Thursday, March 28, 2013


Tom's Journal.

When the apostle Paul wrote his letter to the Greek Corinthians about wisdom, he knew what he was talking about -- of course being filled with Holy Spirit.  "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.   For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness." ~ 1st Cor. 3:19.   I just love this stuff !!  There is no way a man can go wrong with God's Word, the Bible !!  This is why it took the Lord God over 6000 years to prove to all his intelligent creation that His way was the only smart, loving way to rule....   with every conceivable "Gov't" tried and failed -- even so-called Democracy.  And you need an educated population to make a Democracy work -- and obama and his demons are doing their best to 'dumb-down' the school system in Amerika!  And guess what 'group' of kids in the US have the largest drop out rating....duh?  Does that make for good Gov't?  Shake your head "NO !"  Is it not fitting now that even our so-called 'Democratic Republic' will be the last form of Government on Earth before the Beast arrives -- followed by Armageddon and then the Kingdom of Jesus Christ for 1000 years!  Yes, we have come full circle to wrap things up and prove what the Lord started in the Garden of Eden, 6000 years ago!  Not billions of years ago as some goofy teachers lie about.    Ha Ha!  People don't like to hear about this Truth.  But remember, please:  That Jesus traced his genealogy all the way back to ADAM, at Luke 3: 23 !  That means, if someone calls the accounts of Noah and the Flood, and Adam and Eve fairy tales --- they are also calling Jesus a liar !!  How do you like them apples ? 

So, what ever lame excuse people use to promote the so-called Gay agenda, being "queer" or a faggot, still doesn't cut any ice.  We can candy coat it, dip it in any flavor you like, it's a sin against God and nature!  Can a person be a homosexual and still have God's Grace, and get to heaven??  That is a subject for some other time.  But I would say that it might be difficult to be a real Christian and also preach/ share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while being Gay.    Personally,  I had to give up a bunch of stuff after accepting Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour, and am still WORKING AT IT !!  We will never be perfect on this Earth [talking about the Bride of Christ -- the Church/ Congregation of Christ] -- but only after we get to heaven, for that matter, but we ought to start getting into that mind set NOW, don't you think? 

Can you all wrap your minds around the fact that 72% of black kids in the USA are now born out of wedlock ??  Wow!  After being in America for almost 200 years and billions of welfare dollars, and many social Gov't programs, what and why is this so?  MONEY $$$$$  money!!  I would bet that if the laws were suddenly changed so that families would get nothing for an illicit baby -- born out of wedlock, the situation would prob change over night!  Incentive! 

I may be wrong again,  but the next few months will be extremely exciting, friends.  The real Christian community believes that the Rapture could come any time now.... and BANG, that will be it !  People "Left Behind" will feel so badly, and have to go it alone, WITH OUT the Holy Spirit, because He too will be gone, along with the Believers who get Raptured up.  And then God will blind the eyes and send delusion to most of the people on Earth so that they are doomed.  And any folks left behind will have to fend for themselves with out the Spirit helping them.  It will be a sad scene, with much despair, agony, hurt, shame and lawlessness....   good grief, Charlie Brown.  But now, WE Christian will struggle a bit, to stay focused, alert, sober, with out sights on the Lord and His divine Plan.  And friends, I know that I have felt sorry for myself lately with aches, pains, and now diagnosed with CHF, and disability, but I believe that I've got my mind right again and self determination to lose lots of weight, new diet [way of life] so that I can have SOME quality of life, and also support my pretty wife, Terri [as always]... and pay off bills, etc.  When a person is suddenly faced with a pre-mature death reality -- all the rest of his material things don't amount to a hill of beans !!  Let the money grubbing world of selfish, greedy people spin themselves into a dither!  "A lover of silver will never be content with silver."

I bid you all peace and a close relationship with Jesus Christ.  Enjoy Spring, if  you can.  Stock up and PREPARE !    Do not let the police state or DHS bully you into giving up your Constitutional Rights !  Know and memorize your Rights, and your Scriptures too.
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Tom Schuckman 

The debate over gay marriage has taken center stage with two cases, one involving California's Proposition 8 which bans it, and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which bars federal agencies recognizing the validity of same-sex marriages in the states where they are legal, now before the U.S. Supreme Court.
We have argued that the civil purpose of marriage is not and never has been to reaffirm the love of two people for one another.
Nor is marriage primarily a business arrangement.
This country and healthy societies around the world and throughout history have given marriage between a man and a woman special legal protection because of the recognition that it is the one institution that ensures the society's stable future through the orderly procreation and upbringing of children.
In this context, we find the decline in marriage and the rise in illegitimacy, prime factors in crime, poverty and societal decay, being virtually ignored as the Supreme Court looks at the penumbras and emanations from the Constitution to decide whether Adam and Steve can legally tie the knot.
We should be more concerned about that than about gay rights and free contraceptives. As traditional marriage breaks down, so does society.
We have certainly come a long way from "The Cosby Show." In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote "The Negro Family: A Case for National Action."
At the time, 25% of black children were born out of wedlock, a number Moynihan called alarming. Today, 72% of black children are now born out of wedlock. In fact, 36% of white children are born out of wedlock. Of Hispanic children, 53% are born outside of marriage.
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