Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Question Mark ?

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends and Readers,
      Don't you just hate it when some web site makes a huge BOLD statement and then ends the sentence with a QUESTION MARK ?? 
    What that tells ME is that they are "hedging a bet"  -- or  guessing ! !   Or are they trying to "sensationalize" some topic of conversation ?   Well,   friends,   I don't like it when a 'fear monger' either wants to use those kind of sales techniques to get people anxious, or fearful, so that they spend their precious, hard earned/ won, money on stuff, or JUNK that they don't need !  
     OK,  you have heard or read my Blog many times as I quote pure Scripture about the future, and so we KNOW FOR SURE that something is definitely coming our way.   And that is a reasonable FACT.   I just don't like people LYING TO ME, to get my money,  when it could be better spend on sound investments, etc.  

But I will tell you something..... that I am seeing more and more topics and subjects for discussion pertaining to the "End of American Currency --- the American Dollar,  which really doesn't have any gold backing behind it !"    As I have said so many times,  this is a subject that happens almost every 200 years,  especially if a country adopts/ uses PAPER currency !   Just watch the parade of World Powers that all run the gamut and the same pattern, which all end in a junk heap, and the PEOPLE are the ones who always get hurt the worse.... the general population !   The ones on the top, usually steal the gold and silver, to relocate into another country or a tropical island, somewhere,  living like kings !   Shame !   And don't think Obama is any different, as they most likely have that special place picked out and that Gov't paid off to let them stay !!  
        Ha!   I heard Obama is starting to panic already.....   Smile.    You can't even imagine how fouled up he purposely left this country,  totally messed up, with our military degraded !   And he fired over 200 of our best Military Top Commanders for some stupid reason.  
     Now our good President Trump is trying his best to put things back together again,  but the 'bad guys' are doing everything possible to slow him down --- until something big and evil sucks the life out of our Country,  like an EMP device, or the total meltdown of our U.S. Paper Currency $$$$$$$$$$$ !    And just  a few weeks ago,  you had to really search to find all this information!  Sorry, guys,  now,  it's just a little too late to do much about it,   I think.   That's just my humble opinion,   and I hope I am wrong.

You cannot blame ME,  because I always included my email address on every post of my humble blog.    And I am also starting to grow a larger readership in other countries who speak,  French, Portuguese, German, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese, and English !   
       But,  maybe my topics relating to the KJV Bible and Scripture, and Jesus Christ, have chased many away.   Sorry....  I am not giving up my Lord and Savior,  even if someone holds a gun to my head....  because Christ Jesus, is ALL I REALLY HAVE LEFT IN THIS WORLD !   I ADMIT THAT I AM A TERRIBLE SINNER... without using that fact as another excuse for sinning.   I am disgusted  in myself because I don't improve faster,  and my flesh is weak, and I still have so many personality flaws that need to be worked on.    So,  Come, Holy Spirit  and do YOUR work on my worthless body and soul, please.   
    Many of my dear friends also reach out to me with terrible woes and challenges, and all I can do is to pray for them, too.   I hurt when they hurt,  and I value all my Christian friends all over the world,  while many are being butchered by the heathen pigs--Islamists !   Not to worry,   Jesus IS coming back, soon !   And 'When His Kingdom Comes....  Islam will be in Hell and the air will be cleaner !

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

....Tom Schuckman, on the Left, at the BearCat, RVN  EM Club, about 1970.   240th AHC Greyhounds.   I was proud of those black flight wings on my chest !

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