Sunday, April 16, 2017

The List.

Tom's Journal.

Dear  Friends and Readers,
       Posted today,  although I am NOT going to let the cat out of the bag, yet,  today,  and I have absolutely no intention of hurting any human on earth,  it will soon be a whole different 'ball game' when things come together as I have been posting for such a long, long,  time !    And you all can read anything you like,  into what I just wrote.... LOL !   And I learned many years ago,  that rich, important, highly educated people also go bankrupt right along with their impoverished cousins working in the coal mines.... sorry.    Even my Dad, whom I always thought was smart,  would have been in trouble right now, in April,  2017.    And I am not saying that I am in good shape right now,  either.   But I do have the Lord, as my personal Lord and Savior,  and I know that He also loves me !  And that is worth much more than a handful of precious Diamonds !  

In fact,  right NOW,  WE in America could be at the most dangerous cross roads, ever, in our entire history of some 200 years.  Believe it,  "those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it."   But I just happen to be a History Buff, and love true History, and the KJV Bible [which is the more pure kind of History of all].   
     OK,  maybe I should have studied harder in Algebra class,  but we had a piss poor Algebra teacher at Waterford H.S., in Wisconsin, and he was a poor foot ball coach, too !   The best football coach in school, just  happened to be my English teacher,  Mr. Joe Kaster.  
       But anyway,  time snuck up on me too, and I would not have gambled on a few things these past few months either,  if I had know what is now at our door.    Yes,   I KNOW that I am beating around the bush,  right now, on Easter Sunday, after a great slow cooker meal,   but if you even search hard,  you can prob put things together.   I promise to let you know very soon what I am talking about.    But it's probably too late for most of you, anyway, to get what you really need, in time..... and that part is NOT my fault.

But after tomorrow,  I will also make a long list of what to buy and how better to prepare.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

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