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Airborne Ranger vs. the "Board of Education."

Tom's Journal.

Good Day, Folks !
 Happy to have made a double handful of good, trust worthy friends after joining the TPP's [Tea Party Patriots, org] half a year ago, and hoping  that I have also touched their hearts and encouraged them too.   Some of them are very wise and articulate, and I enjoy 'rubbing elbows' with them-- mostly good, brave, Christian Patriots, IMHO.  Smile, Friends!! 

One of such good, people that I have met and claimed as a friend is the person listed/ Linked  below who is a kindred spirit to me, as we both got into Army Aviation over in RVN [The Republic of South Vietnam] some 40 years ago, and that is a 'special club' that you can never run away from, or quit!  We grow, we die, but we have 'touched so many souls here on earth' and passed on some great values that are "Keepers." 

I vividly remember a good, but long, DCS mission, to Vung Tau -- while flying gunner with the 240th AHC [Assault Helicopter Company] - from Camp BearCat, not too far from Long Binh, RVN....'that if I ever got home to the States alive, and intact [with no missing parts... lol], that I only wanted to find a good lady to get married to -- to have my kids, have a good job, settle down and raise that family, with discipline and LOVE.'  Well, for the most part, the Lord blessed me, and later 'show Himself to me' -- so that now I am Saved and KNOW where I am going when I die !!'   The KJV Bible calls such people:  "Saints" -- in the strictest sense, because we are "Believers  in Christ, and Followers!" 
Yesterday, the good Pastor Kevin Sullivan, stopped over at our house to visit for an hour, and pointed out that:  'Even though I still see myself as a Sinner man -- the Bible says that God in Heaven counts WE Believers as Saints, even though we continue to  sin... but also, "GROW spiritually, having the Holy Spirit inside of us until we get to heaven--forever with Jesus!  We ought to be constantly growing and sinning less as we read, study, and share the Good Book, the KJV Bible.  [Please see/ visit:   --The DEFINED KJV BIBLE--].  Pastor Kevin Sullivan's phone number is:  906-774-8239, in Iron Mountain, MI  49801,  a big, tall, strong,  brick layer [on the side-- to make ends $$$ meet]-- man of God, and dear friend of mine !!  He brings all his  knives over for me to sharpen, professionally.
      I was truly blessed by falling in love [again -- after my past wife, Sharon, died...]  with Terri M [Fox] Schuckman about a year ago after many long emails and phone conversations, and ended up moving to the UPPER PENINSULA --[U.P.]. and also found the  Family Baptist Church, a small, rural, country church... not too large, but full of friendly, Believers who carry and know their Bibles well.  The Preacher gives great sermons and tries to touch everyone he can with so many ministries, etc.  I love when he explains Greek terms/ words to me from his vast warehouse of knowledge, locked in his brain box.    My past dear wife, Sharon,  passed away about 3 years ago from a painful CHF [heart failure, etc], or whom I had the distinct honor of bringing to the Lord.  That event tore my own heart out, as I cried a river of tears for a long time.  I never thought I would ever meet another great, pretty woman -- but the Lord, I believe, brought me to Terri, and we got married.  I am truly blessed!  And now I am trying hard to teach her the KJV Bible too.  PTL --'Praise the Lord!'

Anyway, my wife, Terri, says that I digress way too much and get lost in the past, but I certainly live in the Present -- and a little bit of the future [heaven].  But that hope and Trust makes me valiant in battle, dear readers!!  The Muslims have 'THEIR idea of heaven with 70 virgins.... duh.'  Christians have that rock solid, sure promise of the Bible's image of the one and only, True Heaven, from the Word of God !  Did you ever wonder what those "70 Virgins get ???"  Ha!  Assuming that they were "good" people, why would they be "rewarded" by sharing ONE MAN, and waiting on/ servicing  him ??  Are they 2nd class citizens in heaven, after a probable  nasty life of servitude on earth?  And a Muslim hubby can legally beat the 'dirt' out of his wife if she burns the beans, etc., too.   What's wrong with this picture?

You will get a thrill reading about this fine, disabled Vietnam Vet, who has done well in life AFTER Vietnam,  as he gives the abusive teachers a piece of his mind, etc.  Enjoy!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Above is an old picture of me, Tom Schuckman, at age 19,  early 1968,  and new in Vietnam, stationed at Cu Chi, with my M-16 rifle, young and innocent, so far.  That was my first tour of duty in early 1968, not too long after the BIG TET OFFENSIVE.    I served in that 20th Transportation Co.,--Cu Chi,  in Aircraft -Helicopter Maintenance / Transportation Company, for a few months before getting transferred to a few other Army outfits.  What a wild time and what a rushhhhh !  I saw some of my buddies get killed over that in that first year of combat, and then, the 2nd year I was a 'door gunner' with a different combat aviation group..  Still suffer from nightmares,  a little PTSD, and agent orange, etc., but God has richly blessed me and helped me find happiness in an upside down world.

Here are some of our "Gun ships"  in the picture below, -- but I was assigned to fly in/ with the "Slicks",  with the "White Flight" Platoon,  in the 240th AHC, from Camp BearCat, RVN,  -- that carried assault troops into the LZ's every single day, 7 days a week, with hardly any let up !

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