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Is Obama Hiding ??

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 Where Are Trump's Tax Returns?
Excellent point!
During a recent Trump  stop, a heckler from the audience hollered,

"Hey Trump, where are you hiding your tax returns?

The Donald politely responded,

"I've found a very secure place that I'm certain they won't be found.”
The insistent heckler, then shouted, "And just where is that?
The Donald smiled and said,
"They are underneath >>>>
1. Obama's Occidental college records

2. Obama's Columbia College school records

3. Obama's Columbia Thesis

4. Obama's Harvard Law school records

5. Obama's Harvard Law Review school articles

6. Obama's University of Chicago Scholarly articles, when he dishonestly said he was a Professor. He was only an adjunct temporary teacher.

7. Obama's Illinois State Bar Association Records
( Both he and Michelle's LAW licenses are surrendered

8. Obama's Illinois State Senate Records ( said to be lost!)

9. Obama's Medical records

10. Obama Sr, and Stanley Dunham Marriage Record

11. Obama Sr. and Stanley Dunham Divorce Record

12. Obama's Birth Certificate - stated proven 100% by several hundred professionals to be a
counterfeit forgery.

13. Barry Soetoro / Stanley Dunham Marriage Record

14. Barry Soetoro / Stanly Dunham Adoption record of Barack Hussein Obama

15. Barry Soetoro / Stanley Dunham, Name Change to Barry Soetoro

16. Barack Obama's illegal visit to Pakistan! What name did he use. Visa's were not issued to American Citizens for travel to Pakistan, but Obama did.
He  could ONLY have visited Pakistan as a Foreign Exchange Student!.

17. Proof Obama was NOT an exchange student named Barry Soetero

18. Obama's possession of the Social Security Number of a man that died in 1890.

19 Obama's  Social Security # was issued in 1979 for someone living in Connecticut, in a State he or his mother were never in.

20. Obama's or his mothers passport application or records of any kind. Right now they all are censored.

21. Obama's  Immigration status as a Student

22. Obama's funding sources to pay for college. No record of loan or loan repayment.

23. Obama's Selective Service Registration. None is found!

24. Obama's Mothers Divorce record from  the papers that show when and how he changed his name from Barry Sotero.
25. Details & records of Obama's 20 year relationship with the Convicted Conman Anthony (Tony) Rezko) Obama's first ever political contribution ( $ 2,000) came from Rezko. Later he contributed directly & indirectly $ 250,000 to Obama's Senate campaign.
26. Details of \Obama's land / home purchase for $ 300,000 below market value and Rezko's Wife purchase on adjoining lot & re-subdivision on same date, same closing?

27. Details of letters Obama as a US Senator wrote to help Rezko obtain $ 14,000,0000 dollar in funding for low Income housing development.

28.. Details of Obama's almost 20 year friendship with Terrorist Bill Ayers the Weather Underground Terrorost and his Criminal Weather Underground Terrorist wife Prof 
Bernadine Dohrn. Ayers & Dohrn hosted Obama's kickoff campaign in their apartment.

29. Further details of Obama / Ayers employment with the Annenberg Foundation of which Rezko was also involved.

30. Obam's 20 year attendance to Black Liberation Theology,  Trinity United Church of Christ, Pastor Jerimiah Wright former Muslim.
31. Hundreds of more questions totally shrouded in utter secrecy.
TRUMP asks > "What's your next question?"

NOTE: Wikipedia is overtly Liberal.

Tony Rezko

Bill Ayers - Convenient - Zero mention of Obama meeting in Ayers living room to start his campaign.
****AYERS - OBAMA 2008 Controversy - It's almost all hidden and censored!
Bill Ayers - Bernadine Dohrn and Obama
Underground Notes - Obama
Underground Notes main

     I need help here.   Is it really true that BHO --- that Baboon,  is really running and hiding as a fugitive of Justice from the USA ? ? ?   Wow !   That is just too good to be true !!   Our former, fearless leader, hiding in a boat some where far across the ocean !  
       Now,   really folks,   if this is TRUE, I am going to celebrate for a whole week with oranges and champagne !   Or.... maybe baloney and beer.... LOL.  

