Monday, February 11, 2013

"The Mark!"

Tom's Journal.

I posted a comment/ complaint with BIN {Before It's News --Web Site} just now because I was upset that it was a HOAX from the get-go, and I accept responsibility for NOT researching it myself !!  Sorry.  It  upset me and I am sure many others-- as it was a 'heart stopper' --being a scriptural significant subject! 
    Actually, the 'Timing' was wrong chronologically speaking... as we THINK and believe that the Gov't  demanding that all humans get this "Mark" on their hands or fore heads...  but we all thought AFTER the Rapture, and into the Great Tribulation time.  My own pretty, intelligent wife was disturbed too!  I will certainly have to do my home work more carefully after this horrible episode.
   Thank you all for your understanding, in reading this disclaimer.

Tom Schuckman

  read below

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    It's just my humble opinion, that the story you aired yesterday about the so-called "Mark of the Beast" capsule that is to be inserted into the hand, disturbed plenty of people -- that was to be started on March 21st, or 2013. AFTER I re-posted your article [thinking it was TRUE-- Ha!] one of my loyal readers did the research and said it was a HOAX according to snopes, etc. I wish you could vet these subjects/ stories BEFORE you print them, please. --Tom Schuckman, Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.
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    Well, now, friends, some of my close buddies have told me that this might very well be a HOAX, so we can take it with a grain of salt....  Ha!  It makes me look funny, I guess.  But I still  think it's a wake up call, and it gave me a good "test" and start, and now I know how I did react and so does my wife too.   When I asked her if she would take the Mark, knowing that she could never 'buy nor sell'  -- and we would suffer and perhaps starve or what ever, she said 'NO !'  I am proud of her !
       But we do know that this will come sometime --how ever I thought it might be AFTER the Rapture.  We must be on guard and ready for anything, these days, IMHO.
       And I am glad that I inserted the word, "IF".. this is really true.  I been spoofed and tricked before, so there is always IF.


    And NOW, my dear Brothers, HERE IT COMES !!! 

    IF, IF, .... IF this is really true, all real, Bible loving Christians will understand this instantly!!   This is the BIG ONE we've been looking for -- waiting for !!   Unbelievers won't care too much, one way of another...  I honestly didn't THINK it would strike/ happen so fast!  Wow!  Ha!  People are going to be digging into Revelation tonight, and just wait until my wife comes home from work.  Just read Revelation 14:16, etc, and see what this all means !! 

    Seems like all the life and oxygen has been sucked out of me just now, as I scrambled to look that verse up again and highlight it.

    Much more latter.

    Tom Schuckman

    And the Bible, in Revelation 13, says that the "Mark" will be injected into the RIGHT hand!  Not the left hand, as shown below!!

    (Before It's News)
    Micro Chip Implant Coming March 23, 2013

    The New Health Care (Obama care) law H.R. 3590 Also HR 4872 requires all US citizens to have the RIFD implanted

    This evil plan is being launched by America. its a micro chip injected in your hand. it will contain all your personal data heath and bank accounts etc. its also a GPS device being monitored. they can deactivate it at any time if they find you suspicious or not loyal to their government or go against them or their system and you will lose everything you ever had.
    *IF YOU PUT MORE ENERGY INTO THE SUPERBOWL, THAN WHAT IS GOING ON, IT'S ABOUT TO CATCH UP WITH YOU... your slave handlers have been very busy behind the scenes... they don't even hide anymore, they just give the masses a football game, a mall to shop in, and a cheezeburger and some porn, and that pretty much takes care of majority of people opposing.... they don't want you to know that a small group of people focus in the Light, will have more power than a stadium full darkly inclined energy... notice how this is timed with a crash of economy, and what if they want to shock and awe, that that they trigger the new madrid earthquake at the same time... PEACE AND LOVE will see us through, Indian

    JESHUA: Characteristics of the duality game 1) Your emotional life is essentially unstable. There is no emotional anchor present, since you are always in the “up” or “down” side of a particular mood. You are angry or forgiving, narrow-minded or generous, depressed or enthusiastic, happy or sad. Your emotions perpetually fluctuate between extremes. You seem to have only limited control over these fluctuations.

