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Bad Senate Gun "Deal."

Tom's Journal.

GREAT MUSIC  --from the Vietnam Era  !   Wow!  I love it !  Tommy Schuckman,  age 19  still handsome, young and stupid [ignorant would be a more accurate term...  sorry]... but well trained, ready to "rock 'n roll."

First Duty Station @  Cu Chi, RVN --too close to the Cambodian border... {RVN = Republic of Vietnam}, early 1968, right after the Big Tet Offensive, [ When the SHTF] ...and many were zapped and whacked.  I always tried hard to learn the local language where ever the Army sent me...  I did well in Germany, an old dream come true to visit the Fatherland -- Deutschland ! 

Vietnam War Era Music

I got this from a friend. It is a website from a Vietnam group. It has a bunch of stuff for their group like, pictures and history but they also put together a top 100 for each year from 1966 to 1971. this is good to keep around.

**********************************************************GREAT MUSIC  !!!

Well, now...  isn't this a fine kettle of fish! ?  The goofy, hair-brained Bill will be defeated, we  hope,  but with the constant strategy of sneaking and hiding such Bills as  a "package deal" so often -- something like this might find it's way on the books !!   Be aware, please, and write your Senator.   I guess that my vocabulary isn't large enough to say the 'right words' on this web site this evening...  sorry, guys and gals.  Now days  you never know who is considered the "enemy"  or criminal, and I listened to Senator Rand Paul for 2 hours today on C-Span, and learned quite a lot !!   It doesn't take much to get on a HomeLandSecurity"List" of enemies....Ha!  Someone who loves the Constitution, the Bible, Guns, some farmers,  Preppers, and disabled combat Veterans!!  Shoot!  Am I to worry now that I might probably go to jail for one thing or another  -- if a terrible Gun Bill like this is passed ? 

I can understand why and how some folks are disappearing "OFF THE GRID."  Forty years ago most of these things were called Patriotic, Honorable, and Dignified/ Respected  -- being a hard working combat Veteran who loves to study the Bible, etc!! 
Well, this is all the more reason for us to jack up/ intensify our Bible study and [yes] memorization, IMHO !  We will need every scrap of scripture from now on, as many of us will be illegal criminals, felons, and striped of our most basic Rights!   Yes,  I know that I "should pray" for the 'king' sitting on his throne, according to those who know the  Bible,  but he is obviously DESTROYING AMERIKA, and racing to transform it into a Socialist country in record time !   I will NOT pray for Amerika either, because the Bible doesn't even tell us that we will exist in the near future-- other than a burned out poor, dominated country, but will probably sink into a 3rd world nation, serving other nations who hold most of our debt.....  China and Japan hold just about the same amount of our big time DEBT!  Are we to start learning those two languages soon? 

Can we appreciate how some 'righteous prisoners' feel about being there on some small infraction, here, and in places like China.  Read:  "SAFELY HOME" --by Randy Alcorn, and see the truth about what many poor people go through, when the prison system immediately gives them an invasive physical when they get into the jail house, to see if they can be 'used to harvest their own organs', until they finally die/ expire in prison [from "natural causes"] with many tubes stuck in their body-- barely keeping them alive.   What a hellish nightmares, God protect me/ us !     Amerika could fall into some place like that, too.  Mostly because of selfishness, greed, non-Believing "man-pleasers" -- voting for the smooth, fraud of a liar !  Yes, God "ALLOWS" this to happen, for a reason...  to 'shake special people loose' from the world -- and into His New Heavens awaiting them after the Rapture!

As always, I need to end the blog post with:  Jesus Christ promises to "intervene" at the RIGHT TIME, and wipe out all the evil and wrongs in the Earth.... and soon.   Praise the Lord, for His mercy and wisdom!    He will NOT be late!  And He never lies!

