Friday, February 5, 2016

Back to the Gym !

Hi Friends,

My first day back with a one month membership and a new 24/ 7 type deal was off to a roaring start after I saw my VA wound specialist for an old motorcycle wound on the Left lower leg, and then a hearty breakfast,   but that great food might have slowed me down as it takes a lot of blood to digest  your food right after a meal, IMHO.   But at least I got the paper work out of the way and did a light workout.   I am just not used to all that,  but this is only the first day.    I know myself and if I don't do my workout early in the morning I won't have the power to do it later, and this works for me.

But from now on I think I will not eat before my work out,  because most of the blood in the system is needed to digest the food,  where I need to use it else where to pump iron.   

I have a new positive feeling today, and hope to stir clear of all negative thoughts and be not opinionated so much.   "Live and let Live."   Or...  live and let die.    I cannot and will not try to force people to walk  a straight line or do the right thing,  but they will have to stand up on their own two feet and take responsibility for their own actions and thoughts.  

Ha!   I was too pooped out to go shopping for fresh fruit after the Gym, and will just try to take care of some bills and paperwork now.   Jesus said,  'tomorrow will have it's own set of anxieties and worries...', so I think I am off to a good start today, and will give thanks for another day of life.

A few people know the real reason why I am happy today,  but I don't want to spill the beans or count my chickens.   Let's just say that I found out my "self worth" yesterday and had a very pleasant conversation with a nice, beautiful person, that lifted my spirits and made me feel good.  PTL.

I can hardly believe that I wrote a short article about the public officials being more considerate and diligent concerning those who are disabled, like yesterday at the Post Office....  LOL !   But I should have "proof read" my work BEFORE I emailed it off to the local rag,  "The Daily News"  --- Iron Mtn., MI.,  Newspaper !!  They actually published it !!    Well,  I got my point across but like I said,  I should have polished it up,  because the editor just cut and pasted it in the Opinion section....  'as is.'    I was a little bit outspoken,  but like Mr. Donald Trump,  he has a way of getting it SAID so that everyone will sit up and take notice, and REMEMBER IT FOREVER.... Ha!   I simply asked that the post office produce and procure a simple chair for the old folks and disabled to sit down while the 'clerk' takes his sweet time lumbering along in our small,  goofy town of Norway, MI., with prob a pop. of about 2000, maybe.   Hey,  friends, I don't mind small town at all,  but then you have your "small town politics, favoritisms, cronyism, and nepotism, etc.,  and all I wanted was a little kind regular service and  respect.   Not the way I got jerked around with that 'clerk's' silly, slow poke GAMES....  sorry.    Most people honestly WANT  a good man or woman who knows how to take charge and get things done,  and I led a structured, regimented life in the Army, and also working for many big and small companies.  The supervision always liked me and I got things done for them and figured out good, well working solutions !  What's wrong with that ??  Good women also like a man who is a 'little bit aggressive' and professional,  who knows what button to push to get things done and make things run smooth.  
       But I also know how to be kind, courteous, and tactful.  Tactful means:   "making your point without making an enemy."   But then, especially, now days the so-called,  "Work Ethic" is just not there and I have seen so many LAZY people who just refuse to work for a living and expect me, the taxpayer to carry water for them ! !  OK,  thanks for reading my rant,  friends.     

Warm Regards,

Here is my $22K Goldwing, with 8 cylinders and 1800 cc's of power.
And here is a pic of me in 1989, and wishing I still had that body... down below.

Tom at age 50 with new truck.