I have heard that:   'The best revenge --- is massive success !'   But there is enough blame to go around, and all the DIMS [sic] DemocRATS in Congress, etc., need to have the spot light shown brightly on them, too.  
     But, honestly,  our so-called celebration will be short lived anyway,  because right about now,  America has so many HUGE battles coming up that will certainly take most of the 'wind out of our sales...'    I expect inflation to hit us hard,  with prices from everything going up,  gradually, at first, like coffee, tea, toilet tissue, gas, dog food, beef, etc.   And then rent, interest rates on Mortgages, college tuition, etc.    I know I am dreaming,  but wouldn't it be super nice if we had the "Old Law Covenant", like ancient Israel  ?!?   Think:   Every 50th year was called the "Jubilee Year"  --- where all slaves would be given back their FREEDOM, and all original lands and territories were given back to their original owners, with all debts forgiven and wiped clean !!   So you see / understand that Father God never allowed "perpetual poverty" in that great land !    But,  all the other parts of the 300 Law Covenant would also be in full force.   And you can easily read all this for yourselves, starting at:   Exodus 20: 1.    And so you now see that there were much more to the Old Israelites' lives than just the "Ten Commandments."    Now,  it was a PERFECT Law,   given to an imperfect people,  so they could never measure up to it.   It was given to show God's chosen  people how imperfect they were,  and only another perfect,  "Adam" could replace their relationship with God Almighty.... namely God's only begotten Son,  Jesus Christ.... the 2nd "Adam."   You know what dear friends.... the more you learn,  but better it gets.   John 3:16,   "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,  that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."   Many grade school children have memorized scriptures like this.   And if they stray away from the truth of the Bible -- at least it's still in their heads,  so that they can return to the true teachings of Christ.   And so,  Verse 36, says,   "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life:   and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life;   but the wrath of God abideth on him."  
       Now,  if some of these words look strange to you,  I personally know of a GREAT tool,  the  fine,   DEFINED KJV Bible,  that explains what these 'Old English, Shakespearean type words really mean !!   Just visit this fine web site, please:       --- and you will never be left in the dark again.   It is a great "KEY" to understanding the more PURE, FINE, PRISTINE, ACCUARATE Bible in the world !!   Most 'modern day versions of the bible' have been tampered with, including the JW-cult's New World Translation...  from the Jehovah's Witnesses,  sorry to say.    I, personally spent too many years --totally wasted years--  trapped in that false religious sect, right after I came home from Vietnam in 1970, as I was searching for something to patch up my broken heart and bring me back to reality and civility, after 2 long years in combat !   Now,  they [The JW'S]  were right about a lot of things,  but wrong about the MOST IMPORTANT THING --- the Deity of Jesus Christ,  whom they say is the 'Arch Angel Michael' in heaven.   Sorry folks,  that, and many other teachings from their 'Wisdom Holes'  [their KINGDOM HALLS] are false teachings, and lead to hell.    And with most false cults,  a person will find ONE thing that is wrong, and they think to themselves,  OK,  it's only ONE thing.   But then they find another and another, until they have a whole big pile of false teachings !!   And when you love a group of people and their Organization for a long time,  it really hurts inside, that you have been betrayed !!   It's  like a  beloved uncle, who turns out  to be a child molester, and then many are hurt, forever, and you can never trust that person again,   and you all know I am right.    And any of their members who disagrees with the WatchTower Org.,  is disfellowshiped,  and cast away, so that no one may ever talk to them, or they will get the same, sad, treatment.   BTW,  they also have a huge suicide rate because of this --- and they don't believe in a true HELL, either,  so they just think that if they take their own lives,  they will just cease to exist !   So you can now understand how that mistaken mentality causes them to disregard any fear of the 'after life !'    It's a shame what they teach their people, and they believe that ONLY 144,000 people are going to heaven,  but the KJV Bible certainly doesn't teach that trash !   So,  they don't ever want their members using the KJV Bible, nor  any other, than their own messed up, truncated, version that supports their own messed up mindset/ beliefs.   And what I am posting here tonight is just the tip of the ice berg.....

     My Email: 
      When I finally found the real Truth about Jesus Christ, Salvation and Forgiveness,  a HUGE burden was lifted off my back and chest !!    It's not a popular subject,   but the Holy Spirit compels me to speak about this tonight,  to help, not hurt, other people out there in the world, still suffering, and searching.   And the Mormons believe that Jesus Christ came from some far away planet.    And the beat goes on.....

BREAKING: New Evidence Released, Obama Is Panicking & Hiding On a Yacht

Former President Obama has retreated back to French Polynesia after briefly showing his face in Scotland to line his pockets.

The former president is panicking after a federal judge agreed to reopen the investigation into the IRS. Obama was able to illegally discriminate against conservative groups through Lois Lerner, the former director of the Exempt Organization Unit. (via WND)
The Obama administration received intense scrutiny after it was revealed that the IRS was intentionally discriminating against conservative groups which opposed the Obama administration.
IRS employees developed a “be on the lookout” list of conservative groups they would target.

The conservative groups, often associated with the Tea Party movement, were intentionally delayed or outright denied tax exempt status. Some groups are still waiting for approval, seven years later.
The IRS not only targeted conservative groups, but they also asked invasive and unnecessary questions. They asked applicants the contents of their prayers, and demanded that the groups promise to stop objecting to Planned Parenthood.
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Republicans were further outraged when Obama’s Justice Department decided not to pursue criminal charges. Even the inspector general of the IRS concluded that conservative groups were targeted.

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Now, a federal judge from Washington D.C. has agreed to make the record of the IRS public, allowing the conservative groups to finally get some answers as to why they were denied or delayed tax exempt status.

Lois Lerner was never brought to trial, and she refused to testify before congress.  She was allowed to retire with a cushy government pension paid for by our tax dollars. Lerner was doing the bidding of Obama and was offered his protection as a result.
However, after seven years without a serious investigation, Republican lawmakers are calling for President Trump’s Justice Department to bring formal charges against Lerner and reopen the investigation into the IRS. Obama still refuses to return to the United States.

Obama remains in French Polynesia, where he is safe from extradition back to the United States.
Do you think Should Barack H. Obama be arrested for his terrible crimes? Let America know.

POLL: Should Barack H. Obama Be ARRESTED For His Crimes?

The IRS targeting scandal is just one of many investigations that are being reopened in the crimes of the Obama administration, and Obama is remaining at large out of fear of being forced to testify– or worse.

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