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Revealed: Illegals WELFARE $$$.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Kjære venner,
i Amerika, jeg tror at vi alle ønsker for våren til å komme og gjøre planter, korn, mais, frukt og grønnsaker vokser. Opp hvor jeg bor, den kalde vintre ser ut til å bli verre, og bare for lenge. Men en lys, solrik dag som i dag er mest velkommen.
Jeg er 68 år, og kan huske når livet var så god, morsom, full av kjærlighet og vennlighet --- men nå dager, hver natt på TV-Nyhetene, er det alltid vold et sted, like meningsløse drap, mord, og smerte. Dette daglig påminnelse forteller oss bibelen-smart kristne at Jesus snart vil komme tilbake til Rapture opp hans følgesvenner og hellige. Jeg ser frem til at tid, fordi det er "Guds vilje" som det skal skje, og ikke bare min egen egoistiske ønsker.... og jeg har også en ny Lady venn, at jeg bryr meg for ! Og hun er en smart, intelligent, Christian, også. Jeg håper at alle vil du være i stand til å oversette og lese resten av mitt blogginnlegg, i dag.
Min e-postadresse er:
varm hilsen
Tom Schuckman
Michigan, USA.

   Good,  hard working, Patriots--Americans are NOT against LEGAL    Immigation!!   We are against Illegal Immigration !   Big difference,  because most of us came over on a big ship... the LEGAL way, thru the "front gate."   My people came over on a boat from Northern Europe, to practice their Christian religion in Freedom and safety,  while at the same time assimilating into the American Culture, and learning to read, write, speak English...  while also keeping their Germanic languages and customs.   Most of my uncles served and fought bravely in the U.S. Army, and my Dad served and was wounded in the U.S. Navy.   Not working hard for a living to support our families was considered a bad sin and a shame !   
      Personally,   I wanted to go to college, first, but didn't have the money, so I joined the U.S. Army, and then came home to immediately get a job, raise my family, trying to get up in the world and progress at various places,  but settled down to put in over 30.5 years at Chrysler Corp., retiring with a good record, but working at many other places too, and going back to college to study Welding, etc., twice, to learn a good, viable, trade and skill, and opening my own small Welding shop on the side, but also doing carpentry and making storm windows, etc,  part time, and wood carving,  but I   never     got rich.... LOL,  but always paid my bills and even bought 4 houses.    I am NOT a loser,  but my faith in the KJV Bible and Jesus Christ, makes me a winner, for sure.... and "Heaven is my Home !"   I know that Jesus died for all of my sins,  past, present and future, so that I don't have to go to hell, and the Bible firmly teaches me all these wonderful things,  including the fact that Jesus Christ, my wonderful, Lord and Savior has promised to come back SOON,  and Rapture Up, all of His servants, Followers and Saints... BEFORE the stink hits the fan, that can also happen at any time now.    Now,  we are just plain BLESSED to have a new, good, POTUS.... President who loves to work hard and help Americans,  but he has a pack of terrible Socialist wolves nipping at his heels all the time, trying to bring down America into the NWO --- the New World Order,  run by STD  --- Satan the Devil, himself !   I CAN PROVE ALL OF THIS NEWS IN THE KJV Bible, and just read the 13th Chapter of the last book of the Bible,  Revelation,  please, for starters.   Do Not be intimidated or afraid to crack open that Grand Book of Instruction -- the Bible, written on a 5th grade reading level,  dear friends and readers !   But ask our Lord,  Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, to come into your heart, and guide you --- and allow you to fully understand the scriptures,  now,  today !!

Sorry to sound like a continuous 'broken record'  rom the 1960's era music time,   but you all need to sound this Info down into your minds and hearts and then share it with most everyone who will hear you, no matter if the grasp and hold this information in their hearts and minds,   or not.   That is our "Great Commission,"  fellow Christians.   We are not "buying our way to heaven."   That simple cannot ever be done !   Only a real, firm, belief and following Jesus can get any of us into heaven.   Fact !  
     And,  please be very careful of where you attend church,  as many are just spewing 'false religion' and lies, only wanting your MONEY !   The Bible is the only place you will get the real Truth and Info.   And the most pure rendition of the Holy Bible [although not the oldest...] is the KJV Bible.   Fact.    A great place to purchase such a good edition, the DEFINED KJV  BIBLE,   is:    --- and it won't cost a lot of $$$ money.   I use a Giant Print Bible so I can see it better at age 68.   

Thank you all for reading my humble, simple Blog post, here, today.

Please continue to pray for me, friends.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G  Schuckman
My email: 

Here is an old picture of me,  Tom  Schuckman, at age 19, at Cu Chi, Vietnam, just got "In-Country," and had so much to learn and experience.   God was protecting me those two high adventure years of my life in Vietnam.    Praise the Lord !

REVEALED: Guess How Many Illegals Get WELFARE? [Read for Total Number]

Illegal immigrants hurt our communities. Not only through violent criminal activities but also by abusing our generous, bloated welfare system.

A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies, based on data from the Census Bureau, has found that households headed by illegal immigrants rely on welfare programs at over twice the rate of native born Americans, via US Defense Watch.
The report was based on census data from 2012, and it found that 62 percent of illegal immigrant households rely on at least one form of welfare while only 30 percent of native households do the same.
In terms of specific programs, illegal immigrants abuse Medicaid and food programs more than others. Fifty-seven percent of illegal households claim benefits from food programs, and 51 percent use Medicaid compared to 22 percent and 23 percent of native households respectively.
The most common way for illegal immigrants to abuse the system is by birthing their children in America. Of the households surveyed, 86 percent had a child present representing the majority of the access to welfare.
Almost all illegal immigrant households with children are on welfare. Eighty-seven percent of these households abuse at least one form of welfare compared to the 52 percent of native American households.
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The conclusion of the report is that illegal immigrants are the most likely to abuse Medicaid and food programs by having their children in America and receiving welfare through them.


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Knowing how to manipulate the welfare system is part of the culture of illegal immigrants. It is very difficult to prevent access to these programs once low-income illegal aliens are allowed into the country.

The data from the report adds increased impetus for President Trump to move ahead and build the wall. While Mexico will likely be responsible for the cost of construction, we would see significant savings even if we paid for it ourselves. Illegal immigrants use our welfare system at much higher rates — we could save BILLIONS of dollars by not letting the parasites into our country in the first place.
The savings in welfare spending would be just a portion of the total savings. Eliminating illegal immigration would also ease the burden on law enforcement within our communities, generating increased savings.

At this point, there is no legitimate argument against the wall. It will create thousands of jobs, prevent crime and human trafficking, and save our overburdened welfare

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