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Happiest Nation.

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Foreword in:   Norwegian

Hei venner i Norge,
jeg har akkurat lagt ut en kort artikkel nedenfor som sier du folk er de mest fornøyde i hele verden ! Vel, det er gode nyheter, og jeg vedder på at mange mennesker over hele verden misunne deg mye. Det er mange som sulter ihjel --- mest sannsynlig fordi de har en svært dårlig form av regjeringen. Personlig mener jeg at en "kristne land," gir folket det mest frihet og frihet, men med en god, smart militære for å beskytte hjemlandet. Men det er bare min mening.
Jeg har jobbet veldig hardt hele mitt liv, for det meste på Chrysler-selskap, 30,5 lange år, og nå pensjonerte med bra pension og fordeler. Jeg takker min Herre, Jesus, for alt det jeg har. Jeg har også servert i Vietnam -- 68-70, U.S. Army, men jeg var ung og dum på den tiden. Jeg er fortsatt en deaktivert Veteran, men nå som jeg har en spesiell i livet mitt, føler jeg veldig fornøyd, og elsker å skjemme min nye damen med alle slags ting og fine middager.
Jeg håper at du min ydmyke blogg: TOM'S JOURNAL, og min e-postadresse er: tschuckman@aol.com
varm hilsen
Tom Schuckman
Michigan, USA.

Hi  Friends,
    Ha !   Is that all it takes --- MONEY ??   Well then,  if I crimped my monthly investments,  I might be a lot more happy.... LOL.  

However,  from a biblical view point.....  "Happiness is a BI-Product of serving the One, True, God !"   And Father God does have a personal name that USED TO BE USED, and it is found now in Psalm 83: 18.    A small,  tiny group of people are RIGHT about that fact.....  but they are WRONG about many other very important things....  like the deity of  Jesus Christ,  Father God's only begotten Son, who died for all of our sins.   We cannot, ever, "EARN" our way into heaven,  because that would  belie what Jesus did, as the "2nd Adam" -- a PERFECT MAN,  who endured a horrible, painful, torture and death for ALL OF MANKIND,  ONCE and FOREVER, to  redeem all of our sins, Past,  Present, and Future !   So when you all read the complete Gospel account found only at:   Matthew, Mark, Luke and John....  but please read the book of  Romans, too,  because it will help to tie everything together.  
        As I bounced all three [3] of my kids on my knee,  and had them memorize all 66 books of the KJV Bible..... and that proved many things.     It proved that I never hurt them nor their highly intelligent brains,  and they all had what it takes to succeed in hard work, as they finally left home and got good paying jobs.    But I also  encouraged them to seek high education,  and I even went back to college to learn a good skill set:   Welding, Print Reading, English, Math, etc.  and got straight "B's"  without reading my main Welding book.....  but later on I wished that I did !!   I did read it latter, though, after I retired ---  goofy me.    My Welding instructor and I got along very well, and I liked him,  but he was a black gentleman, and I had trouble understanding him too often.     He was also a Navy man.   We respected each other.  

Anyway,  let's talk about the people in Norway,  who just happen to be my 2nd largest readership country.   From what I read,  they are one of the Scandinavian countries that 'pushed back' on the Muslim invasion, and stood up for law and order.    Just on the evening News today,  a report of an 18 year old Illegal Alien punk,  raped a young 14 year old girl in the high school bathroom !!!   I'd say that the terrible crime made Pres. Trump's argument valid and true !   If that girl were my daughter I would dream of tying that punk to a Oak tree and use a good bull whip on him !   But I will bet that the punk ass will never see JUSTICE !   Sorry.   Too bad we couldn't label all the Democrats by putting a sign in their front yard, and then inviting all the poor, homeless Muslim refugee to just move in for the free food and lodging.... LOL !

Well,  I can just see all the American readers --bleeding heart -- Liberals shout at how insensitive, rude, and UN-Christian I am.....  Oh..... My !
    But just research what the Old Testament did to rapists --- and don't forget that it was GOD that gave the Israelites the Law Code.    BTW,   [WHEN EVER you see the term,  Law, with a capital  "L",  it refers to the O.T. Law Code of some 300 different laws and statutes given to Moses......  not just the "10 Commandments" that Hollywood, portrays on the big screen.   Just turn to Exodus, Chapter 20, and read on.....]  
            But,  just check out Exodus 21: 15........    "And he that smiteth  [that means:  hits, or whacks] his father or his mother shall be surely put to DEATH."    Folks,   there is NO wriggle room there.   The older men and elders sitting or near the city gates would 'hear these cases and give their ruling, and that was it !!   If the perp/  punk  was found guilty, the strong men of the city would drag him outside and stone him....     Period.   Now do we understand how important raising up your child in the Lord ?   You didn't want to be the one "who cast that  first stone..."  