And what a stinking, STUPID pity that so many people, even [especialy] parents and family don't have enough guts to explain what is scripturally going to happen to our country in the near future, with all the reliable information on hand today!!  Things, and the Economy will get MUST worse, and prob starting with this Spring and Summer, with food and gas prices shooting UP, more lost jobs, a great financial melt down with our own currency becoming WORTHLESS over night, down graded borrowing power and rating.   If the young people are having trouble making ends meet now -- what will they do later?    Sorry, folks,  I can't  help others too much because I went into debt to buy a few survival things so my wife and I could survive and exist!!!   We don't smoke, drink, or go on any lavish vacations either....  so WHO wants to pay off MY credit card debt?     Others are too spoiled rotten anyway and would gripe and whine if they had to eat  cold beans out of a can for weeks on end.......Ha!    I have seen parents and relatives "Sell their young girls into prostitution" in Vietnam, because they were all starving and hungry, and the same thing happened in European countries during WW-2 !   
     Should they [our ignorant relatives and kids]  start saving up cash, and perhaps precious metals, ammo, a few defensive guns, canned goods and water??   Duh....   It is a sin to with hold back  important information from the ignorant.   I, personally, pass on important stuff in my emails to special friends every day I am on-line !!  I have tried to help other people thru sharing my personal Blog posts with them-- teaching them to do certain things.   How to cook, etc.   I have also honed my special skills and talents, like professional knife sharpening, throwing edged weapons,  welding, wood carving, knowledge of healing Herbs, survival stuff that I learn when young, also in combat in Vietnam, etc.  
     And I don't need the labels that people try to stick on me, like "Prepper, or survivalist, raggedy, old soldier/ Veteran, who is off his rocker"... LOL.   And I MAY be stupid, but I don't like to hear it from others!  Hello!?   People also point to my past errors and mistakes when they hear me preaching, sharing the Word of God -- the Bible, because down inside they feel guilty and empty, willfully being alienated from God -- "Willfully Ignorant !"    Procrastination, is a dirty word to me.  I just wonder what it was like to be finally 'sealed' inside the Ark of Noah's time [See: Genesis 7:23 for the Noahian Flood account]     BY THE WAY....If a person says that the story of Noah is fiction or lie, just go to Luke Chapter 3: verse 36 --"the son of Noah, and in verse 38, Jesus traces his geneology all the way back to "ADAM, the son of God."   So,  if someone is calling into question the account of Noah and the Flood-- AND/ or Adam and Eve,  they are also calling Jesus a LIAR !!   HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM BERRIES ???   

 ----listening to all the UN-believers, who took no note....  until the deluge came and swept them all away."

Now go see what those too, old loony, bats, Senators Feinstein, and Boxer have in store for America, in their terrible new anti-Gun Bill !  Yikes!  Being married to one of those 'females' would surely be a 'living hell' for any man, IMHO.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Gun Owners of America

Senate “Deal” Would Impose
Even More Gun Bans
Gifts, gun raffles and multiple sales of guns would be effectively banned
Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will mark up four bills arising out of the Newtown tragedy:
* The Feinstein bill — which would ban millions of shotguns, rifles, handguns and magazines that Americans can legally own -- but which will probably die on the Senate floor.
* The universal gun registry — which may also die on the Senate floor — unless a last-minute deal with Sen. Tom Coburn brings it to life.
* Legislation by Barbara Boxer, which throws away $100,000,000 on school safety studies, but doesn’t immediately mention guns.
* And, currently the biggest danger, the Leahy-Gillibrand-Kirk bill, which has ominously been labeled a “gun trafficking” bill.
In regard to this latter piece of legislation (S. 443), the bill is being sold inside the Beltway as a bipartisan “compromise” because anti-gun Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) is a cosponsor of it.
But S. 443 would dramatically threaten to put gun owners in jail with horrendously long sentences for the most minor of infractions.
Essentially, the bill would impose a 15-year prison sentence for “negligent multiple sales by a dealer,” “negligent gifting” or “negligent raffling.”
Increasingly, there are more and more individuals who are “prohibited persons” for non-violent reasons — for instance, they smoke marijuana or they are military veterans suffering from maladies such as PTSD.
But if S. 443 is passed, any person who sells to such prohibited persons two or more firearms ... or gives them a firearm as a gift ... or raffles a firearm (where they are the recipient) ... does so only at the considerable risk of spending 15 years in a federal penitentiary.
You don’t need to know the person is a prohibited person under either example. Nor does the recipient need to know they’re a prohibited person.
In fact, you don’t need to do anything more than plan (“conspire”) to transfer the gun. In addition, the recipient doesn’t need to be on the NICS list to be a prohibited person.
Not only that, under section 4 of the bill, if you even “intend” to sell a firearm to a person who turns out to be a marijuana smoker — or one of the prohibited military veterans suffering from PTSD — you become a prohibited person yourself.
When all is said and done, this bipartisan “compromise” is as bad as the Feinstein gun ban (S. 150).

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