Sunday, June 30, 2013

Save the Bees --or Starve.

Tom's Journal.

Sorry if I am posting on this subject twice...  but I just put something together in my mind.  I have been reading stuff about Chemical companies for many years to find out who dropped the Agent Orange on US American Soldiers in Vietnam, also killing and maiming many Vietnamese people, etc, also spraying that CRAP in other 3rd world countries.  MONSANTO is responsible  for much of the pain, IMHO, who bought out Round-Up [the people who kill weeds...]... but a BIGGER PICTURE is now come to the fore.  A very serious complication has also arrived to greet us [along with all the other world wide ills and challenges].  I have never liked bees, but being raised as a farmer in Wisconsin, I well know that without the little insects, our crops would all fail !!  Period!  Whole States in America have seen a huge disappearance of bees, and 'no body seems to know what is killing off the honey bees and help pollinate our many different kinds of crops -- but especially, corn and soybeans, etc.  OK, having taken two years of high school Agriculture at Waterford High School, in WI.,  We know that farmer like to feed corn to fatten up live stock, beef, hogs, chickens [now contaminated with GMO's, and guess who then eats that wonderful MEAT ? ? ?  WE DO !!  Now, go figure... is it any wonder why Americans are so FAT??  And I couldn't understand why other countries who were hungry rejected our grain and produce, etc., even to this day.... duh.   And there is a lot more to be said about crossing DNA and mixing different species of animals and plants.  OK, give the great scientists the benefit of the doubt -- that they want to eliminate hunger in the world, but now with this real TRUTH in our hands, something MUST be done NOW !!
      Given the super slow way that Congress moves, if at all, and the bought off, agenda-prone Administration, or perhaps something far greater, like a world wide 'consortium' and would be Master Puppeteers who get their kicks from other peoples' misery,  who can we really rely on to fix this problem.   Think... along with the super hot South West and "grain belt" this year already-- it looks like we might have ANOTHER POOR WHEAT HARVEST, AGAIN !  And God help us if the bees suddenly die out!  Hey!  I won't have a weight problem anymore, guys!  But I can promise that there will be violence and food riots, etc. 
      My Christian Brothers and Sister:  'Not to worry !'  God in heaven has YOUR back and loves you so much, that He has a Plan.    Fat chance that Obama or any other Gov't's will find a way to clean up things, they will stall, play golf, traipse around the world acting the clown, smoke, drink and throw lavish parties  --  but they won't get the job done right, or maybe can't.  Agriculture as we know it must change over night if we humans are to survive and still grow food.  The Bible tells us that things really will get MUCH worse.  Matthew 24:7 says that "there will be FAMINES, pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." --in the Last Days of this old wicked system, before the Rapture and the Great Tribulation. 
   Friends, the "Church" of Christ is a special 'group' of people living in a special time period, who are going to Heaven, for sure.  The people who are Left Behind won't ever be IN that group going to heaven.  Some will survive that horrible Tribulation and be counted as "Tribulation Saints", but they will live on a Paradise Earth made new, serving the Lord God, but on Earth.  But who wants to go through a nasty 7 year storm of poisonous air, destroyed Earth and big time Violence, and most 'New Christians' will lose their heads in martyrdom...  I figure those will be the 'lucky ones.'  But I don't believe in 'luck' so we use the term "blessed."  
    So, Bless the little bees and insects that make our crops grow and mature properly, make honey, and pollinate flowers, etc.  I ask each and every one of you to research this growing problem of GMO seeds, research and ramifications, and don't just take MY word for it, please.  Correct me if and when I am wrong, and leave comments for me, on how to improve, or just say Hey!  Thanks.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
It's even a hot day in Iron Mountain, MI  !   But I love the sunshine, the birds and the bees.

A 2010 report by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council entitled Enhancing Food Safety: The Role of the Food and Drug Administration states that the FDA ‘lacks the vision’ and resources to protect consumers from unsafe food and foodborne illness. The report calls for more proactive instead of reactive measures, and asks the FDA to focus on more wide-spread measures to protect the food supply rather than trying to take cases on one by one.

Robert Wallace, a professor at the University of Iowa’s College of Public Health and the chairman of the committee that authorized the report said:
“As recent illnesses traced to produce underscore, foodborne diseases cause significant suffering, so it’s imperative that our food safety system functions effectively at all levels. FDA uses some risk assessment and management tactics, but the agency’s approach is too often reactive and lacks a systematic focus on prevention. Our report’s recommendations aim to help FDA achieve a comprehensive vision for proactively protecting against threats to the nation’s food supply. . . foodborne diseases cause significant suffering, so it’s imperative that our food safety system functions effectively at all levels.”
Unfortunately, many of the report’s suggestions have little bravado in suggesting reform at the deepest level, for example, getting those who are colluding with corporations like Monsanto out of the government due to a conflict of interest. As long as the agency is accepting scientific inquiry conducted by the companies themselves and not a neutral, third party, especially in the case of GMO crops, then it hardly matters if the agency is given greater authority (as in the recent allowances to the FDA which allow them to recall a product that a company produced when it is tainted, without negotiating with the business that created it.)
While senate leaders look at bills that would allow the FDA to recall peanuts or raw cookie dough that were making people sick recently, or to take action in accordance with the recent discovery of salmonella in alfalfa sprouts, these are not significantly importnat, and political leaders continue to completely overlook the obvious dangers of GMO crops.
In an earlier article here on NaturalSociety, Anthony Gucciardi reveals just 4 ways the FDA doesn’t care about your health, from allowing dangerous ingredients in the food supply to supporting dangerous GMOs and the companies who produce them. Needless to say, the FDA has much more to answer for than that.
It is probable that the FDA needs to overhaul its entire organization, since it is currently in charge of more than 150,000 food facilities, over a million restaurants, another two million farms, and in total, about 80% of the nation’s food supply.
The Agriculture Department oversees the safety of meat, poultry and some egg products. At least 15 government agencies have a hand in making sure food is safe under at least 30 different laws, some of which date back to the early 1900s.
The report did suggest a more positive step in the meantime, though, recommending a centralized, independent “risk-based analysis and data management center” free from political, corporate, and scientific institutions that might alter the results of food safety tests in alignment with the companies that are paying them for their ‘scientific’ testimony.
Additional Sources:
Institute of Medicine of the National Academies
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