Friday, May 12, 2017

The "Restrainer."

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Hei, gode venner av Norge !
Jeg har prøvd hardt, i dag, å legge ut en god, interessant artikkel for deg å lese, men spør også om dine bønner for meg. Kanskje er det menneskets natur å skryte om hvem vi er, eller hva vi har gjort i våre respektive liv på jorden. Men når de møter med døden ---- lurer vi bare det vi virkelig har fått i livene våre, og hva eller hvor vi vil være i "Etter livet," enten himmel eller helvete. Ord av KJV BIBELEN er sann og sikker. Hvor får vi våre virkelige tillit og tro ? Vi har alle noen frykt eller bekymringer, og vi alle vet at vi må dø ... en stund. Men bibelen snakker om en tid og hendelse, kalt, Rapture, der mennesker kan aldri dø, men bli "oversatt" til himmelen, i "glitrende av et øye." forskjellige temaer ! Hvis vi har en god, solid, forholdet til Jesus Kristus, vi er sagt å være, "Lagret".
Varm hilsen
Tom Schuckman

And,  Russian:

Привет заинтересованных читателей в России,
я очень рад видеть множество читателей из вашей великой стране жестких, честный, трудящихся и мягкий человек ! Благодарю вас всех за вашу большой читательской аудитории и интерес ! Как я уже сказал так много раз никто не хочет войны или конфликта, но и в политической жизни и лежит на коррумпированных средств массовой информации, возможно в обеих наших стран и во многих странах создает барьер между нами. После того как все, не все мы хотим жить в условиях мира и гармонии, чтобы поднять наших детей в счастливое, безопасный стиль жизни ???
Но высокие духовные качества имеют свои границы Библия говорит о предстоящем, один мир правительство, перерабатывает всю землю, коррумпированных богатых и могущественных elite, что приведет весь мир к уничтожению ! И это очень вещь должна/ будет происходить в соответствии с Библии книги Откровения и скоро ! Только те, кто действительно христиан в имя и делом, принятии Иисуса Христа будут "Сохранить" и Raptured ---вывезли в специальное место под названием, небеса, перед всемирной съедает себя, возглавляемая марионетки сатаны дьявола ! Убедитесь, что я не хочу быть вокруг, на земле, когда происходит ! Мы никогда не сможем "купить" или работы наш путь на небеса, но Духом Святым, что жизнь внутри true христиан является бесплатным ! Все что вам нужно сделать - это просить Бога Отца отправить Святого Духа, и принять Иисуса Христа в вашем сердце. Я надеюсь, что этот факт и strong реальность дает вам все удобства, как мне слишком.
Что касается теплого,
Tom Schuckman
электронной почты:

     You see here below,  that all these years since I first came to the Milwaukee VA System, back in 1970,  when the examining "doctor" was smoking in the room, while looking me over.....  has not changed too much, and the VA staff, and so-called "doctors" have been literally getting away with MURDER and totally messing up Veterans' lives, and maiming them ! ! !     Yes,  I know that I am making some serious accusations,  but I have been personally messed over many times,   myself !!   And if I were to use 'strong language,'  they would slap me with,  a "Disorderly Conduct" charge or worse.    I could go on and on,  but I hope you all get the picture.   At least now we Veterans have SOME legal recourse.    Thank God for our new POTUS !

VA whistle-blower’s retaliation claims spur action from Congress

It’s now been some four months since a Senate committee chairman called on the Department of Veterans Affairs to stop retaliating against a physician, who had acted as a whistle-blower, by blocking him from caring for veterans.
Yet despite the intervention of Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., Dr. Dale Klein, who is a double-board certified Yale fellow, has remained the object of a months-long order to not practice medicine at the VA.
Now Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., is joining Johnson, who chairs the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, in demanding action. The two are publicly calling for the scandal-plagued agency immediately to halt what they characterize as retaliation against Klein and fully cooperate with investigations already underway into the treatment of VA whistle-blowers.
“There is no excuse for retaliation against VA whistle-blowers like Dr. Klein. The president’s recent executive order makes that abundantly clear. The VA should fully comply with the committee’s request and stop the retaliation against Dr. Klein, who was only trying to expose substandard patient care,” Johnson told Fox News.
Klein, who makes about $250,000 a year, moved to Poplar Bluff, Mo., to work at John J. Pershing VA more than a year ago. But Klein alleges that after he blew the whistle on secret wait lists, wait-time manipulation and veterans abusing prescription drugs, his managers stripped him of his clinical responsibilities and placed him in a small, empty office with no tasks to perform. The VA then tried to fire Klein. That’s when the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an independent federal investigative agency in Washington, D.C., stepped in and explained Klein could not be fired for being a whistle-blower.
Last week Johnson and Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., sent VA Secretary David Shulkin a letter asking him to “direct all VA employees to cease any retaliation against Dr. Klein and to cooperate fully and promptly with investigations by the VA OIG [Office of the Inspector General] and OSC.”
But Klein says the punishment continued.
Natalie Khawam, Klein’s lawyer, says her client’s case has wide significance.
“The fact that Congress got involved, not once but multiple times, evidences how significant and important our case is, and the outcome it will have for veterans, and the whistle-blowers who are trying to protect our veterans,” Khawam said.
In April, President Trump signed an executive order creating the Office of Accountability and Whistle-blower Protection (OAWP) that will report directly to Shulkin.
“Those who fail our veterans will be held, for the first time, accountable,” Trump said at the signing ceremony with Shulkin.
Klein, who can’t get a job in the private sector because he hasn’t seen a patient in more than a year, hopes his case will be spotlighted by the OAWP.
A spokesman for the VA provided Fox News with the following statement: “The Department of Veterans Affairs has received the letter from Sens. Ron Johnson and Claire McCaskill and will respond directly to them. We are looking into the situation, but at the present time, we cannot provide comment on ongoing investigations.”

Will Carr joined Fox News Channel (FNC) as a Los Angeles-based correspondent in June 2013. Malia Zimmerman is an award-winning investigative reporter focusing on crime, homeland security, illegal immigration crime, terrorism and political corruption. Follow her on twitter

Dear  Friends and Readers,
      This timely article from Hal Lindsey only reinforces everything that I insert into my blog posts,  but makes them more clear and better explained !   This is the "Daily Meat" that I eat !   I can only bring a horse to the watering hole or trough filled with clean water.   On the beef and grain farm that I was raised,  we had a huge concrete stock tank filled with clean water.   And every so often mice and rats would sneak in there for water, and drown, so I was instructed  by my Dad to inspect and keep the stock tank clean.   And one time we emptied the whole tank to wire brush it clean and lay mortar to the sides and patch it up, then refill it.   But if some sick cow or horse refused to drink the water  --- there wasn't much we could do, except call a Vet --- to inspect.  

So,  it's the same way with our Christian ministry in sharing the all important Gospel of Jesus Christ.   We study and prepare to bring the Gospel to everyone we can, right now.   We can NEVER merit getting to heaven with something we do, or did,  yet it's still part of our job.    The ONLY way we can get to heaven is to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ, and then we will get the Holy Spirit inside of us.....   in our hearts.  
      As explained below,  The evil,  Anti-Christ, can only take power and make the ONE WORLD GOV'T  work.... is AFTER the Holy Spirit leaves the Earth [the  Restrainer ].   All we need to do is to flip on the TV, Radio, or InterNet,  to watch Bible prophecy take place right in front of our very eyes !    You may THINK that we only repeat the same old, boring message,  but things could actually move on cue,  in a heart beat !!   And if that crucial time should suddenly happen, which it will --- you'd better have your "Game Face," on !  
     Now,  friends,  as you all know,  I am far from perfect too, and I need forgiveness from Christ.   But MOST OF THE WORLD is already on Satan's side as they all party down and try to hide their sins, never changing  nor wanting to.   This blog post is written in hopes of finding the few that are still sitting on the fence, or somehow didn't yet 'get the message !'    So.... not that I am such a great writer/ blogger,  but I know that I have God's blessing and Spirit to do my work at age 68,  and heart disease and stroke run in my family,  so I don't really know how much longer I will live.   Actually, not to make a big "to-do," about it,   but I am prepared for death right now !   I guess no body wants to die,  but we must face that eventuality.... as part of life.    The KJV Bible tells and explains all of this subject, and those who can read have NO  EXCUSE.   
       The whole world is ready to fall down flat and crumble, due to lack of food production, lack of bees to pollinate the crops, fruit, and grain.   And the Stock Market could tumble and fall, too, with an economic melt down, or an EMP device exploded over the USA that would end our existence [ and don't forget that North Korea still has 70 submarines, and some could sneak thru our defenses and into one of our important ports to launch an EMP device,  or do some InterNet cyber- bug warfare.....]  --- or put us back in the early 1800's,  over night !!   Remember what I said about everyone needing water?   Well,  if our electric pumps, and all electronics, are all  fried, how are we to get clean, pure, drinking water ---or flush the toilets in the huge, tall,  high rise buildings in NYC, etc.  ??     Those crowded cities won't smell like roses, anymore.....

I hope that most of you good people can figure this out --- also pass this Info on to your friends and families.  

I especially request your prayers for me concerning a health challenge and procedure sometime in these next 2-- weeks, or so,   please.

Warm Regards,
 Thomas G. Schuckman

May 12th, 2017
As I showed you last week, there are powerful people and organizations right here in the United States who have been working diligently for decades to bring America under the authority of a global government.

They are being helped immeasurably by global economic upheaval. The debate rages over whether the various economic crises are a result of normal market cycles and risky financial practices or they're 'manufactured' crises -- meaning powerful financial families and institutions have intentionally caused them in order to benefit from them. Either way, the globalists are taking advantage of the fear and panic to pursue their 'one-world' agenda.

If you watched "The Hal Lindsey Report" last week, you saw then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blithely tell a gathering at the European Union that the Obama administration was using the economic meltdown to advance its agenda on climate change and energy.

In the same way, the 'globalists' use the crises not only to lay the foundation of a one-world government, but actually create the first governing bodies in that one-world regime. And the United States eagerly signed on with the program. On the news each night, we are actually witnessing prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes.

This week, I will examine the critical Bible prophecies that describe the events we are watching unfold today. Those prophecies also describe the two leaders who will emerge to lead the one-world government that now looms in our future.

Folks, I know I keep saying this to you, but each time I do, it's even more true: Get ready! Jesus is coming soon! You see, the 'man of lawlessness' that will lead the one-world government cannot be revealed until the One who restrains him has been removed from the earth. 'The restrainer' is the Holy Spirit. And since the Holy Spirit dwells in all true believers, to remove Him from the earth means we must be removed, also. That's what we call the 'Rapture.'

Because we see the Antichrist's government now being created by the nations of the world; because we see the world plunged into financial chaos and desperately searching for a solution (which is precisely how the Antichrist will achieve worldwide control); and because we have a blow by blow blueprint of these final days provided us by the ancient prophets, I can say with authority that time is short. Make sure you've accepted the pardon that Jesus died to purchase for you. And make sure your friends and family have the opportunity to accept this pardon, too.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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