Friday, June 14, 2013

Stirring the Pot--to Provoke Us.

Tom's Journal.

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A good, close friend of mine whom I always respected for good counsel and wisdom, left a comment with the TPP web site today.   It actually changed my mindset about a civil war in the USA, that Obama actually WANTS TO PROVOKE !! 

Friends and Readers, Patriots and Warriors:  DON'T PAY HIS GAME and get suckered into falling for his ploy to 'sir the pot' to provoke US to take physical action right now !!  If we do that, he will WIN !  But, DO GET EDUCATED AND SHARE THE NEWS, know and teach the Truth!  At the same time, 'draw nigh to God, and He will draw night to you.'  Pay down your plastic debt $$$, prepare, and stay alert. 

You know... some martial artists would say:  'If you are on the bottom of a hill and a big rock is rolling towards you, you can either strike it hard with your fist, hoping to split it in two...  or you can just step aside at the last second and let it tumble by.'   You've got admit, the WH has a track record of "leaking" info/ secrets out to the lap dog 'News" and public.  They WANT TO GET US PISSED OFF AND ANGRY, so we goof up and start something.  Unless some professional decides to 'decapitate' the heathen snake, we ought to continue writing our 'Congressmen.'  Very soon the USA and others will 'implode' with the money situation and a global financial melt down, and then it will be a whole new ball game.   Sorry to burst your dream land bubble, but the Anti- Christ WILL COME AND TAKE POWER over the entire world.....  duh.   The Bible tells us that this event is NOT FAR AWAY !!   The Bible tells us [All Christians] to stay alert and be ready.   What will YOU do??  Almighty God of the Bible has promised to fight and win for us !!    How many times have you heard this MESSAGE ???  Don't go before the Great White Throne of God and say that you didn't know about this!  The pure KJV Bible explains pretty much all of this stuff, IF you read it.  But there is a little room for Faith, Belief, Trust in God's Word {Christ} that the "Church--congregation of God" must have to get in the door of righteous resurrection or Rapture.  Now, with the Universal "War on Christians" even in our MILITARY, we shall see just WHO will stand with the Christ, and who will stand with Satan.....and their place will be in a nasty huge Hell which jaws agape and yawning.   

On the other hand, JESUS SAVES, and He is still reaching out to honest, right hearted people who want to accept and serve Him....  but His mercy won't last much longer, and "if He is looking for a certain number before He Raptures --I'll bet His quiver is pretty full of arrows by now.  Everything must be right and perfect for the Lord --before He unleashes the dogs of war !  

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Permalink Reply by Steven  B   ... 40 minutes ago
Lech had Solidarity.  He had a majority of the people behind him.  There were about 35 million Poles and when they went on strike they shut the country down.  The US has over 300 million people.  The US has 5 states larger than Poland.  We do not have solidarity.  We have diversity.  Everybody is looking out for number 1.  In California and New York there are over 46 million people.  These are Democratic states.  Add in all the other Democratic states, and you have half the population who think Obama can do no wrong.  Don't count on these people to strike.  Don't count on your elected officials to back you either.  Civil resistance sounds like civil disobedience and that is exactly what Obama wants so that he can declare martial law.  His administration is serving up one scandal after another just to stir the pot.  Are any of the current investigations going anywhere? No! Is it getting hot in the White House?  Yes and the pot is boiling but if he can just stir the pot some more so that he can call for martial law, he wins.  All investigations will stop.  All questions will be disregarded.  Obama and his people will be running your lives for you.  Good bye Constitution!  Hello Sharia Law!  All of these bombshell scandals are designed to make you physically angry.  Angry enough to start an armed insurrection.  Or maybe just enough to cause riots like the ones in Turkey.  That is all that is required for him to win.  If we don't do anything, at the end of this term he will have to leave office and then we will have to fight with the new guy or gal in office.  He will be gone but so will most of our rights.  In the 1770's it was the Americans versus the British.  In the 1860's it was the North versus the South.  In the 2010's it will be the Patriots versus the Islamic, Communistic, Socialist, Progressive, baby killing, ambassador killing, soldier killing, money wasting, bastard Democrats and Rhinos.  The Patriot's Tea Party stands for truth and justice.  I will stand with them.  Like Wild Bill says "God save America!"