 Or, what other countries do.   And you should also read what UCMJ says about that crime and punishment !   That stands for:    The Uniform Code of Military Justice.     And  I could tell you some true stories of how Federal Prisoners are treated in those kind of facilities.... although I have never, ever, been in prison, and I also have NO FELONIES, nor any DUI's !   Or, I would have never got a good job in Finance and Securities, or a CCW permit -- to carry a concealed firearm.    Plus, I got a Good Conduct Medal after I got out of the Army.   I guess Ma and Pa Kettle did something right when  they raised me.... on the farm..... in Wisconsin.....   LOL !   I also quit smoking [everything] in 1972.    And I never need to drink any more booze.  

Well,  how about reading on to find out why the good people in Norway are so happy ?   It must be that fish diet....  right ?

Warm Regards,
Thomas  G  Schuckman
My Email:   tschuckman@aol.com 

"Iron sharpens Iron.     ----Proverbs 27: 17.    --- but what does that mean, and why do I cite it ?    It means that:   When one  good, happy,  bible smart, Believer and 'Doer of the Word'  Gospel sharing man or woman rubs against another stout hearted Christian,  they "SHARPEN" each other, and support each other and also show 'Agape Love'  for each other !  

BTW,  not bragging,  but there is a nice place in Iron Mountain, MI., called the:  Holiday Kitchen, and I LOVE the way they make the "Country Omelet,"  with real buttered rye toast !   Well,  I have a VAMC app0intment this morning, so I figured that I could enjoy a good, hot, breakfast, first, and then go to the VA hospital for a would dressing and visit.   Well,  the service today was very good, so I looked inside of my wallet, and pulled out a 'Bible Tract' --- plus a huge tip for the blonde waitress.... so that I accomplished a few good things today.   It made me happy to do just that --- and I wish I could have heard all the waitresses compare notes on me.... LOL !   Smile.   But I cannot afford to do that all the time, nor do I eat there all  the  time.    When I move --- I will miss a few places U.P. here in the frozen tundra.     
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Norwegians count their blessings in world's happiest nation

By Lefteris Karagiannopoulos and Stine Jacobsen | OSLO/COPENHAGEN
OSLO/COPENHAGEN Norwegian law student Karen Nerbo summed up the feelings of many on Monday as her country was named the world's happiest country."We have a lot of things to be happy about, our society is very open, we have everything that we need, there is not much to complain about," said Nerbo, 22, walking down Oslo's prime shopping avenue.
Norway pipped last year's league leader Denmark to take the crown in the United Nations' World Happiness Report 2017......   

Piano teacher Elizabeth Eines hailed Norway's cradle-to-grave welfare system as the reason.
"We don't have to worry about stuff, if something bad will happen, we feel secure that we will be taken care of," said Eines, 32.
The country of 5.2 million inhabitants largely avoided the 2008 financial crisis that hit the rest of the world thanks to high oil prices that boosted its leading industry, oil production....        Please scroll down >>>>>


And despite a halving of crude prices since mid-2014, Oslo has carefully managed its oil wealth, pooling its revenues into a sovereign wealth fund that is the world's largest.
The government takes a small percentage of the fund's value for its state budget every year, which has helped shelter it from the deep budget cuts other countries have had to make.

World's happiness ranking: here

Of course, not everyone is happy. A demonstration for workers' rights took place on Monday. And as Rudy Stanford-Smyth, a 37-year-old South African mechanical engineer, says, Norway can also be hard to move to.
"It can also be rough as a foreigner, as an immigrant maybe, but once you have a job and once you're in the system I think it's a good place," said the father-of-two.
"I have children so it's a good place for my children to be ... The salaries are pretty good here no matter what job you do," he said.
For every winner, there is a runner up and over in Denmark, they were sanguine about the slip in the rankings.
"Denmark overtaken: Oil lifts Norway to the top of happiness ranking," Danish public broadcaster DR said.
Maria Madsen Busk, a Danish student, said: "I think Norway is happier than Denmark because they have more money ... I don't think it's sad because we all know how happy we are," she said.
And there is always room for a bit of banter in the two happiest nations and Scandinavian near neighbors.
Stig Bakke, a 52-year-old civil servant married to a Danish woman, was looking forward to teasing his relatives.
"That's of course something I will use when I go down to visit them this Easter, saying them that they're number two," he said.

(Additional reporting by Nerijus Adomaitis in Oslo; Editing by Alison Williams)

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