QUESTION: Can Trump Supporters Use DEADLY FORCE If Attacked By An Anti-Trumper?

When do aggressive ‘protesters’ cross ‘that line?’
The emboldened attacks on person and property by the (ironically named) Anti-fascist groups have become bloodier and more severe.
People are getting whipped into angry mobs. And mobs tend to get unruly; meaning dangerous.
We’ve got footage of people being targeted and bloodied by groups who come ready for trouble. They wear black. They cover their faces with masks. They often show up carrying improvised weapons. (Some were evidently ‘sponsored‘ by political activists.)
At what point can those targeted by such mobs legitimately say they fear their lives are in danger?
We remember this story from Charlotte, when two people caught up in the riots had very DIFFERENT stories to tell at the end.
One guy was thrashed like a rag doll by a crowd of thugs amped up with the rioting, who vented their anger on ‘some white guy’. The other guy drove RIGHT THROUGH the thick of the crowd — unimpeded — because his handgun was in plain sight.
If a victim gets swarmed, can he really gauge how much damage the attackers are capable of? Will they stop when he falls? Will they inflict permanent harm? Ruptured organs? Brain damage?
We see the photos of the Trump support rally, where thugs showed up armed and dressed in black to bloody and intimidate Americans who would DARE to exercise their right to lawful assembly.
This is the question the Bearing Arms website was grappling with:
According to the Los Angeles Times, the pro-Trump demonstrators participating in the “March 4 Trump” rally began marching at 2 p.m. PST Saturday at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. Just several blocks up the road, they were met by counter-protesters dressed in masks and black clothing who began the confrontation.
Photos and videos posted to Twitter and other social media showed fistfights, shouting matches, people being beat with sticks and signs, people pulling hair and some counter-protesters pepper-spraying the pro-Trump marchers, including an elderly man. — Bearing Arms

ere is California’s statute:
The defendant is not guilty of (murder/ [or] manslaughter/ attempted murder/ [or] attempted voluntary manslaughter) if (he/ she) was justified in (killing/attempting to kill) someone in (self-defense/ [or] defense of another). The defendant acted in lawful (self-defense/ [or] defense of another) if:
1. The defendant reasonably believed that (he/she/ [or] someone else/ [or] ) was in imminent danger of being killed or suffering great bodily injury [or was in imminent danger of being (raped/maimed/robbed/ )];
2. The defendant reasonably believed that the immediate use of deadly force was necessary to defend against that danger;
3. The defendant used no more force than was reasonably necessary to defend against that danger.
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Can Trump Supporters Use DEADLY FORCE If Attacked By 'Antifa'?
Yes -- these masked thugs are dangerous and lawless
No -- they're just bullies who need to be knocked out
No -- let the police handle it