Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Killer Soda."

Tom's Journal.

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     Hello Friends !!
May the Lord Bless and help all Believers who read this humble post, especially my dear wife and me !   I am on record for saying that WE WILL ADHERE TO A MORE HEALTHY DIET, and more exercise, so help us,  dear Lord in Heaven ! 

BTW,  IMHO, when I read the Psalms, it really helps reduce my stress level, and I highly recommend this method to others.   Better yet,  try hard to memorize some of your fav. scriptures.   ...For the day might come when Obama and his ilk might incarcerate Christians and take away our beloved Bibles.   Now.... are YOU 'Christians' really ready for something like that?   Where would YOU stand if the SS stormed the front door and asked if you were Christians ? ?  Just whose side would YOU be on ? ?   Why don't we just look up Matthew 10:38 ?   "He that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me is not worthy of me."  ---Jesus own words...   And that whole chapter is just LOADED with important like information !!  Honestly,  IF you don't own a bible or never even crack it open to read this stuff yourself.....  hang  your head in shame !    See:  The DEFINED KJV BIBLE.    []  Easy to read and understand, KJV, and priced very reasonable.  I have purchased many, and have even given some away, along with great Bible tracts, etc.   I have thought about being a Gideon many times, but my disability  took the wind out of my sales...
       Well, below is important to me too,  because the more healthy we are -- the better to serve the Lord, and  help others.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

>>>  this is a picture of me about 20 years ago, power lifter, and I only wish that I had that younger body again........

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