    Comment from a Friend.

    Tom's Journal.

    This comment is from a good Christian, Southern gentleman, also a fine Soldier who served in Vietnam with the same helicopter outfit that I was in:  69-70.  His name is Jimmy, and I asked him and a few others for help after I licked horns with a goof ball, 'New Ager' dude in a web site that I got into.... 

    Thank you, Jimmy, for coming to my rescue.  I hope that you consider me as much a friend -- as I do you.  God Bless You and Yours.

    Tommy Schuckman

    I was NOT in the 'gun platoon' [Gun Ships- the Mad Dogs],   --but I was with "White Flight"  Platoon --the "Grey Hounds"  -- the 'slicks' >>>  We carried the assualt troops, Infantry, in and out of battle.

    ---but here, up above is one of our old Gun Ships -- the 'Mad Dog', gun platoon 'Charlie' model Huey.  You can see the "Nose Art."  Picture of a 'Mad Dog' ...mean...

    Tom, I thought that you did a great job in your reply to joseph smith." I suspect that is a false name. The false prophet smith, as you know was not visited by any Angel of God but rather by a demon appearing as an Angel of light. If he was visited at all. The Holy Scriptures place a curse on anyone that would add to, or take away from the holy Scriptures. A woman once told me in a chat room, " I might would accept Christianity if it were not so closed minded." I replied that it was being open minded that helped Eve fall into sin. When one knows the truth, it will as Christ said set you free. Free from what? False religions, superstition, the zodiac, things like that. Knowing the truths of God cannot help but make one closed minded. Every believer knows that given a righteous judgement, they would bust hell wide open this very day. Every believer also knows that had God not made a way of escape in and only in Christ Jesus, that they would receive that eternal judgement. God only ever had one problem with man, sin. In His mercy God made one way to escape this judgement for sin in and only in Christ Jesus. So how can a believer, knowing their own sin not want other sinners to escape this very same judgement? We know that God will never send one soul to Hell. Being created in Gods image and after God's likeness, having free will, like God, that man can only send Himself. A Preacher was once witnessing to a lost man. At one point the man said: Well you have told me how to get to Heaven, now tell me what does one need to do to go to Hell?" The Preacher said nothing, absolutely nothing. As far as UFO's go, as Carl Sagan said there are billions and billions of Planets in the Universe. Now God didn't tell us what He has done on those planets, probably because it is none of our business! We are not to be concerned with that, but I will tell you this. If Aliens are out there, we will never meet them. Can you imagine what would happen to Gods work on Earth if little green men appeared on the White House lawn? Gods people would be fore warned in the Holy Scriptures if that event were going to occur I believe. We are certainly not going to them either without the Star Track Enterprise! The search for life on other planets is only to gain evidence to disprove the existence of God. It is a modern day continuation of the tower of Babel. But we know that there will be signs in the Heavens in these last days. A humble Christian friend of mine was trying to witness to a contractor at work. The man let Him know that He was a Graduate of the Religion department at the University of South Carolina. As this man began to expound on His religious study of the Holy Bible and eastern religions, and ancient religions I began to understand that His study probably meant that this man would never be saved. He had gained knowledge, but had not gained wisdom! Soloman said to get knowledge, but with all thy getting get wisdom, that wisdom is the principle thing! Knowledge is a great thing. It can be had in many places but wisdom comes only from our Holy God. I want no credit for anything I have written, but if you need anything else from me, you know that you should just let me know. God only required one thing of Adam and Eve, the same thing He required of every single one who ever lived, and the same thing of everyone living today. That is to take God's word above all others. God bless you and yours ... jim