Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The VA Accountability Act of 2017.

Tom's Journal.

A new great song !!

This is the song every REAL patriot in this country needs to hear right now!

Hello  Friends and Readers:
     I am sorry that I could not give you all more notice,  but a very important Bill called the VA Accountability Act, will go before the House of Representatives,  TOMORROW ! !   So it is so important, finally,  that we all share this message with everyone who loves and respects our, brave and noble Veterans and Armed Forces people.   Up to now,  you would walk into many VAMC's / VA Hospitals and Offices, only to get abused, laughed at, jerked around, and lied to !!     I kid you not !   I have also suffered, and it actually took me over 30 years to finally get what I truly deserved, in the way of benefits, etc.   But I will tell you one thing for sure.....    I will NEVER ALLOW THOSE CARELESS TURKEYS TO OPERATE ON ME AGAIN !!    I will either have surgery done at a good civilian hospital ---  or die !   Ha!   Not to sound bitter on this chilly, March day, the 15th, 2017,  but the Milwaukee VAMC really messed up my Right knee replacement operation a few years ago, and then abused the heck out of me, after wards !   

OK,   not all the VAMC's are bad and some treat me well, like the one U.P. at Iron Mountain, MI.   

I wanted to write more this morning,  but some one very IMPORTANT just walked in to my door.   Pray for me.   God has blessed me, BIG TIME !

Parallel Verses
King James Version
Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
Darby Bible Translation

Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
World English Bible

Don't answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him.
Young's Literal Translation

Answer not a fool according to his folly, Lest thou be like to him -- even thou.
Proverbs 26:4 Parallel
Geneva Study BibleAnswer not a fool {a} according to his folly, lest thou also be like him.(a) Consent not to him in his doings.Proverbs 26:4 Parallel Commentaries
We Shall not be Curious in the Ranking of the Duties in which Christian Love...We shall not be curious in the ranking of the duties in which Christian love should exercise itself. All the commandments of the second table are but branches of it: they might be reduced all to the works of righteousness and of mercy. But truly these are interwoven through other. Though mercy uses to be restricted to the showing of compassion upon men in misery, yet there is a righteousness in that mercy, and there is mercy in the most part of the acts of righteousness, as in not judging rashly, Hugh Binning—The Works of the Rev. Hugh BinningProverbsMany specimens of the so-called Wisdom Literature are preserved for us in the book of Proverbs, for its contents are by no means confined to what we call proverbs. The first nine chapters constitute a continuous discourse, almost in the manner of a sermon; and of the last two chapters, ch. xxx. is largely made up of enigmas, and xxxi. is in part a description of the good housewife. All, however, are rightly subsumed under the idea of wisdom, which to the Hebrew had always moral relations. The Hebrew John Edgar McFadyen—Introduction to the Old Testament
Cross References
Matthew 7:6
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Friends,   If  you ever get to attend a GOOD college,  they will teach you, "How to search and find things... like EVERYTHING !"  So,  if you can read very well, you are on your way to a great education,  but you have to remember one major thing in life:   "Garbage in --- Garbage out."   Please don't make the stupid mistake of filling your brain with Pornography, or the wrong kind of Liberal Arts jazz and BS.   And NO education is complete without the basic foundation of the KJV Bible, and Shakespeare !   And if you have/ own a personal computer --- YOU ARE A RICH MAN [or woman] !!    A computer on-line can also search for all manner of Bible/ Scriptural knowledge and wisdom, dear friends and readers.     Who really know that any Gov't might just take away our bibles, throw us Christians into jail or some FEMA facility, where we cannot get to read our Bibles !   Well,  then all we would have is what is already 'INSIDE OUR BRAINS !'      So....  put/ cram as much GOOD STUFF into your brains, NOW !!
       And when we get to heaven,   do you think that we will just drift by on a cloud and vegetate ??    Shake your head, "NO !"   Our human brains were created to last FOREVER !   Yes,  forever,  just as Father God intended when He and Jesus created Adam and Eve.   [Not Adam and Steve. --- Read the whole First chapter of Romans, for that back]  

In the mean time we have to live, work, and try to get along with each other on planet Earth, and pay our bills.   As it is now,  our live on earth is a preparing for the life after Earth, in one place or another,  so would it not be a bright idea to find out what we will be doing after Earth?   The Bible tells us !   It's kind of funny.....   when you ask some folks, 'what they THINK they will be doing in heaven.'   A Catholic priest can't even tell you the answer to that.... Ha!   I know that answer.   There will be work and play, with much learning, too.   But we will have a J.O.B.    Want to learn the answer ??  Here is my personal email:  

Well,  friends,   I had a great, special, happy, fulfilling day !   I am very thankful to have a few friends in my life --- that give it some meaning again.   I don't exactly know my near future,  but I have some good prospects and hope.   
     Thank you all for visiting my humble Blog.

----Tom  Schuckman

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Dear Thomas,

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on the VA Accountability First Act of 2017.
The VA Accountability First Act of 2017 would restore accountability at the broken Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The bill would make it easier to fire bad VA employees and let the new VA Secretary take back bonuses given to employees who engage in misconduct.
Tell your representative to vote YES on the VA Accountability First Act of 2017 by clicking here.
The VA Accountability First Act of 2017 would address many of the problems facing the VA by making it easier to fire bad employees, giving the VA Secretary more authority and discretion over funds dispensed to employees , and protecting whistleblowers.
Please, click here to contact your representative and tell them to vote YES on the VA Accountability First Act of 2017 tomorrow. It's time to fix the dysfunction and toxic culture at the VA. 
In Freedom,
Dan Caldwell Signature
Dan Caldwell
Director of Policy
Concerned Veterans for America

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