Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Impeachment for Treason ?

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Hi Friends,
Well...  Here is the 'old  IF" again.    IF what Glenn  Beck is staying is true, maybe, just maybe the occupier of the WH is guilty of treason..  finally !   Here is the deal,  IF  you've opened the Link above,  you must understand that you simply cannot eat from the table of the Lord --- and also from the table of the devil -- at the same time !   For one thing,  you OWE that measure of steadfastness to your allies, like Israel, in the Middle East, who are still fighting, and hunkering down from Al Qaida/ Muslim terrorists, [sp?] attackers, who wish to wipe Israel off the map, as promised, as boasted!  It would be like the USA arming Iran,  when our allies are trying to take out their nukes and missiles.    Oh well,  am I just blowing hot air again??   And if the Congress and Senate don't stand up THIS TIME AND DO SOMETHING drastic...  THEY ARE COMPLICIT and guilty as heck too !!  Sorry, folks,   Black is black, and Red is Red, Communist!   

If nothing really big and radical happens [if this is indeed TRUE], then I will know for sure that I must have taken the wrong medication, and fell down the 'Rabbit Hole' into Alice and Wonderland mode.....  duh. 
      And just ponder this for a moment, dear friends, fellow Patriots, combat Veterans, and good Christian people:    If by chance  you slipped, or got suckered into a pile of  doggie doo- doo, trusting in Human dealings instead of putting all your Faith and Trust in God the Father, and the Word [the KJV Bible], now is the time to reverse your course gentlemen and ladies!!   If I am still here pounding on my keyboard/  typing this message, YOU ALL STILL HAVE TIME TO GET SAVED, and serve in God's Army, as a real Christian...."A follower or imitator of Christ Jesus."   It's NOT about being a 'Holy Joe' or being perfect with no sin or mistakes!  It's about really believing that only Jesus Christ can and will SAVE you!  Ask Him to come into your heart today, right now, and start reading/ studying the Bible.  Start with the 2 books of John, and the book of Romans, and you can prob read them both in a matter of hours, but pray for understanding BEFORE you start reading them.  Ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of understanding.  End all of your prayers like this:  "In Jesus name, Amen."
        One of these days when you least expect it, folks like me, a simple, humble, average man, who loves to blog and share the good things from the KJV Bible won't be here posting anymore.....  along with hundreds of other Christian writers too.   Poof!   We will be GONE!    And that will be our fondest wish, to be taken to a special place already prepared for us -- a safe, protected place of no more pain or sorrow, or hurt.   And when ALL the Spirit-anointed Saints and Followers are gone.... POOF!  --- the Holy Spirit will no longer be on earth, except in special instances, from all I've read and understood, as the Great Tribulation is unleashed.   And I don't even want to argue or haggle about the exact time this and that will happen, except I know that SOME TIME, one day, or night, this Rapture will happen, and I want to be on that 'last jet out of hell',  Father, please.
      Well, now, friends, we can just get a good nights' sleep and find out what will really go down tomorrow.  

I know one thing for sure....  instead of mopping around, in distress and heart ache, why not do something constructive, like share the Gospel with others, and that will take our minds off all the baloney in the world, with bad news every day.   As  you all know, I am retired and disabled, but I need to choose to do something constructive or just goof off and vegetate.  
       I ordered a large pan of Lasagna tonight to be made for 'pick-up' tomorrow at noon, and Terri and I will feast and celebrate that day of life!!   Maybe some friend will drop on over to have a dish of goodness --- and maybe I will post this business a day later... LOL!  Terri complained that I ordered the food from the WRONG people, so maybe I will be the 'goat' again....  but I called Naomi, who told me that Damian's Pasta Kitchen has very good food, so there you have it !
     Please pray that my old house in Union Grove, WI., gets sold, and quickly.  Thanks.  Please pray that all of our 'combined children' find the Lord soon, before it is too late, too.  Amen.

Israel’s Coming Battles and The Rapture

Q. I used to believe that the Rapture would need to happen before either Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38 could occur.  My reasoning was that as long as America was both a super-power and Israel’s ally, no one would dare attack Israel (although it never stopped the Arabs in the past, I was thinking more along the lines of Russia and Iran). With our economy on precipice and the world no longer fearing us (watch the news), I’ve begun to think that the Rapture would not be necessary to weaken America sufficiently to encourage Israel’s enemies to attack.  And having just read your article about the Restrainer, the sad thought that the Rapture might not occur until after the battles of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 entered my mind.
Since Paul stated that the Restrainer (Holy Spirit) will be removed at the “proper time” to reveal the anti-Christ, wouldn’t that suggest that the Restrainer would be removed just before the opening of the first seal rather than at an earlier point in time (e.g. before either Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38)?

A.  I have always said the rapture does not have to precede the fulfillment of prophecies in Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83, only that it could.  But I do believe the rapture has to precede the Battle of Ezekiel 38 because that’s when God will turn His attention toward Israel again, permitting the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week. To me Ezekiel 39:22, Acts 15:13-18 and Romans 11:25 all support this view.
I also believe Rev. 4-5 contain John’s view of the rapture of the Church and show that it will precede Rev. 6 which describes the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week.

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Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman