  The KJV and the KJV only is the exact word for word translation of God's Word.  You can trust it thoroughly.  ALL newer versions were written by men who thought they could make the Bible better by changing God's words.  But God is perfect.  His word is perfect.  He preserved His Word perfectly!  Read  Deuteronomy 4:2, Proverbs 30:5-6 and Revelation 22:18-19.  These newer versions are based not on the original Greek manuscripts but on manuscripts found in Alexandria, Egypt.  There were about 44 bits and pieces found. They are called Sinaiticus, Vatanicus and Alexandrinus.  The men who wrote them thought they could make God's Word better. They took out words, phrases and even entire chapters. None of the Alexandrian manuscripts agree with each other.  The monk Jerome later translated these manuscripts into the Roman Catholic Latin Vulgate.  All of the new translations are based on this corruption of God's Word.  Some new versions are purposely changed to reflect the perverted beliefs of the writers.  This would include the new gay friendly version where any reference to sexual morality was removed.  Men change the Bible for their own purposes.  God has warned us what will happen if we do that. Stick with the KJV.  IT IS GOD'S WORD!  There are several books from Chick Publications that you should read including:
1 Answers To Your Bible Version Questions
2 Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?
3 Final Authority
4 The Language of the King James Bible
5 Let's Weigh The Evidence
6 New Age Bible Versions
7 A Testimony Founded Forever
8 The King James Defended

There are a couple of movies that I would also recommend, "The Untold History Of The Bible" and its sequel "Tares Among The Wheat".   Keep the faith brother.

The rapture comes before the tribulation.  In the July 5, 2013 edition of the Sword of the Lord, Dr John Rice says we are told many times to watch for Jesus' coming and that He will come as a thief in the night. We know not the day nor the hour that the Son of man cometh.  If He was coming after the tribulation then we would know when he is coming. He would come 7 years after the start of the tribulation.  If He was coming in the middle of the tribulation, we could figure out the half way point and we would know when He is coming. God commanded us to watch for Him but if we know when He is coming, we don't have to watch anymore; we just have to wait. The proper attitude is to be constantly expecting Christ to return.  If Christ's coming and the rapture are after the tribulation there would be no need for watching and since no man knoweth the day nor the hour of His return, we must keep watching and anticipating His return because it will be before the tribulation.  The rapture pictured in Revelation 4:1-2 is clearly before the tribulation.  Revelation chapters 2 and 3 picture the church age.  After the third chapter there is no mention of the church.  The message to the Laodicean church is evidently a warning for the very last days of the church age. Then this is followed by Rev. 4:1-2 which seems to picture the rapture. Read 1 Thes 4:16-17 and see if they are not both speaking of the same thing.  Another indicator is that there are elders with physical bodies in Heaven before the tribulation.  The twenty for elders fall down before Christ and throw their crowns before Him.  This is a picture that can only properly follow the resurrection at the rapture of the saints.  @ Thes. 2:1-8 seems to indicate that the Holy Spirit's dwelling in saved people prevents the appearance of the Man of sin and the tribulation.  When Christ returns, The Holy Spirit will go to heaven as well so the man of sin will appear and the tribulation can begin.  You should find the article and read it for yourself as I do not have the time or gumption to write it in its entirety.  All of the Bible references are in the article.

Keep the Faith Brother,

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